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200,000 ex-combatants to reunion with community

Teshome Toga (right). Photo (file/social media)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) Chief commissioner of the National Rehabilitation Commission, Teshome Toga, said yesterday that 200,000 ex-combatants are planned to join the community this year, sources said.   

In recent months, the commission has been holding discussions with the leaders of the regions where ex-combatants are located and with partners who financially support the reform program, according to the commissioner. Teshome Toga who was appointed as Chief Commissioner of the National Reform Commission said in an interview he held with Ethiopian News Agency that since January 2023, the commission has carried out activities to help ex-combatants join the society by disarming them.

He also recalled referring to the commission’s activities that in the disarmament of ex-combatants carried out in eight regions of the country 371, 971 of them had been identified. Teshome said that this year, 150,000 to 200,000 people will receive the necessary rehabilitation training and join the society.

Teshome also said that arrangements are being made for psychological preparation, political understanding and social reform of the combatants who had long been engaged in the battle and thereby make them ready for peace and productivity. He also said that the commission has discussed with international and local development partners to get the necessary funds by formulating the two-year program and projects that will help accomplish the work.

Stating the delay of the construction of the rehabilitation centers for the ex-combatants and the preparation of training documents, Teshome said that the commission is working hard to realize this in the future. Accordingly, he mentioned the activities of his commission in facilitating ways to work with the Ministry of Defense and the Interim Administration of Tigray Region to rebuild five large centers at a cost of 500 million birr. Each center entertains five thousand ex-combatants, according to Teshome. He further said that the centers consist of training rooms, sleeping quarters including medical, water, electricity, dining and other facilities.

Teshome said that there is a plan to reintegrate the fighters into the community in different phases of the rehabilitation program. He said that 50,000 ex-combatants laid off by the Interim Administration of Tigray Region will also be included in the program. The Commissioner also stated that the government is working with determination for the success of the reform program. Development partners are also promising to provide the necessary financial support, according to Teshome.

The commissioner expressed hope that the pledged funds will be made available to the commission from January. He called on local civil society organizations, investors and others to work together to achieve the commission’s mission in various ways.

The National Reform Commission was established on November 12, 2023 by the Council of Ministers with the aim of disarming the armed forces that were active under organized forces and allowing them to join the society in a sustainable way and lead peaceful life. The main mission of the commission is to enable ex-combatants to participate in the development, peace and democracy building process of the country.

The National Reform Commission was established 10 months back following the peace agreement signed by the federal government and Tigray People’s Liberation Front. 


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  1. Subject: “”200,000 ex-combatants to reunion with community: October 12, 2023

    QUOTE: “The main mission of the commission is to enable ex-combatants to participate in the development, peace and
    democracy building process of the country.”UNQUOTE

    Humble commentary, 12 Oct 2023
    a). The above quote is admirable, extraordinary, noble mission
    b). The Commission has a noble mission for the PRIDE OF ETHIOPIA and Humanity
    c). Wishing the Mission just two words of “GOOD LUCK” is NOT ENOUGH.
    d). And yet, what else can be said beyond those simple words that we all have
    e). And so, we appeal to the unseen, untouched, Good Lord Up In Heaven for our wishes .
    ——————THE END ——————-

  2. This is excellent news. No stone should be left unturned to rehab the youth of that country who at one time or another was connived to take to the bushes to fight in stupid wars cooked up by smart aleck stupid individuals. War was supposed to be none of the youth’s business but unfortunately that has not been the lot for the luckless youth since the 1970’s. It was the commies then and since the 1990’s it was the by-products of commies, bigots, since then. The bigots turned out to be more destructive than the commies because they have such hatred on steroid for everyone else except themselves.

    Such rehabilitation should be encouraged and supported by all peace mongering countrymen/women there and here among us. We should pitch in the last penny in our pocket to help these young men and women in their journey to a peaceful way of life. Those of you who have been beating the drums of war from your comfy homes here among us, you should be ashamed of yourselves. I can tell you this with confidence. Sooner or later you gonna stand in front of The Almighty Our Creator answer for your such wicked ways. You should have known better with all your PhD’s and advanced education.

    Dear Brother Obbo Teshome bin Toga! I wish you and your colleagues nothing but success in your blessed effort. Insha’Allah!!!!


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