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Ataye experiencing renewed fighting , at least ten reportedly killed 

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Image credit : DW Amharic


Toronto – Ataye town in the Shewa area of the Amhara region of Ethiopia is once again experienced heavy fighting. This time it lased for three days in a row. 

DW Amharic reported that residents and forces that are said to be from “another area”  have been in intense fighting for the past three days. 

The source cited residents from the town to report that militia from the town fought against attackers who were not from the town. “Different forces came organized the day before yesterday. They opened an offensive in Ataye town, engaged in an exchange of fire all day long against militia forces and residents of the town, and left. They came back yesterday and attempted to enter the town; they fought until 12 p.m. and attempted offensive until  3 p.m. They returned around 4 p.m. after they were beaten,” a resident from the city is cited as saying. 

Another resident, whose name is undisclosed and who was asked as two who were fighting in the Ataye, reportedly said  “There are Amhara militia and those armed privately. On the other side is Oneg Shene [ a group that calls itself Oromo Liberation Army] gathered from other areas. When the ID’s of those killed were checked, they were not from here; they were from other areas.”  What is implied is from Oromo speaking part of the area. The Amhara region has a specialized ethnic Oromo zone. 

Regarding casualties, it is indicated that six were killed on the part of the forces from Ataye town. The casualty from the group that is described as Oneg Shene is many. “In one place, four bodies have been seen in Ataye. There are also in other areas,” said a resident who spoke to DW Amharic.  However, there are indications that the casualties could be far more than that. 

DW Amharic said it reached out to Ali Mohammed, the Peace and security department head of the Oromo zone administration in the Amhara region, to get his remark. He is cited as saying that he is meeting with neighboring kebele leadership regarding the incident and that it is better to have a “conversation about it after that.” 

On the other hand, Ethiopian Media Service, based in the diaspora, reported, citing residents from Ataye, that pro “Oromo Liberation Army” forces from the region have burned four Kebeles. Residents also reported that Churches have been burned. 

There had been recurring attacks on Ataye town from ethnic Oromo radical groups claiming in the past few years. 

The Federal and Amhara regional administrations have not yet remarked on the latest incident that is said to have claimed dozens of lives apart from the destruction of properties. 


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    Instead of fighting with one another, are there any Ethiopians who can be leaders and at least announce about peace, what is happening in Ethiopia and in the world and the looming neocolonization to contorl our resources, land, water and food in Ethiopia? Africans are talking about these things, are Ethiopians or talk garbage things that is irrelevant? We are under the control of neo colonization since the take over of Shabia, tplf and now under Olf, they are bidding what the West wants. Abiy accepted the Noble Price for this reason!

    Wake up Ethiopia!


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