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Amhara regional state remarks on the security crisis in  Ataye area

Amhara regional state said the attack from what it calls “anti-peace forces” in North Shoa and Oromo zone of Amhara region is continuing

Amhara region _ ataye situation
Gizachew Muluneh, Amhara region communication head (Photo : Pubic Domain)


The Amhara regional state on Wednesday released a statement in connection with the security crisis that claimed dozens of federal and regional security forces and many more civilians. 

It said the regional government is working on reconstruction of war-ravaged areas as well as on development and good governance areas and made claims that it has achieved relative success. 

However, it said, what it called “Ambassadors of crisis” are attempting to drag the region into conflict and crisis again. 

It confirmed the security incident that was reported on Monday. It said it happened on January 21 around 3:00 P.M. in Epheratagidim, Jeweha locality.  The regional government indicated that the attack has continued. 

The attack is a testimony of the boundless security threat that “forces of destruction” are posing, the Amhara region government communication office said. 

It also said that regional special forces, federal forces and innocent civilians had been targeted in the attack but it left the number of casualties unspecified.  According to a report earlier this week, at least 24 security forces – both from the regional and Federal- were killed. 

The attackers also have attacked civilians in the areas adjacent to the North Shoa zone and Oromo zone of the region. The regional state interpreted it as a move to bring about ethnic-based violence in the region. 

The attacks in Epheratagidim, Ataye, Senbete, Jewaha and Shwarobit were orchestrated in a way to have an ethnic violence character- it was said. 

Reports from earlier this week linked the renewed attack in the region ( there were at least eight similar attacks in the past) to the radical ethnic Oromo Nationalist group which the government calls “Shane.” 

However, Amhara’s regional state statement did not call the perpetrators of the attack by name.  It rather used descriptions like “anti-peace forces,” “forces of destruction” and “ambassadors of crisis” rather than boldly linking the matter to radical ethnic Oromo nationalists with claims of territories within the Amhara region. 

The regional government announced that it will take evidence-based, lasting and legal measures. 

There is an indication that the attack is a large-scale one so much so that residents of Ataye have been displaced. Also Ethiopian Defense Force,  The Federal Police and Amaha region special forces are deployed and will be deployed to the region. 

The regional government called on residents in the area to implement directives from security forces, and not to be part of what it calls the dissemination of false rumors.

Furthermore, it is said that the operation to restore peace in the region and results from it will be announced in due time.  


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  1. Let’s hope and pray that ‘ambassadors’ of peace and harmony will triumph over these demonic vagabonds. In good old days this was something elders in the community could avoid before it goes out of hand. But thanks to mooncalf commie intellectuals such medicinal social fabric has been seriously wounded since the late 1960’s. The drainage from those blabber mouthed commies has given births to our current bigoted intellectuals hell bent to yank away one group of people from their centuries old neighbors using the most savage atrocities on innocent civilians. Some of these virulent bigots are right here among us and they belong to both ethnic groups with one calling the others .neftegnas’ and the other ones lambasting ‘oromumma’ in return. They say those lethally poisonous pejoratives without feeling any shame dangling their panhandled PhD’s in our face. They have helped create a violent environment that being labeled a neftegna can get you killed in the most savage ways and being called an Oromummaa can get you thrown from a high rise building to your death. And still it is your, the victim’s fault.

  2. “Ethiopian Church kicks off three days of prayers ” these bishops of EOTC never prayed at all, they declared 3 days of prayers superficially. Our forefathers were praying for several days before excommunicating Arius at Council of Nicaea in 325.

    How could you tempt yourself into swallowing this fake excommunication against bishops who curious to fully exploit their language for the purpose of spreading the gospel. There are many mafias controlling millions belo,ng to the church. And they are running this campaign against newly elected bishops.There is a strong network of people who benefit from controlling every diocese and parish church. Your heart knows that fact that mahibrekidusan and others speaking and crying as if they like and die for the church.

    genocidal and warlike synod has no power to condemn bishops who stand in their faith and respect the doctrine of the church.


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