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Ethiopian Electric Power says power line in Amhara region fixed  

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Toronto – Electric grid with a 230 kilovolt power transmission line  along the Bahir Dar – Debre Tabor- Nefas Mewcha – Gashena and Alamata is repaired, the state-owned Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) announced on Wednesday. 

Wubet Abe, Director of North West Region Operation and Maintenance Division Director said maintenance work has been underway since the morning of Wednesday and that it was able to reconnect the lines -as reported by EEP. It was completed in the evening. 

Power outages were reported in the Amhara region, mostly in the eastern part. 

The disclosure came just a day after the government accused Fano forces of attacking the power grid line in the above-mentioned areas of Amhara region of Ethiopia. Fano forces denied. In an interview with EMS media, Fano forces said it is the work of the “Abiy Ahmed’s government.” 

Under the guise of the state of emergency measure imposed in the region, the Ethiopian government has restricted journalists and human rights activists access to the region which makes verifying its claim difficult. 

Abiy Ahmed’s administration has lost legitimacy in the Amhara region of Ethiopia while the Fano forces have forged an extensive support base in the region.  Soon after a shocking extrajudicial killings by government forces in the Amhara region, there has been an extensive effort to engage residents in the region politically with an apparent aim to win back public support in the region but it does not seem to work out. Reports from local sources indicate that government forces are continuously making military gains in the region. In fact, the Fano forces were able to enter Bahir Dar city – seat of the Amhara regional state – last week where they reportedly killed at least 18 government soldiers – according to local news sources with links to hospital sources. 

Fano forces allege that the government claims that Fano forces attacked the power line is politically intended to tarnish the image of Fano and erode its support base in the region. “It will not work,” Fano forces say. 


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