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Ethiopian Airlines signs MoU to acquire 20 latest Boeing planes

Ethiopian Airlines has not disclosed about the financing arrangement or delivery dates

Source : Ethiopian Airlines


Toronto – The Ethiopian Airlines on Tuesday announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding Agreement with Boeing to acquire 20 new  planes. 

When the agreement enters implementation, Ethiopian Airlines will add to its fleet eight Boeing 777- 9 ( said to be the latest Boeing plane) passenger’s plane and 12 other passenger’s jets.  The new Boeing jets are said to have enhanced operation advantages including reduction in fuel consumption.  

“We are pleased to continue setting the trend in African aviation for adopting cutting-edge technologies to enhance our services and customer satisfaction. Improving our operational performance and commitment to environmental sustainability, the 777-9 offers more flexibility, reduced fuel consumption and carbon emissions. We are grateful to Boeing for their long-standing partnership and support, and we eagerly anticipate flying the 777-9 across the African skies and beyond,” said Mesfin Tasew, the CEO of the airline, as quoted in Ethiopian Airlines news update published on Tuesday this week. 

The new planes offer up to 10 percent better fuel efficiency.  The airline said “Ethiopian Airlines’ selection of the 777X positions the carrier as the first 777X customer in Africa and builds on its landmark 2023 order for 11 787 Dreamliner and 20 737 MAX airplanes in growing its modern fleet.” 

Ethiopian airlines has a vision to fly to more than 209 international destinations in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America by the year  2035 and deploy more than 271 ” modern and eco-friendly aircraft.” 

Brad McMullen, Boeing Senior Vice President of Commercial Sales and Marketing, who signed the MoU on behalf of Boeing, is quoted as saying “Building on a relationship that goes back 75 years, we value the unwavering trust and confidence Ethiopian Airlines puts in our airplanes.”

Boeing airplanes constitute over half of Ethiopian Airlines fleets, according to information from EA. 

Ethiopian News update highlighted that Boeing’s Commercial Market forecast anticipates more than 7 percent air traffic growth in Africa by the year 2024. 

Boeing and Ethiopian airlines had disputes following a fatal and tragic accident in March 2019 that claimed the lives of more than 157 passengers – that was the second accident in less than a year. Many carriers had been grounding Boeing 737 MAX including in North America and Europe. Boeing says the issue has been fixed.  


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  1. Subject: “Ethiopian Airlines signs MoU to acquire 20 latest Boeing planes”
    March 6, 2024

    Humble Reaction
    A). “20 latest Boeing plane” ?!?!?!

    B). The most successful organization in Ethiopia is no more than ETHIOPIAN AIRLINES

    C). And Ethiopian Airlines is NO LESS than any. AIRLINE around the Globe

    D). Ethiopia must be humbly and deservedly proud.

    E). Dear Ethiopian Airline: As the saying goes, KEEP ON FLYING HIGH AND

    F). Long LIVE ETHIOPIA in Generality — the pride of our dear Black Africa and
    admiration by other countries, for sure.



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