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Ethiopia celebrates 46th anniversary of Karamara Victory over Somalia

Karamara Victory _ 46th anniversary
Ethio-Cuba Friendship memorial park


Ethiopia on Tuesday celebrated the 46th anniversary of Karamara victory – one that marks the defeat of the invading Somalia forces who encroached up to 700 kilometers into Ethiopia’s sovereign territory in the mid 1970’s. 

It was an immediate post revolutionary chapter of Ethiopia’s history and dust from the fall of the Imperial government of Ethiopia did not settle when Mohamed Siad Barre – who by then ruled Somalia for over two decades – ordered his forces to invade Ethiopia with the aim to create “Great Somalia” 

Veterans from the war and many other Ethiopians celebrated the 46th anniversary of the victory at the Ethio-Cuba Friendship square in the capital Addis Ababa. 

Brigadier General Andarge Meshesha was coordinator of Ethiopia’s East Police Division where Siad Barre’s force attempted its first provocation. The Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) cited him as saying that the Karama Victory signifies ”  a valorous sacrifice paid to defend the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ethiopians.” 

Ambassador Jorge Lefebre Nicolá, Cuban Ambassador to Ethiopia, and embassy staff have attended the celebration event at the Ethio-Cuba Friendship Square near the Black Lion Hospital. Well over 15,000 Cuban soldiers took part in the war to reverse invading Somalian forces in 1977 and several hundreds have paid in life. 

Ethiopia was able to recruit more than 300,000 militia forces to reverse the Somali invasion of the Ethiopian territory. At the time the country was also facing a civil war in the north due to insurgency in Eritrea (now Independent country) and the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

Earlier over the weekend, Ethiopians celebrated the 128th anniversary of the victory of Adwa against the colonial Italian army. 


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