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Tsige Duguma Shines: Ethiopia’s Rising Star Stellar Performance  at Glasgow World  Indoor Championship 

Tsige Duguma  _ women's 800 meters _ Glasgow
Tsige Duguma celebrating Ethiopia and her victory


Ethiopian Athlete Tsige Duguma won gold in women’s 800 distance at the 2024 World Athletics Indoor Championships – which is the 19th edition – in Glasgow, Scotland. 

According to the World Athletics report, Tsige competed in the distance first in 2023 and this is her first year to compete indoors.  And she won it! 

Jemma Reekie, Scottish middle-distance runner, was the favorite for the distance. 

In a news update published on March 3, World Athletics wrote “The women’s 800m uncovered a new star at the World Athletics Indoor Championships Glasgow 24 as Tsige Duguma became Ethiopia’s first women’s world indoor champion in the discipline, and her nation’s first gold medallist of the championships.” 

Tsige’s victory is described as a “surprise win.” She crossed the finishing line in 2:01.90. 

Freweyni Hailu, another Ethiopian Athlete, who competed in 1500 meters won another gold medal for Ethiopia on the same day.  She finished the distance in 4:01.46 minutes. Diribe Welteji and Birke Haylom competed in the distance. Diribe Welteji was able to finish within the top five in 4:03.82 minutes. 

Freweyini was a silver medalist in 800 meters two years ago. 

In a post-race interview, she said “This result is very good for me…The key to this result is that we help each other in our team and in our training group. The harder we work, the better we get on the track. For summer, we’ll train even harder, because the main focus is the Olympics,” as quoted in the World Athletics report. 

Frewoyni Hailu after crossing the finishing line. (Photo : Let’s run)

Gudaf Tsegaye, women’s 5000 meters world record holder, competed in the 3000 meters indoor and claimed a silver medal. In the Men’s category, Selemon Barega won the silver medal. 

According to reports from Ethiopian state media, a total of 13 Ethiopian athletes represented Ethiopia at Glasgow in three categories – 800 meters,  1500 meters and 3000 meters. 

Ethiopia ranked 5th in the world medal table and 1st in Africa with 2 gold , 1 silver and 1 bronze medals. 


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  1. The athletes from the old country have been knocking on the doors of short distance running for a while but more attentively lately. Now it seems they have found their mojo. In the long distance competitions they have proven themselves beyond the benefit of a doubt that they are a force to reckon with. Soon you will see one of them shattering the marathon record and obliterate the finish line ribbon in less than 2 hours. You watch! When that happens, this beyond repair Afro-Ethio-Centric octogenarian will be stricken with a serious bout of an attitude for a month. All glory to our daughter/sister Tsige bint Duguma!!!

    • Aba Farda,
      You have graced the comment section of Ethiopia-related webpages for so long it is time to publicly appreciate your input. Borkena and others should also step forward to recognize your engaging presence and style. To me, you are simply Dean of Commenters–rather, Aba Farda, Dean of Commenters. Thank you.

  2. It is right that the most revered Mr Aba Farda be named Dean of Commentators. Mr. Aba Farda deserves particular recognition from the renowned Borkena staff for the wonderful and admirable ideas he so kindly shared with the website’s visitors and supporters. He is renowned for inspiring profound reflection and introspection with his mesmerizing intelligence. His thought provoking views encourage readers to participate in intellectual conversation and idea sharing. Lastly, but just as importantly, Mr Ittu Aba Farda never uses language that is hostile to any other Ethiopian ethnolinguistic group and always speaks in a unifying manner.
    May his health soar high, and his life be filled with longevity. God bless him Amen!!!


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