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Somalia’s president says Ethiopia “ blocked me” not to enter AU summit venue

Ethiopian government says Somalia’s government delegation attempted to enter the 37th African Union Summit meeting place with armed guards and they were not allowed 

Somalia president _ Ethiopia
Somalia’s president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud (Villa Somalia /file)

Updated on February 17, 2024 at 5:27 P.M. Toronto Time  

Toronto – A day after Somalia’s President was given a state reception upon arrival at Bole International Airport to attend the 37th African Union Summit (37th AU Summit), he is making allegations that Ethiopia attempted to block him from entering the African Union where the leaders’ summit is underway. 

BBC Amharic cited him as saying that  ” they [he is referring to security forces] attempted to block me from entering.”  The Ethiopian government has denied the allegation. 

“The Ethiopian government did not block Somalia’s President from entering the Summit; he was not denied access to the premises of the African Union,” said the Ethiopian government in response to president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s accusation that  Ethiopia was disrespecting the African Union Summit by blocking him. 

He is making allegations that Ethiopian security forces blocked his car in the morning  as he was leaving the hotel where he was staying and that he had to get a ride from the president of another country – not specified, according to local reports. 

Somalia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has issued a statement regarding the situation. It said “The Federal Republic of Somalia strongly condemns the provocative attempt by  the Ethiopian government to obstruct the delegation of the Somali President from  attending the 2024 African Union Summit in Addis Ababa. ” 

The Ethiopian government has a different narrative about it. It said , “The government of Ethiopia has a responsibility as a host country to the security of guests.  Somalia’s delegation rejected security assigned by the Ethiopian government.” It also said that the delegation’s security forces attempted to enter the venue of the meeting with armed guards but they were not allowed. 

The government of Somalia seems to see that  as a serious diplomatic incident. Somalia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation said “This action breaches all diplomatic and international protocols and, most critically, the established traditions of the African Union. ” 

Somalia also called for an investigation into the incident. The statement from the Ministry said “While we denounce Ethiopia’s unwarranted action, we also call upon the AU to  urgently conduct a credible and independent investigation of this outrageous  conduct in line with the protocols of the union.” 

Despite the accusation, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud  made a speech at the summit.  His speech focused on the deal between Ethiopia and Somaliland – which he sees as a violation of Somalia’s sovereignty. Aljazeera cited him as saying that ” senior officers from Ethiopia’s military were in Somaliland ‘preparing the ground’ for the territory’s annexation.”  The Ethiopian government has not responded to Somalia’s president in connection with the deal with Somaliland. 

Somalia’s President claim could impact the security of Ethiopians living in Somalia. On February 5, at least six Ethiopians were killed in the border town of Balad Hawo – in what appears to be a retaliation for the MoU agreement.

Ethiopia and Somaliland signed a MoU agreement on January 1, 2024. If implemented, the world’s most populous country will get access to the sea on a rental basis for fifty years in return for an unspecified percentage of revenue sharing from Ethio Telecom and Ethiopian Airlines. Details of the agreement between Ethiopia and Somaliland are undisclosed to date.  Somaliland seeks recognition as a sovereign country in return for the deal. 

When the MoU was signed, the Ethiopian government announced that the agreement would be finalized within a month’s time. However, no information has been released to date if the next step of the agreement is underway or delayed. 

Somaliland, with well over four million population, broke away from  Somalia in 1991 and has been existing as a de facto state. Recently, it released a statement rejecting Somalia’s claim that Somaliland is still part of Somalia. 


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  1. This claim by Brother President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud ‘Ethiopia attempted to block him from entering the African Union where the leaders’ summit is underway’ is left with a loose end. ‘Attempted’ how? But what the president did/behaved at the reception occasion after his arrival was not diplomatic to put it mildly. No, no, that was not presidential at all.
    But this accusation has added more firepower on these bigots among our Somali brothers and sisters communities who have been calling for massacres with innocent Ethiopian refugees in Somalia. This is not the first time innocent refugees were targeted and massacred in that country and at the hands of armed groups from that nation. During the 1977-78 war with Ethiopia was the worst period for young people who fled Mengistu’s carnage. They escaped Mengistu’s dragnet and sought protection with ONLF held areas. I was told by my Issa friends that one day those refugees were rounded by ONLF(Ogaden National Liberation Front) and used for training and target practice for their militia. That was the main reason our Issa brothers and sisters kicked out those murderers out of their areas along the old railway line. Even older refugees were not spared. First they killed refugees who professed Christianity but later on it was every Ethiopian refugee other than Somalis. I am calling on the Western Powers to put extra pressure on the Somali government and remind them that refugees are protected under international laws. This bigots here in the Diaspora and there in Somalia are calling for the massacre of every refugee from Ethiopia. They are making it part of their sermons at the places of worship.

    • Why you always use in your comments, a words like, Afweyne, Afminshaar, Ciyaalasuq, Hobalehdii,..And much more. Was you early Oromo begger among the Somalis…… Are one if those like, “Ciirtada dhamaa caydaada yaqaan” , which is roughly ” who eats you left overs talks about your weaknesses”.

    • Ittu ii waran kolay af Soomaliga waad garanaysaaye. Anigu maa ahi kuwaad ku habasajirtay afarta eray ee afsooomaaliga iyo carabuga ah suda,..” Solmaliwayn…Afawaye…Afminshaar….Ibn al qaahira, iyo nnnaaaaanaaa, waan ku fahmayaa waanan kula socdaa,
      Lemanignyaw, maaninatee mindihnew,.?

    • Obboo Ittu, you are inferior to every one, be it Amharas who calls you GALLA, or Somalis who calls you ABOOW, or tigray who calls you DONKEYS, or orthers who even don’t describe you as nothing but as mass savage and beggers.
      Yet you speake at them as a honourabale individual. Khaain al wadhan tuug beenaale ah dawarsina ku soo koray soomaalina ku balan furay. Ayaad iila egtahay……yaa bint suu khabaruka fu suuq..

  2. Old, idiot and liar. Ittu, i was following for ling time to know whi you are. By judging your knowledge of Somali language, your extreme appeasment, respecct or perhaps fear of Amgaras. Your claim of Ittu clan whos’s majority are made of Qalu origigin,(a known Somali Shekash tribe residing around Maeso town) . I realized that you are one of the following three.

    Shall i continue….???

  3. Why you always use in your comments, a words like, Afweyne, Afminshaar, Ciyaalasuq, Hobalehdii,..And much more. Was you early Oromo begger among the Somalis…… Are one if those like, “Ciirtada dhamaa caydaada yaqaan” , which is roughly ” who eats you left overs talks about your weaknesses”.

  4. Whose child is this guy by the name Duleed Samaale??

    He seems scared that Ethiopia is back to manage his broken region, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud sucks on this situation. If Ethiopia wants to block him, he will be blocked with no issue, but i don’t think Ethiopia has that intention plus Ethiopia is the one who is also protecting fragile Somalia right now. If he keeps acting childish, we will block him from power. We need to remind him that, Somalia is not a country it is one of Ethiopia’s regions and we can take it anytime….

    • I had respect for the current president of Somalia as he tried his best to resuscitate his country back from almost dead. I thought he is very cognizant of diplomatic protocols a leader of country should follow visiting foreign countries. This is no matter how negatively you look the host country. Even the commies such as Khrushchev and others like him observe that to the letter. But look at what this brother did during the reception ceremony at his arrival in Addis/Finfine. He stood alongside Finance Minister Ahmed Shide until the national anthem of Somalia ended and started walking off when his host country’s national anthem began being played. That is not diplomatic and presidential. He should be every thankful to the young men and women of Ethiopia who lost their Allah blessed lives to protect our Somalis brothers and sisters from the savage wrath of the demonic Al-Shabaab terrorist savages. If any of them are buried where they fell in Somalia I call upon the Ethiopia to repatriate their sacred bodies and be buried inside Ethiopia. Their resting places will definitely be desecrated if they are left inside Somalia. This president seems to have any clue about a leader’s etiquette. He also wanted to go to the AU HQ surrounded by his armed security personnel. That is a big no. You just can not do that where the heads of Africa are meeting putting them at risk.

  5. Harimade Ana Haban; Ana Haban; Galada Same Nagaadhsi!!!
    Harimade Ana Haban; Ana Haban; Galada Same Nagaadhsi!!!
    Harimade Ana Haban; Ana Haban; Galada Same Nagaadhsi!!!
    Harimade Ana Haban; Ana Haban; Galada Same Nagaadhsi!!!

    Then sweetheart Maryam Mursal will take us home with her rendition of Somaliland!!!

    I’m in Hargeisa not in Los Angeles like that Af-mishaar, the cousin of Af-Weyne Ziad still dreaming about ‘Greater Somalia!!!

  6. “Somalia’s president says Ethiopia “ blocked me” not to enter AU summit venue”
    February 17, 2024

    haa). Poor, Unlucky, Black Africa

    hoo). A “President”. YES, YES, YES >>> PRESIDENT. complaining. that an
    international compatriot. blocked him to enter a room.

    hee). But, it was not defined whether the “room”. was a. bathroom, or toilet room ,
    or a meeting room for fighting. or sleeping ……………


    hie). AMBASSADORS complaining about entrance through a simple door!!!!!

    hii. What ‘other’ doors will we be hearing about in our EXISTENCE (*)


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    Blackest Africa.

    laa). May the Good Lord — in His Spare Coffee Time (*). — BlESS Our Dearest
    Black Africa >>> NOT to the standard of HIS BELOVED OTHERS , but just a
    tiny bit of blessing.


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