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Ethiopian Orthodox Church Patriarchate Secretary deported to the United States 

Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church expected to Address His Grace Abune Petros’ Deportation with Official Statement

Abune Petros - Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church
His Grace Archbishop Abune Petros, Secretary of Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church Patriarchate (Photo : EOTC TV)

Updated on February 6, 2024 9: 23 P.M.

On Tuesday, a security official from the Ethiopian government deported His Grace Abune Petros, Secretary of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church Holy Synod, upon his arrival from the United States at Bole International Airport.

“I am returning to the United States,” Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church Media (EOTC TV) cited His Grace Abune Petros as saying.

The source further added that His Grace told EOTC TV that “he will release a statement.”

He was deported via Dubai, as confirmed by EOTC TV. “We will announce to the public the decision from the Holy Synod,” it was said.

Abune Abraham has been in the United States, particularly in his diocese, New York, for a few weeks with authorization from the Ethiopian Church Patriarchate.

Sources close to the church reported that Abune Abraham, head of the Administration in the Patriarchate, and senior Ethiopian church figures were at Bole International Airport to welcome His Grace Abune Petros.

Abiy Ahmed’s administration has not yet remarked on why it deported the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church (EOTC) Holy Synod ‘s Secretary.

When His Grace Abune Petros traveled to the United States a few weeks ago, a false rumor began circulating on social media. It is believed to have originated from cadres of the ruling Prosperity Party. The rumor claimed that he was fleeing the country.

There are reports suggesting that the government chose to deport him after realizing that he would not stay in the United States.

The relationship between the Ethiopian Church and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration has been on a collision course for at least a few years now. In February 2023, there was what now appears to be a politically motivated move to divide the church from within by splitting the Holy Synod along ethnic lines. Three ethnic Oromo bishops declared “an independent nation’s and nationalities synod,” a development that led to bloodshed in the Oromo region of Ethiopia. When this development triggered a massive nationwide movement among followers of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, Abiy Ahmed appeared as a mediator and “resolved” the issue.

In December 2023, Abune Lukas vehemently criticized Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed over his military campaign in the Amhara region of Ethiopia, which affected civilians. To illustrate his point, he used the scriptural metaphor of David and Goliath, urging Abiy Ahmed’s forces to end Abiy Ahmed who is increasing to be an autocratic ruler. Abiy Ahmed’s administration has been exerting pressure on the Ethiopian Church to openly condemn Abune Lukas.

The Ethiopian Church has faced various forms of attacks from both state and non-state actors in the country, particularly since Abiy Ahmed took power in 2018.


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  1. There is deputy archbishop next to ABA Matias who is wearing Egyptian scarve on his head, this means, Matias and this deputy are the one who is controlling Eotc. Remove these two archbishops from power, they are working with the govt slowly to expel the real Archbishop, govt and those two Matias and l think his name is Aba Abraham are agents of Tplf, Shabia, Aby govt Egypt and foreigners. Remove them Asap or Eotc will end. What they want to leave in Eotc is ethnic based Synod. Don’t forget, the Aby govt 90% are protestant and Muslim. The so called those supporting Aby govt want to lie or are being deceived by those they trust Aby is real pro Ethiopia. What kind of Ethiopia do they want to have without Orthodox and the indigenous Amara and Oromo? There has been a dream between Shabia, Tplf and Ehapa to change Ethiopia without its traditions, culture etc so that they can have power.

  2. Shame on you 360 media and others who are giving this govt a reason to target Amara. What you are spouting is NOT news but getting Ethiopian-Amaras killed. You are hired in your respective country, to create havoc in Ethiopia and to get Amara’s targeted. The so called Aby govt supporters, you are giving reason for these supporters to say it is social media and not the secret govt alliance with these media, Shabia, Egypt, Tplf and foreigners to eliminate Amara’s. The so called supporters of Aby govt say, the social media is creating havoc in Amara, even though it is true, Aby govt is close to Amara than those fake foreign-bought social media talkers, so it is Aby govt to be blamed for what is happening in Amara, not social media. This means Aby govt, while killing Amara’s, they put their finger on social media. Supporters of Aby govt those who claim to be Ethiopian are saying in fact, Weyane is working with govt. Can you imagine? These supporters of Aby govt have been faking they fought Tplf and Weyane, but today, they themselves are within ethnic group pretending they are fighting for Ethiopia while they are supporting Tplf and weyane through Aby govt! They lash at any Ethiopian who have questions about Any govt. The Amaras must stop being with those claiming to be pro Amara without who they are. There are agents for foreigners among Ethiopians and Amara such as Dawit W Giorgis, etc, stay away from such people. You are giving Aby govt and his supporters to target Amara’s because of such individuals working for foreigners.


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