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Ethiopia’s Minister of Transport says importing gasoline-powered automobiles prohibited 

“Let it be known that importing automobiles that run on fuel is not possible,” stated the Ministry of Transport and Logistics.

Alemu Electric car _ Ethiopia
Alemu Sime, Minister for Transport

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) “Though gasoline-powered automobiles are banned from entering the country, sources say that individuals claiming they ‘haven’t heard of this’ are still importing them.”

Minister of Transport and Logistics Minister , Alemu Sime, made this statement while presenting the performance report of the bi-annual plan yesterday to the Standing Committee on Urban Infrastructure and Transport Affairs at the House of Peoples’ Representatives, as reported by Tikvah Ethiopia.

“The government has decided not to import any gasoline automobiles into Ethiopia unless they are electric. Ethiopia, which does not produce fuel but imports it from abroad using high amounts of foreign currency,” Alemu stated.

Recounting the significance of importing electric-powered automobiles, Minister Alemu stated, “Electricity is abundantly produced in Ethiopia, and its cost is lower compared to fuel.”

“Ethiopia is a supporter of green development and is a country that works hard for that. To reduce air pollution, an electric car is preferable to a gasoline car,” the minister said.

He further said that electric vehicles “are being widely produced in the world and since they operate in urban areas in our country, it is possible to provide charging infrastructure”

“Any imported private utility vehicle must be electric, and gas-powered automobiles are not allowed to be imported,” according to the Minister of Transport and Logistics. “Therefore, everyone should be aware that petrol automobiles should not be imported into the country.”


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  1. Good news. Now let’s get to work and start making our own electric cars. Learn from the Japanese, South Korean and Indian experience. All these countries started making cars for domestic use only especially for city commuting use by the masses. Electric cars for cities and factories first and then to inter cities and countrywide driving will take us there. No question about it that the world opinion has finally united against fossil fuel consumption. We gonna see many countries all in for electric vehicles in about 10-15 years from now. I believe our old country has people either domestically and among those who live outside the country with sufficient knowledge of the technology to produce electric cars. All it needs is peace and stability.


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