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Ethiopia to Prohibit Importation of Non-Electric Cars 

Electric Vehicles Ethiopia
Ethiopian government is promoting electric cars (Photo : PD)


On Monday, Ethiopia’s Transport and Logistics Ministries presented a six-month report to the Urban Development and Transport Standing Committee in the House of People’s Representatives (Ethiopian Parliament).

According to a news update from the parliament, Alemu Sime, the Minister for Transport and Logistics, announced the completion of Ethiopia’s Logistics Master Plan. The minister mentioned that stakeholders were consulted, and their feedback was received during a discussion. However, no further details on the Logistics Master Plan were provided.

Alemu Sime highlighted the implementation of new practices in strategic affairs and addressed the committee on the Ministry’s initiatives related to “Green Transport.”

“…a decision has been made that automobiles cannot enter Ethiopia unless they are electric ones,” he stated.

He further explained that efforts to establish charging stations for electric cars are in progress. One of the reasons behind this decision is Ethiopia’s inability to afford importing gasoline due to limited foreign exchange resources – according to the minister. 

There was a report that the Ethiopian government introduced Value Added Tax (VAT)  Excise tax, and Sur Taxes  exemptions for electric cars in 2022. 

Alemu - Non-electric car import ban
Alemu Sime presenting report at the Ethiopian Parliament (Photo : PD)

The news update on the Ethiopian Parliament’s social media page lacks specific details. For instance, it doesn’t clarify whether vehicles in transit from overseas before the decision will be subject to the new policy. The affordability of electric cars for a significant portion of the Ethiopian population poses a potential challenge while not forgetting the percentage of the population able to afford a car remains negligible.

The ministry’s report also touched on other activities. Revealed that a study has been conducted to launch domestic water transport on the River Baro. It said that ” a study has been undertaken to launch domestic water transport on River Baro and an effort is underway to start it.” However, the news report did not provide specifics about the ongoing efforts. Additionally, the minister reported that actions are being taken to address demands for air transport. Identification of locations for potential new airports have been completed. Again detail is missing regarding locations and numbers of the projected new ports. 

In addressing challenges within the sector, such as traffic accidents, the Ministry emphasized the necessity of coordination and collaboration with stakeholders to conduct thorough inspections and follow-ups to resolve issues in the transport sector.


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  1. Good news. Now let’s get to work and start making our own electric cars. Learn from the Japanese, South Korean and Indian experience. All these countries started making cars for domestic use only especially for city commuting use by the masses. Electric cars for cities and factories first and then to inter cities and countrywide driving will take us there. No question about it that the world opinion has finally united against fossil fuel consumption. We gonna see many countries all in for electric vehicles in about 10-15 years from now. I believe our old country has people either domestically and among those who live outside the country with sufficient knowledge of the technology to produce electric cars. All it needs is peace and stability.

    • Another foolish, cold-hearted comment by you, you must be the alter ego of some government lapdog, when the previous article was describing the massacre of more than 80 unarmed civilians and i didn’t see you commenting on that…
      Further more you are wrong because China and the US are the main constructors of EVs and the aforementioned countries and since US kicked you out of a favourable agreement, you are just doing China’s business in reality.
      Lastly, who the hell cares about this news other than some rich people benefiting by supporting this genocidal government. No one of the thousands of people i know in Ethiopia can afford an EV, more over charge it and service it. You are just a selfish hand-clapper.
      Shame on you


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