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Ethiopia’s ruling party hopes to emerge stronger after congress 

Prosperity Party, Ethiopia’s ruling party, has been criticised by many Ethiopians over its handling of the war with TPLF and for the failure to protect the security of Ethiopians as thousands were slaughtered in the Oromo region

Ethiopia _ ruling party _ Alemu
Alemu Sime, senior ruling party official (Photo : FBC)


Ethiopia’s ruling party undertook party evaluation at the regional levels and some senior party officials were purged in some regions over alleged misconduct. There were also cases of suspensions, as in the case of the Amhara region, where some officials are suspended over alleged financial malpractices. 

A new report from state-affiliated media indicates that preparations are finalized for the party’s congress. 

Dr Alemu Sime is one of the top party officials at the Federal level ( he is also from the dominant OPDO, ethnic Oromo, party that initiated the merger of the now-defunct EPRDF coalition under the leadership of Abiy Ahmed, the prime minister). 

Mr. told Fana Broadcasting Corporate that the party decisions and lay directives or implementation in the upcoming three days long congress. 

“It [the congress will elect loyal and competent officials that are capable of executing party decisions and directives,” he added. 

What the party is hoping, based on what he said, is that it will emerge stronger “by addressing weak sides and fostering its strength.” 

When the party was formed in 2019, it promised a “reform” in a way that signifies a break from when the new party was existing as EPRDF. 

As it turns out, no notable reform was observed. Apart from continued ethnocentrism which is now covered under the veil of the “prosperity party, ” corrupt practices and ethnic favouritism, among others, are still problems. The skyrocketing cost of living has gone out of control for the absolute majority of Ethiopians. 

Furthermore, the party failed to protect the security of Ethiopians. Since Abiy Ahmed became prime minister in 2018, thousands of innocent civilians, mostly ethnic Amharas, have been massacred in the Oromo region of Ethiopia. And the problem is still persistent. Worse, the government has admitted that there are officials in the government structure that are working with militant Oromo ethnic nationalists who are said to be responsible for the massacre of civilians. 

The way it handled the conflict of the war with the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) was also extensively criticized by Ethiopians from all walks of Ethiopia. The TPLF was able to invade vast areas of the Afar and Amhara regions after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government abruptly decided to pull out from the Tigray region of Ethiopia in July 2021. 

Afar region is still under TPLF military attack, and PM Abiy Ahmed’s government has failed to respond to it. 

The Prosperity Party has lost a considerable support base as it failed to deliver promises of reform measures. 


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  2. Prosperity Party and PM Abiy are total failures and disaster. The government is corrupt, bigotry and tyrannical to Amharas, Afars, Somalis, Southerns, Gamellas and Addis Ababans. It has no control over Oromia lead by inept Shimeles and Tigray regions. For the first time in history PM Abiy is not ruling the whole country.
    Only because Amhara people are disciplined and that have respect the rule of law they show respect to PM Abiy without resorting to Oromia and Tigray style chaotic barbarism. But patient is running out including in Addis Ababa.

    Now fearful of upset Addis Ababans at the way they have been neglected and denied employment opportunities instead of remedying the situation better PM Abiy and Adanech Abebe have resorted to more humans right abusive methods.

    With the dream of Orommuma everything Kegna, the Oromo Prosperity Party is pillaging Addis Ababa and non-Oromos in more worse ways than the Terrorist TPLF. Such blatant, tyrannical, rude and obvious systematical greed is seen openly in Addis Ababa when all employments in every government offices are filled with unqualified Oromos brought from outside of Addis Ababa.

    This and many other incompetencies including failing to stop the slaughters in Oromia zone are forcing people to take necessary actions to chose another government that insure their safety and uphold the rule of law.

  3. Prosperity Party by definition is a party of opportunist, wannabe technocrats, very corrupt individuals and ethnic apartheid cadres grouped to rob the Ethiopian people. With the exception of a few individuals, all are graduates of EPDRF university with advanced degrees in ethnic apartheid as a new method of governance and with a new official religious doctrine called “Prosperity Party”. There will be time in the near future like others before, they will be pushed aside into the dustbin of history. Mark my word.

  4. Abiy Ahmed is a total failure and disaster. PP members are corrupt, undisciplined, unethical dishonest, incompetent and outright liars. They are responsible for the deaths and massacres of thousands across Ethiopia, especially, non Oromos in so called Oromia region. Because Abiy has failed to appoint capable technocrats in key government sectors based on ability, merit and experience and relies heavily and unhealthily on ignoramus Oromo militants and non Oromo sycophants. It is now becoming obvious to all Ethiopians, that Abiy’s PP dominated by OPDO militants is no different from Meles’s EPRDF dominated by TPLF militants. Furthermore, this talkative PM who will bore everyone to tears with his long, laborious, uninspiring, and excruciatingly dull demagoguery is not even smart enough to understand that his honeymoon is over. His barbaric, murderous and psychotic Ormomumma first and last over all other dreams of Ethiopians project has been exposed bare for everyone to see. He can no longer hide behind his flowery speech, often imbecilic in content, fake in context and unashamedly full of outright lies. This is a failed former EPRDF cadre and current schizophrenic PM who has squandered his political capital, the support of hundreds of millions all over Ethiopia and across the world and who has betrayed the trust of his people and violated his constitutional duties of keeping Ethiopians safe and promulgating the rule of law, justice, equality, liberty and fraternity. He is surrounded by violent die hard Oromo militants suffering from deep inferiority complexes of hitherto unseen magnitude. Abiy his failed to keep his barking militant dogs, to put it metaphorically, on leash. Emperor Minilik lives rent free in their heads, often amusing himself with the skyrocketing housing prices (the Emperor is enjoying panoramic views of Addis from various angles in the thick skulls of PP cadres of Abiy). The duplicitous PM who accused METEC of embezzlement boasts about his 2,500,000,000 birr waste and embezzlement of public funds and wealth on City Hall renewal and restorations that could not even manage to get the clock on city hall to at least tell the time correctly more often than twice a day. And these idiots want to be taken seriously and to be entrusted with responsible and responsive governance of Ethiopia and efficient administration of Addis and all other metropolitans and towns in Ethiopia? Fifty years ago, the Mayor of Addis Ababa was, Dr Haile Giorgis Workeneh, a civil engineer who earned his doctorate from Carnegie Mellon, unlike the current fake educated wannabes, who buy their fake doctorate degrees, and divulge their ignorance the moment they open their gluttonous pie holes. Half a century ago, the Mayor of Addis was, a high caliber civil engineer who oversaw the construction of the Assab Petroleum Refinery, and fifty years later the mayor of Addis is the Kebele chairman Adanech (pardon the pun) Abebe who ensures the shooting and executions of defenseless Parishiners celebrating Tikmet. Wow, talk about the fall from grace for the beautiful land and her people.

  5. Perhaps THERE IS A HUGE OPPORTUNITY now to work for a strong INSTITUTIONS agnostic to TRIBE & INDIVIDUAL POWER. Stop pointing fingers but start rethinking the future.Build a strong court and legal system. Demand term limits. ⚘


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