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Jawar Mohammed Emerging as a ‘Pacifist,’ with Visible Political Ambitions

A ranting and notorious Jawar Mohammed who was painting a picture of a fierce ethnic Oromo revolutionary prominent for his “Ethiopia out of Oromia,” and “mencha” speech , is sounding docile and pacifist

Jawar Mohammed during an interview with Arts TV in Nairobi, Kenya (Photo : screenshot from Arts TV)


Before ascending to power and shortly afterward, Abiy Ahmed portrayed himself as a competent, pro-Ethiopian, and pacifist leader. Despite garnering unprecedented popular support, barely two years into his tenure, he demonstrated a lack of these values and the ability to effectively lead a country. The worsening political stability, security, and economic conditions in Ethiopia compared to the time before he came to power stand as clear evidence of this. And he shifted from pacifist to war-monger leader.  After ending the power-struggle-triggered war against the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, he is now waging a devastating war in the Amhara region. 

While Abiy positioned himself as a pro-Ethiopian and pacifist leader, Jawar Mohammed, linked to the massacre of hundreds of ethnic Amharas in Ethiopia’s Oromia region due to security claims he made, presented himself as a powerful ethnic Oromo revolutionary. He was among the Oromo activists advocating for the “Oromo revolution” and wielded considerable influence, even surpassing the ethnic Oromo group in power within the Federal government under Abiy Ahmed’s leadership in 2018. Following Hachalu Hundessa assassination, Jawar was arrested and detained for over a year.

In a recent interview with Dereje Haile, host of Benegerachin Lay, Jawar Mohammed appeared to adopt a more pacifist tone. Asked why he seems to be passive, he said that “he had time to talk to himself when he was in jail.” When asked if he had determined the perpetrator behind Hachalu Hundessa’s assassination based on information he gathered so far, he stated, “I do not want to speculate. It is unjust. I do not have conclusive evidence to attribute it to a group or individual. Even if I do, revealing it now would not be useful. I hope the truth will come out someday.” 

Asked how he heard about the assassination, he recounted learning of the incident the same night from a government official who called him to inform him about it. He said the official, whom he declined to disclose, told me “They killed the boy.” Jawar’s immediate reaction was the need for a state funeral for Hachalu. He said “I did not think that his funeral would be the next day.” He called the development traumatizing and does not want to go into detail. Before long, he was arrested but he linked his arrest to the then national election. Public speculation previously suggested Jawar’s possible involvement in Hachalu’s assassination to instigate a crisis for leveraging power against Abiy Ahmed’s faction. This speculation primarily stemmed from Hachalu Hundessa’s appearance on OMN media, owned and founded by Jawar himself, days before his killing, where he spoke against radical ethnic nationalist groups.

In the initial part of the interview, Dereje did not inquire about the massacre of hundreds of ethnic Amharas in the Oromia region, despite Jawar’s social media update claiming that his life was in danger is known to have triggered the situation. However, Dereje did ask if Jawar fears for his life, to which he responded, “security personnel think there is a risk to my life.” He emphasized taking precautions, expressing a desire to prevent any incident related to his security in the country. He called his action “ risk avoidance.” 

Primarily in the interview’s first part, Jawar mostly spoke from his academic background as a political scientist, attempting to appear pro-peace without issues with ruling elites,  ethnic Tigray and Amhara elites. Yet, he clearly aimed to maintain his political support base as an ethnic Oromo nationalist. Similar to other Ethnic Oromo nationalist politicians, he referred to Addis Ababa as Finfinnee during the interview. His unyielding ambition for power remains evident.

Watch the first part of his interview below.


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  1. Yes, Jawar looked more mature. That’s a good thing. He has learned from his mistakes. Also, he seems to have by far better grasp of politics, state formation, and diplomacy and their articulation than Abiy, Eskinder or Getachew Reda. If his interview is any indication about a future in national politics we should be pleased because he has concluded that war is not going to serve anyone’s interests. Please stay away from holding him solely responsible for murky events when other participants (esp Eskinder, Tplf cadres, Mahibere Kidusan, Abiy, etc) also played a major role.

  2. Jawar was conceived with hate and bitterness! What comes out of his deceitful mouth is simply words of a Machiavellian narcissistic psychopath who is working his way back into a platform to cause more bloodshed in Ethiopia and Ethiopian people. No one should heed an iota of attention to anything he has to say or do. Someone should shoot him in the his evil head and spare the Ethiopian people of another aborted, useless, and defective human being. The media needs to stop printing anything that has to do with Jawar and anything associated with him. He needs to disappear into the Kenyan ashes where hides and live out the rest of his rotten life getting fat eating fufu.

    • Hate hate without any evidence to substenciat or justify your hate to him or hate to an oromo activisit and indirectly people of oromo

  3. Let’s give a 2nd chance for anyone who has learnt from his/her past mistakes and claimed has mended his/her fallacious behavior. Such reversal of convictions favoring peace and harmony should always be encouraged, welcome and commended. Welcome to the neighborhood of brotherly/sisterly love!!!

  4. Let’s give a 2nd chance for anyone who has learnt from his past mistakes and claimed has mended his fallacies. Such reversal of convictions favoring peace and harmony should always be encouraged, welcome and commended. Welcome to the neighborhood of brotherly/sisterly love!!!

  5. Dear Editors,

    i just noticed I have inadvertently duplicated my comment here. I did not mean to take up a space on your system. These high mileage fingers hit the unintended key sometimes, you know. One is enough.

  6. no one hates the oromo out of nothing. There are so many good oromos. But murderers like this one do not deserve any media cover ..the hundreds of Amhara people killed in oromia (even today as we write this not) is testimony the bitter struggle between these intractable peoples.


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