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Hachalu Hundessa killing: Attorney general says whoever killed him will not escape, calls for calm

“Although Hachalu is dead, his works will never die,” Ethiopian Government Attorney General Adanech Abebe

Hachalu Hundessa _ Ethiopian singer
Hachalu Hundessa. Photo credit :


June 29, 2020

On Monday in the evening, Ethiopia lost one of its talented musicians. He is very popular with his Oromo songs – Hachalu Hundessa. Although his songs are in the Oromo language, he has got fans even outside of his ethnic community. Not just a musician. He was considered an activist too. 

He was gunned down under circumstances that are not revealed to the public yet.

It took hours before people digested the news as the tragedy was an entirely unexpected one.  Even after police confirmed the news Ethiopians grappled with it.

What is known so far is that he was killed near Gelan Condominiums in the capital Addis Ababa, and police claimed that it has arrested an unspecified number of suspects.

So many have already started making speculations as to who could be behind the murder. Yet, there are also those who seem to be interested in seizing the tragedy for a political purpose to reinvigorate slowly dying extremist ethnic nationalist ideology. In their eyes, the conclusion for “who killed Hachalu Hundessa,” is clear – and it is neftegna. They are calling for a “death or freedom” struggle between ethnic Oromo and “neftegna.”

Government officials on the other hand are reacting responsibly to the tragedy.   The Federal Prosecutor General, Adanech Abebe, said that she is deeply saddened by Hachalu’s death and expressed her condolence to the family of Hachalu and to the Ethiopian people.

“Whoever killed Hachalu, no one will escape justice,”  she said.  She also called for patience.

Earlier, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed expressed his grief and called on the public to stay safe while mourning the star.

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  1. What I have been told by merchant relatives is that violent non-political violence has been on the rise too. Armed robbery is happening on a scale never seen before. Gangs connected to bigots roam the small towns and the countryside too. This should be expected due to the sudden opening up of the society after April 2018. Now with COVID-19 clobbering the world economy and billions out of work and in many areas with no sudden recovery in sight that itself will weigh heavy on the mood of the working age generation. In Ethiopia’s case, the jobless youth has been waiting to get a job for a long time and now the pandemic has completely deemed his already dwindling hope. That country is ripe for a gang life to mushroom everywhere. Gangs have been with the industrialized and democratic nations for more than a century now. Jails have been filling up but it has been beyond the capability of any administration to stamp it out. There was Al Capone in the 1920’s and 30’s and today we have the Crips, Bloods and others with names hard to pronounce wreaking havoc in major cities. Envy, despair and disillusions seem always to follow prosperity. What I am trying to say is be ready for more such senseless crime news to come out of the old country. Like any other society the old country also has its share certain people with sick minds and violent instincts walking around. Just prepare yourself!!!

  2. The “neftegna” bogeyman again??? You show me a living, breathing “neftegna” today and I will show you Bigfoot. Will refrain from saying more out of respect for those that genuinely grieve as well as to focus on the GERD ’cause that’s what’s pivotal for the nation this moment.


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