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Ethiopian Gov’t Confirms Arrest of Over 1,000 residents  in Addis Ababa 

Demelash-Addis Ababa- Arrest
Demelash Woldemichael , Federal Police Cheif


The Ethiopian Federal Police announced on Friday that it has arrested over 1,000 “suspects.” This press statement was made at the Federal Police Headquarters in the capital, Addis Ababa.

The Federal Police reported conducting a five-day joint operation with the Addis Ababa Police.

“In a joint operation for  five days across all sub-cities in Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian Federal Police and Addis Ababa Police arrested over one thousand suspects and seized various exhibits,” stated the Federal Police in a news update released on its social media page.

This disclosure follows evaluations carried out by both police institutions after an operation in the Ethiopian capital. Ethiopian media outlets reported numerous arrests in Addis Ababa over a week ago, ahead of a planned anti-war demonstration scheduled for December 10. Four organizers were among those arrested. When State Minister For Peace, Taye Dendea, criticized the government’s ban on constitutionally guaranteed peaceful demonstrations, he was himself dismissed and incarcerated.

The Federal police claim these arrests are linked to what they term as criminal activity in Addis Ababa. They also mentioned seizing items associated with criminal acts, including vehicles, handguns, and US $31,000, among other items. Concerning firearms, the police assert they apprehended an individual engaged in manufacturing ammunition for AK47s, seizing 1,319 ammunition rounds and the associated manufacturing equipment.

Additionally, the police reported sealing 37 gambling establishments and 3,241 betting houses.

The police vows to continue with operations to clamp down on “criminals” until they no longer pose a security threat to society.

Conversely, concerns are voiced by politicized Ethiopians and activists that these arrests are politically motivated to stifle dissenting voices. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government has been facing a legitimacy crisis after he messed up with broad based political support. His military campaigns in Amhara and Tigray regions have noticeably added impetus to the legitimacy crisis he has been facing. Subsequently, his government has been cracking down on  journalists and politicians. 

Two weeks ago, the Ethiopian government banned a peaceful demonstration in Addis Ababa, citing security concerns related to the country’s current situation. The Federal government is engaged in conflicts with Fano forces in the Amhara region and “Oromo Liberation Army” forces in the Oromia region of Ethiopia.


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  1. Arrests, arrests and more arrests. It is like the Billboard Chart telling us which song tops the Pop, Jazz, Soul, R&B, Blues and other genres week after week. Never ending. 10,000 of them at one outing. This is on top of previous other 10,000s hauled away on several occasions. This makes me wonder whether there is enough holding facilities for all of these reminds. I hope the UN and AU would stop by the facilities unannounced to inspect the facilities where such massive number of prisoners are being held. I call upon these two institutions to do just that. I can imaging the unbearable stench and intentionally spread of lice and fleas. If this story is true and verifiable, 10,000 is not just chum change. It is 10,000 of alive and breathing humans. I’m not here to argue if everyone of these prisoners are innocent of guilty because I am here thousands of miles away from that country which disqualifies me from saying so. But I can imagine the conditions how such prisoners are held. UN and AU, do your job!!!

    • Pardon me for a few spelling and grammatical typos. For the love of that country, horrific stories like this make me too emotional.


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