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Ethiopia’s Government Housing Agency Evicts Arrested Minister’s Family 

Ethiopia Government Housing
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The turn of events in Ethiopia related to the political situation in the country is astounding. On December 10, Ethiopia’s State Minister for Peace, Taye Dendea, made remarks criticizing the Ethiopian government for banning anti-war demonstrations, stating that it would tarnish the government’s image concerning promises made to the public upon taking power and on constitutional grounds. On December 11, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed terminated Taye as State Minister for Peace in a two-line letter, thanking him for his contributions. On December 13, the government announced Taye’s arrest for alleged collaboration with what the government calls “radical forces” and “terrorists” plotting to topple the government.

However, the situation did not end there. On December 14, Taye Dendea’s wife and his entire family were evicted from government housing. Security forces appeared at Taye’s house, where he had lived for four years with his family, including his mother, and issued a three-day eviction notice.

Sintayehu Alemayehu, Taye Dendea’s wife, confirmed the story to VOA Amharic service. She stated that personnel from the government housing agency and police officers arrived on Tuesday this week and gave her a three-day eviction notice. If the house was not vacated within three days, she was informed that all furniture and belongings would be moved to a storage facility at her expense, according to the VOA Amharic report. On Wednesday, she was already evicted. 

Soon after, Sintayehu and her family were forcefully evicted, and the house was sealed before she managed to retrieve the family’s belongings. His two children and other family members, displaced from Taye’s birthplace due to conflict, had been living in the house. Taye had been living in the government-provided housing for four years.

The source cited that government housing agency authorities did not remark on it. Taye has been under Federal Police custody since he was detained earlier this week and did not appear before court.

An online GoFundMe effort has been launched to support Taye Dendea’s family, with the organizers seemingly based in the Diaspora. The fundraising seems to be motivated by altruistic motives.

Taye’s Political Points

In the weeks preceding Taye’s arrest, he had been making critical remarks about the government. The Ministry for Peace was not invited to participate in any of the peace talks held by the Ethiopian government, neither in connection with the negotiations that ended the two-year war with TPLF nor in the recent negotiation with the militant Oromo Nationalist Group that calls itself “Oromo Liberation Army” (OLA).

Besides, Taye Dendea accused the Federal government of being a cause for  the failure of the peace talks in Tanzania, where the government was in discussions with OLA. Taye made strong accusations against the government, claiming that Abiy Ahmed’s government lacks interest in peace. In response to the dismissal letter from the Prime Minister, he described the “Nobel Peace Prize Winner” Prime Minister as a ruthless individual who plays with bloods of innocent people.

The Ethiopian government banned peaceful demonstrations in the capital, Addis Ababa, six months after declaring a state of emergency in the Amhara region of Ethiopia, where government soldiers are said to have committed extensive human rights abuses, including rape and extrajudicial executions.


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  1. It resembles a case of a prenuptial going awry. Unless for humanitarian reasons I don’t see how this family will retain the privilege to continue living in the government after the head of the family’s employment is severed. But abruptly evicting the wife and her family is so improper. I hope humanitarian groups/individuals will step in and help this bereaved family.

    • Ittu Aba Farda,

      Abiy’s man, look what this man is writing: ” Unless for humanitarian reasons I don’t see how this family will retain the privilege to continue living in the government after the head of the family’s employment is severed.”

      You first justify what happened to the family and then ask for help for them, what are you, mad!

      How justified is your mad man, Abiy Ahmed, your fellow traveler, fires and imprisons anyone and everyone who criticizes him?

      When would you abandon Abiy, mass murder, tyranny and so on, are not enough, are they?

  2. The world is watching with dismay while the neocons of the ” West” lead by biden, and their “hired-guns” (via CIA, NSA, MI6…etc.) around the world are raking havoc on society with WEF’s “plandemic” , followed by these wars, the death & bloodshed continues from Ukraine (since 2014), to Ethiopia, & to the genocide in GAZA…

    “Is Abiy Ahmed the Most Dangerous Man in Africa?”

    Link =

    The West and their inherent “Destabilization” plans around the globe… in the name of fake “democracy” & ‘human-rights ” slogans, which were taken as true policies of democratic values, till their recent years of draconian rules since the “Covid-19” plandemic, and now their crackdown on “FREEDOM OF SPEECH” on anyone that questions the ongoing wars that are paid for by the taxpayers money of the West…

    (On US’s Long term plans to destabilize and balkanize Russia…)

    Russian President Vladimir Putin’s answer to a question from the Moscow TV program. (December 17, 2023)

    Q) ” Could you have been described as naive in the 2000s?”

    Vladimir Putin: Yes, there was some naivety I had the naïve idea that the whole world, and above all, the so called “civilised” world realised what had happened to Russia, that it had become a different country, that there was no longer any ideological confrontation, which meant that there were no grounds for confrontation.

    If there were any negative elements in the Western nations’ policies towards Russia (among other things, their support for separatism and terrorism in Russia was apparent, I saw it as director of the Federal Security Service), I gullibly believed that this was just inertia in thinking and action: they were used to fighting the Soviet Union and kept on doing it.

    Meanwhile, the reality was (I got a 100 percent confirmation of this later) that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, they thought that “we just need to be patient – and we will make Russia collapse, too.”

    Such a big country by European standards, with the world’s largest territory and a fairly large population … “is generally redundant.” It would be better, as Brzezinski suggested, to split it into five parts and subjugate them separately, and to use their resources, but proceeding from the premise that all of them will lack weight on their own, they will not have their own voice or the ability to defend their national interests the way the Russian state is doing now.

    It was only later that I realised that.” V. Putin.

    Now the last paragraph stated by V. Putin of Russia, does apply to what has been happening in Ethiopia since 1974.
    In 1990’s TPLF (as US Proxy ( “ባንዳ” )) managed to set in motion the US’s 1st plan of “balkanizing” Ethiopia in ethic-lines. Baby TPLF (PP) is further pushing that agenda to further destabilize and demoralize those who strongly believe in keeping Ethiopia together against all odd’s; there may have been some gullible people in Oromo who thought they are in the winning side, but the vail that kept them blind is now seems to be thinning and exposing the ruthlessness of the US plan and the self-serving & power-hungry “ባንዳ”s that are leading as to the “point of no-return”, as Eretria found itself fully -separated from the “Motherland”, which was not its intension but to be an “autonomous-region” within the country, but its current fate was “engineered” by TPLF (to claim it for itself later, after separating from Ethiopia, that which will never happen).

    As TPLF failed, so will Abiy, our history is open for all to read and learn, “ባንዳ”s never succeed in Ethiopia, nor their sponsors.

    Ethiopia will live on, and will be passed on to the next generation, with the ultimate sacrifice of her children; we maybe scattered out & wide, and some of us are suffering internally from the heavy-handed “ባንዳ” punishments, but we will never lose sight of our forefathers sprit & sacrifice to keep Ethiopia together for us and for the next generation, therefore nothing can separate us from our Motherland.

    “Power” is temporary, no matter how strong the “deceptive-powers” appear to be at the moment, the sprit of Ethiopia is stronger than any of them, & will live on.

    Be well.

  3. Let that be a lesson for similar others: can not hide under cover of being government employee and/or ruling party member while in reality undermining the same government by collaborating with enemies from within and without. It is really better to get rid of such bandas quickly without mercy. I will hang them if I have my way (BTW I wish all criminals face exactly the same justice and no public funds be used to imprison them).

  4. Okay bigots!!! The door is open in Al-Qahirah for you. The sugar drunk super power wannabe there sending you invitations to come to his joint and lick his shoes especially those of you bigots camping out now at universities here, Europe and Down Under. You will be treated like his beloved khadamis and spoil you with boatloads of AK-47’s, RPG’s and uniforms of your design so you can yank away a territory to call it your and his fiefdom. Then you will be asked to escort his explosives experts to blow up the GERD dam. He swears he will never call you his usual abd/niggers. Okay Minnesota; Hey Michigan, Virginia, Tennessee, Melbourne and Oslo! What are you waiting for? Al-Ra’is Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is calling you to come in and serve him as his beasts of burden. He promised your dreamed up republic to be in your hateful hands in a year. Let’s go bigots!!!


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