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Twenty-two Ethiopian Organizations write an open letter to U.S. Secretary of State 

Ethiopian News - Blinken
U.S. Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken (Photo : file/Public Domain)


Twenty-two civic organizations of American Ethiopians wrote a protest letter to the United States Secretary of State  over what they call “scandalous reference to the Ethiopian capital” by the U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa.

Last week, the embassy shared a message on X (formerly twitter) referring Addis Ababa as Finfiné – a term that radical ethnic Oromo Nationalists including within the Abiy Ahmed’s administration use. The group cliams an exclusive right over the capital Addis Ababa. 

The letter from the Ethiopian organizations is featured below. 

“Open Letter to Secretary of State Antony Blinken Regarding the Recent U.S. Embassy Statement on Addis Ababa

The Honorable Antony Blinken
Secretary of State
U.S. Department of State
2201 C St. NW

Washington D.C.

November 25, 2023

Dear Secretary Blinken:

We, the undersigned civic organizations of American Ethiopians, express, in the strongest terms, our outrage at the recent scandalous reference to the Ethiopian capital, in an official Tweet by the US Embassy in Addis Ababa, using the controversial Finfiné, which is a name promoted by Oromo extremist groups. 

At a time when the people of Ethiopia are fighting for true democracy that is not tainted by ethnic animosity, atrocity crimes or suppression of individual freedoms, the outrageous statement by the American Embassy is not only an insult to the pride and honor of the people, but also a clear violation of all known diplomatic decorum.  

As is widely known, ethnic division and hatred have reached unprecedented alarming levels in the country, including ethnically-targeted demolition of Amahra homes in the capital. Indeed, the worsening of the overall situation has warranted the issuance of an alert and a call to action by the UN Special Advisor on the Prevention of Genocide. Therefore, the statement by the US Embassy on such a sensitive issue as the nomenclature of Addis Ababa can only encourage inter-communal violence of unimaginable consequences. 

Regrettably, this outrageous and insensitive action by the Embassy will further erode the confidence of the people of Ethiopia in the neutrality of the United States government as an honest broker in the handling of contentious issues, with ramifications that are likely to have dire implications for the stability of the nation, the region and beyond.

We, therefore, demand that the Embassy immediately retract its statement, unambiguously express its apology to the people of Ethiopia, and demonstrably refrain from making such irresponsible statements again in the future. 



Honorable Michael McCaul
US House Foreign Affairs Committee
Honorable Ben Cardin
US Senate Foreign Affairs Committee


  1. Abba Bahrey Forum
  2. Adwa Great African Victory Association (AGAVA)
  3. American Ethiopian Public Affairs Committee (AEPAC) 
  4. Amhara Dimtse Serechit
  5. Amhara Popular Front (APF) Worldwide Support Task Force in the Diaspora 
  6. Amhara Wellbeing and Development Association
  7. Association of Concerned Ethio-Americans and Ethiopians in the Diaspora
  8. Congress of Ethiopian Civic Organizations (CECO)
  9. Ethiopian American Civic Council (EACC)
  10. Ethiopian American Development Council (EADC)
  11. Ethiopian Public Diplomacy Network (EPDN)
  12. etHub
  13. Global Alliance for Justice – The Ethiopian Cause
  14. Global Amhara Coalition (GAC)
  15. Global Ethiopian Scholars Initiative (GESI)
  16. Hope for Ethiopia (H4E) New York Tristate’
  17. Network of Ethiopian Scholars (NES)
  18. Selassie Stand Up, Inc. 
  19. United Ethiopian Muslims Movement (UEMM) 
  20. Vision Ethiopia (VE) 
  21. Voice of the Victim’s Organization (VVO, የወልቃይት ጠገዴ፣ ጠለምት የልሣነ ግፉዓን ድርጅት)
  22. Worldwide Ethiopian Civic Associations Network (WE-CAN)  “


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  1. Subject: “Twenty-two Ethiopian Organizations write an open letter to U.S. Secretary of State” November 27, 2023

    Humble Commentary, 27 Nov 2023
    a) I say, Well Done to the “Twenty-two Ethiopian Organizations”

    b) Good Letter, of about 300 words, with Dignity

    c) Alas! it is sad to say, the GOOD OLD USA HAS GONE OFF TRACK


    e) There is an Ethiopian proverb which reflects when a wise person gets old. One can’t help wondering !?!?!

    f) The “Twenty-two Ethiopian Organizations “ said it well and in the ANCIENT CIVILIZED ETHIOPIAN MANNER.

    g) Despite the strange posture by the GOOD OLD USA, the ancient, solid relationship between Ethiopia and USA will
    CONTINUE AS EVER. No doubt about it. Let History testify, without MODIFYING it

    —– THE END ———

  2. Addis is not called Finfine by Oromos ‘extremists’ only. I call it Addis/Finfine the whole time. My Amhara longtime friends call it Finfine whenever we get together or talk to each other. From their childhood days till now they call Nazret as Adama, Debre as Bishoftu and Asbe as Ciro(Chiro). This is nonsense. Somebody here is scratching where it does Not itch.

    I have a better job for these groups. How about working hard at bringing peace in Amara and Oromia regions? The youth in these two regions is being hoodwinked by murderous connivers into marching to its deaths and destruction. It is being used as cannon fodder by bigoted extremists in both regions. Why don’t these groups show grits and expose those extremists and render them irrelevant?

    Why the need for such numerous organizations? There are 22 groups in this letter alone! It shows without a doubt how the opposition is splintered beyond repair. It is utterly hapless!!!

  3. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

    This article’s title is deceptive, misleading, and might pose a major query.

    The inherent representational bias exhibited by a few diaspora Amhara ethnic members, as seen in the above article, to deceitfully portray all ninety ethnic groups in the country is a source of confusion for many. All the above-listed 20 groups can be reduced to one ethnic group. These individuals boldly claim to speak for the entire ethnic group in Ethiopia, simply calling themselves Ethiopian associations, while displaying blatant contempt and scorn for the constitutional rights granted to other ethnic groups.

    The title must be 20 fannatic fanno sponsors from Amhara ethinic groups write an open letter to U.S. Secretary of State

  4. Out of the 22 childish SEBESEB/collection of backwardness as is, I can’t stop laughing on Selassie Stand Up, Inc. what a funny business name. Forgive me God I have no problem with Selassie, but they used it for business

    It is clear that these groups are one sided from their names to their objectives, but they forgot that Dr Abiy took over power by twisting TPLF’s arm followed by 3 victorious war for Ethiopia. God why Ethiopians always misunderstand or miscalculate and expect the unexpected?

  5. Sham on the international media for ignoring the massacring of Amhara people by the Oromo controlled Abiy Ahmed regime. This war mongering and violence ridden Abiy Ahmed government is consumed in massacring innocent Amharasn Orthodox Christians,, Muslims and Tigray people. Abiy is squandering and snatching money from the poor that is suffering and starving to satisfy his obsession to buy weapons to slaughter Amhara people.
    Protest must be held every day and all over the world to demand the arrest of this century Genocider Abiy Ahmed in Ethiopia.

    • “Sham on the international media”

      Bro/sister there is no international media, they talk what they want to talk based on their government’s alignment, no one really cares, look at Gaza getting rapped in front of the world.

      Dr Abiy is cleaning some gangs in Amhara region, he has nothing to do with Amhara population as you mentioned, i personally believe that the love he have for Amhara region is as equal as other regions, because he must do that knowing power can’t be held forever, TPLF is a good example, but come on which country allow some gangs trying to take over officially elected government? even let’s say they get lots of support locally do you really believe they can take down prosperity party? too huge already for little Fano collection. I missed the older generation Fano, who has paid a lot for mama Ethiopia. The current FANO is known for stealing people in their region, take selfies with their gun and post it for show and too much zeraf zeraf while they have less than 100 bullets on hand. I ask God to heal them from such miscalculation driven by too much emotion which now costing the civilians in the region. R U FANO?

    • QUOTE: “Protest must be held every day and all over the world to demand the arrest of this century Genocider Abiy Ahmed
      in Ethiopia.” UNQUOTE

      ha) “Protest —every day all over the world” >>>>> Is that really possible with Ethiopians???

      hoo) “demand the arrest of this century Genocider Abiy Ahmed in Ethiopia. >>>>> who is demanding ?

      hii) Dear Editor, As you can see, I am having fun >>> please excuse me.

      ha) You are, of course, free to delete it.
      THE END


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