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U.S. government started to call Addis Ababa as “Finefinee” 

U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa (Photo : file)


The U.S. government has been mired in tacitly hyping ethnic politics in Ethiopia.  It has become not uncommon for members of the U.S. Diplomatic Mission in Addis to make travels to regional states and hold discussions with regional presidents. 

The Embassy has been noticeably emboldening radical ethnic Oromo Nationalists – who are believed to dominate Federal government power in Ethiopia. 

And the U.S. seems to continue to do that. 

On November 22, the U.S. The Embassy in Addis Ababa tweeted a “promotional message” ( “informational message”)  about the services of its consular section.  While the tweet in English was also sent out in Amharic and Oromigna languages, the Oromigna version made a reference to Addis Ababa as “Finfinneetti.”  And it does not seem to be unintended. 

Ethiopians in social media seem to see that the U.S. Embassy’s use of “Finfinnee” is politically motivated to embolden the radical ethnic Oromo Nationalist forces (including those in the government structure) who have been making claims of “exclusive rights” over the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa. 

Ethiopian Diaspora Organizations are also reacting to the U.S. government’s reckless practices as it relates to its diplomatic operations in Ethiopia. 

Ethio-American Development Council (EADC), Denver-based Ethiopian Diaspora Organization, sees the U.S. Embassy’s action as a “departure from diplomatic norms is not just a deviation; it is a blatant disregard for the unity, stability, and multicultural identity of Addis Ababa.” 

The Embassy has yet to remark on the matter.  In a statement issued on Thursday, EADC has demanded a public apology for it. 

Statement from Ethio-American Development Council (EADC) is featured below  : 

“For Immediate Release

Ambassador Ervin Jose Massinga,

Regarding the recent tweet referring to the capital of #Ethiopia as “Finnfinne,” the Ethiopian American Development Council (EADC) expresses our profound concern. This departure from diplomatic norms is not just a deviation; it is a blatant disregard for the unity, stability, and multicultural identity of Addis Ababa.

The term “Finnfinne” is not only contested but has been associated with the destruction of historically significant buildings, mass demolitions of homes, and the mass displacement of over 500,000 residents. These actions raise serious concerns about an alleged demographic engineering campaign by the tribal government, targeting the very essence of Addis Ababa’s multicultural fabric.

Your responsibility as a diplomatic mission includes promoting peace, not adding fuel to the fire, or inciting discord. We strongly urge you to cease using divisive language and unequivocally respect the city’s official and internationally recognized name. Ethiopians deserve diplomatic engagement that fosters understanding, not exacerbates tensions.

With Ambassador Ervin Massinga taking on his new role, we emphasize the gravity of his responsibility. Commencing his tenure with a controversial political stance that disrespects the 6 million residents of Addis Ababa and violates international diplomatic norms is not only counterproductive but sets a concerning precedent.

Initiating his tenure in Addis Ababa demands a proactive commitment to unequivocally respect local sensitivities. Language that fosters unity is not a choice; it’s a prerequisite for responsible and constructive diplomacy. Anything less is a disservice to the ideals of diplomatic engagement. 

We urge you to consider the gravity of the situation and, in the spirit of fostering goodwill, to issue a public apology or, at the very least, to recall the message in question.” 


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  1. I am amazed and at the same time offended by the reaction to the US Embassy in Addis/Finfine referring the capital by its Oromo name. The embassy did that addressing the Oromo community. Ask anyone who was born and grew up in areas dominated by Oromos like Western Hararghe and along the entire line of the old railway before 1974 what he/she called certain places. Nazret was always Adama, Debre was Bishoftu and Asbe was Chiro/Ciro. This names were not coined up after 1991 or 1995. There were there being used by the inhabitants for centuries, whether you admit it or not.

    It seems those who reacted angrily to the US Embassy’s use of an Oromo name to the capital must be the ones who never had a chance to live close to or in areas dominated by Oromos. Let me put this way. Places known to Oromos by their Oromo names will remain as such even if hell freezes a million times over. This reaction is just run of the mill presupposed and prejudicial. There is nothing wrong with using traditional and still in use names when addressing pertinent groups of people. This is the way of the world. Accept it, live it! I can’t believe that the leaders of this outfit had the audacity/nerve to send nonsensical letter to the US Embassy. I politely suggest to His Excellency Ambassador to toss the letter in the dustbin and move on doing what US has always been doing; help those beleaguered people in their dire needs financially, emotionally and diplomatically. Nobody changed the official name Gondar to an Oromo name. Warra Illu is still Warra Illu; Aba Boru is still Aba Boru. Someone here is scratching where it does Not itch. Have a job!!! Now, we gonna see those habitual poisonous jaws moving with ‘Oromummaa’ this and that. It is just sickening.

    • The name Finfine is used as a signal to commit ethnic cleansing.
      US officials insistence to call Wolquite Western Tigray yet Addis Abeba Finfine is the same policy they followed to promote ethnic strife in Ethiopia since the doctrine set by Henery Kissinger.

  2. Meanwhile, I would like to take a moment to wish all my brothers and sisters in our Diaspora a Happy Thanksgiving Day! We are extremely fortunate to live far away from death and destruction to live our dreams. This monumental day should remind all of us that such blessing comes with expectations and responsibility. We should never forget those noble people we left behind and never get involved in anything that will linger their predicament or make it worse.

    Happy Holidays, y’all!!!

    • ” … I politely suggest to His Excellency Ambassador to toss the letter in the dustbin and move on doing what US has always been doing; help those beleaguered people in their dire needs financially, emotionally and diplomatically. … ”

      Do you know how “thanksgiving” came about or started?

      In 1637 the North American Native Indians that helped the “settlers” during the farming season, were invited for the “first harvest” celebration, to come with all their wives and children’s, (told not to bring arms) after the Indians were intoxicated the intentionally sober settlers mass slaughtered all Indian men, women, & children’s in called blood, and went over to their villages and burned down all their belongings in all the Indian villages.

      Nowadays, the “cancel culture” is doing all it can to rewrite that history and are attempting to hide the facts.

      Link = snopes.com/fact-check/thanksgiving-massacre-pequot-tribe/

      #2) “The trails of Tears” 1830 : here is the one they cannot erase ( not yet anyways).

      History of “Trails of Tears” of the USA :

      Link = hbritannica.com/event/Trail-of-Tears

      Map: “Trail of Tears”

      Link = nps.gov/trte/planyourvisit/upload/National-Park-Service-Trail-of-Tears-Map-508.pdf

      1948 – 2023:

      “Trails of Tears” of Palestine: is underway with the assistance of the big kahuna USA, by copy-cat Israel which has been doing in Palestine, what USA has done to take Native Indians LAND in North America.
      ” Kill baby Kill”!!!

      Link = rumble.com/v3wct0j-they-will-die-elon-musk-just-said-this-on-israel-hamas.html

      America does not need your support to “doing what US has always been doing…” IAF.

      Enjoy your turkey, & have a good weekend!!!

      Be well.

      • Biden in early 1980/90’s ” if there was no Israel we would have to create it…”


        Link = rumble.com/v3x0dx7-oh-sht-this-palestine-revelation-could-change-everything.html

        Be well.

  3. Subject: QUOTE: U.S. government started to call Addis Ababa as “Finefinee” UNQUOTE, November 23, 2023

    Shocking Development, 23 Nov 2023
    a) I cannot believe the action of the United States of America. I just can’t.

    b) It is against the basic norms of the United States of America — the FRIEND of the UNDERDEVELOPED

    c) What are we reading?!?!?!?

    d) All of a sudden, we are seeing the change of attitude against Ethiopia by the USA.

    e) What happened to AMERICA??????????

    f) In all honesty, I am lost of proper words to explain my deep feeling

    g) Does it mean the glorious USA will be going around and confiscate under-developed countries?

    h) Are we seeing a NEW USA, contrary to what we have been accustomed?????

    i) Why?, Why?, Why? Or, am I hallucinating???

    j) Help! Help! Help !
    —————– I AM LOST ————————

  4. Subject: “U.S. government started to call Addis Ababa as “Finefinee” ” November 23, 2023

    Humble Opinion, 23 Nov 2023
    a) Strange!!! It does NOT sound like the one we know i.e. UNITED STATES of AMERICA
    b) Also, the friend of the under developed countries
    c) What happened to America — the friend of the unluckiest ?????????
    d) What are we going to read ‘tomorrow’ ??????
    e) If AMERICA turn out to be against the UNFORTUNATES, it is then the Global World is miraculously changed.

    —————-TIME TO PRAY, IF IT HELPS —————-

  5. An attempt to associate the historic city of Addis Abeba with a tiny ‘river’ (most of us natives to the city do not even know where this tiny river is even located) at a tiny part of the city that is hidden between a few buildings with very little dirty-water from the hotspring behind the palace running through it… is like renaming Washington DC with ”potomac”, only a stupid sob, like ‘massinga’ can think of such a nonsense.
    This ‘massinga’ he/she/her/them… character is an idiot, & should be kicked-out ASAP.

    America has been degrading itself to a rotten item that is destined to the garbage, as it is becoming a nuisance all around the world.
    And the days of the American ( aka “the great Satan”) embassy in Ethiopia is numbered, due to their destructive and deceptive activities in our country since the 1960’s.

    Death to “the great Satan”.

    Be well.

    • It does not matter whether you know the river or not. You should wear glasses as you suffer from an unnamed optical illness.

      There is no city called Addis Abeba, but Finfinee.

  6. So what?? the Oromo people always call Addis Ababa Finfinnee, so what is wrong if US embassy used the term most Oromo people use to call their capital city. Why we have to raise frag every time something minor like this one happens. Ethiopia is a huge country and things don’t change that easily if you are afraid that the government will change it that fast. Why our people with smart phone always likes to raise flag? Owning a smartphone doesn’t make someone smarter. This should be a little smile moment when you come across such things especially when a foreign organization use it.

  7. The colonialists has created a time Bomb since the day south sudan united with North sudan called Sudan in 1947
    Eritrea united with Ethiopia in 1960 and Somaliland united with somalia called somalia in 1961.
    Today, the colonialists still thinking another time Bomb which lasts some 70 Years.

  8. The article is simple the portrait of Ethnic hatreds. Calling Addis Ababa, either Finfinne, Shagar, Adu Genet, etc is embracing, multicultural identity of Addis Ababa. You can not sustain unity by promoting Ethnic hatred. It was such kind of hatreds promoted by Aklilu Hatewold that created EPLF and OLF and created the current polarization we are in. Please back to you mind and be human.

  9. America embassy called Addis Ababa Finfina, we hope the other day the embasst to call Berera ( በራራ)
    Ethiopia dont need instability ,
    Dont strike the fire , live Your owen life..


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