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Dar es Salaam Negotiations Foster hope for peace Amid Ongoing Conflicts in Multiple Areas of Oromia Region

Dar es Salaam Negotiations
Jal Meroa (left) and Shimeles Abdissa (right) – (Image : file)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Clashes have continued in some parts of the Oromia Region while the second round peace negotiation being conducted in Dar es Salam, Tanzania between the Ethiopia’s Federal Government and the Oromo Liberation Army has entered into its 10th day, sources said.

Residents from Yaya Gulele Wereda of North Shewa Zone and Goro Dola Woreda of East Borena Zone, told Voice of America (VoA) that although the conflicts have continued in their area, they have built trust in the ongoing peace negotiations being conducted in Dar es Salam, Tanzania.

Regarding the conflicts that have continued in parallel with the negotiations, VoA’s efforts to get responses from the Regional Security and Administration Bureau, as well as from the Communications Service of the Federal Government have been unsuccessful for the time being, the news source said.

In a related news development, five opposition political parties have requested in a joint statement, released recently, that the content and details of the negotiations the Federal Government is conducting with the armed forces should be made official to the public, VoA reported. 


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  1. Let them wage peace not war for the sake of those besieged people. That country has been on war footing since 1974. Enough is enough with war and destruction. I wish them luck in the negotiations and hopefully peace will finally arrive for the youth and their loved ones. Insha’Allah!!!!


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