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Negotiation of OLA  military leaders , Ethiopian  Government seems to progress smoothly

Jal Merro - OLA
OLF Shane leader – Jal Mero (Photo : CNN/file)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Senior government officials joined military leaders in Dar es Salaam for the signing protocol, as the talks with the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA), aka Shene, is going positively, sources said. 

A statement released by Oromo Liberation Army indicates that the army’s negotiating team is led by its commander-in-chief Jal Mero Diriba and his deputy Jal Gemchu Aboye. Representing the ruling Prosperity Party, General Getachew Gudina is leading the negotiating team.

The latest is that the negotiation being held between the two parties is reportedly processed without jerking and more participants are taking seats at the negotiating table. Representing the ruling party, Prime Minister’s National Security Adviser, Ambassador Redwan Hussain and Justice Minister Gedion Timotios joined the negotiating team yesterday. The officials are expected to put their signature representing the Ethiopian Government, according to reliable sources.

After several days, the parties moved on to resolve their current substantive issues. The talks that began last week with the top military leaders drawn from both sides were attended by a US delegation led by Ambassador Mike Hammer and senior diplomats from the Inter-Governmental Organization for East African Development (IGAD), Kenya and Norway.

Sources said that head of IGAD, Workineh Gebeyehu (Dr.) is actively facilitating the discussion. An executive member of IGAD expressed his determination to help overcome challenges facing member countries. The talks are aimed at finding a solution to end the military conflict that has been going on for almost five years in the Oromia Region. Despite positive progress, previous talks in May ended without an agreement.

OLA said in the statement it released yesterday for the first time since the start of the negotiation that it would continue with determination to find a peaceful political settlement that would realize the aspirations of the people and honour the sacrifices of the martyrs.

So far, the Ethiopian Government has said nothing regarding the peace talk. However, diplomats close to the matter said  that top military and political figures of the Federal Government would be involved in negotiation to bring about lasting peace to Oromia.


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