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Tigray: six senior zone-level leaders removed 

Getachew Reda (Photo : screenshot from Tigray TV)


Getachew Reda’s Interim administration in Tigray has reportedly removed six top-zone-level administrations. 

According to a report by Addis Maleda, the leaders have received a termination letter from Getachew Reda.  It is indicated that the letter unspecified the reasons for their removal. 

The officials were serving as heads of the public relations office in the East, South, Central, South East, North West, and West Tigray zones. 

What the Tigray administration calls West Tigray and South Tigray, and the U.S. State Department supports it, are areas that used to be parts of Gondar and Wollo respectively before the TPLF included them as parts of Tigray after taking central power in 1991. 

In early September this year, Getachew Reda revealed that he was unable to carry out his role as president of the region due to structural problems at the zone level. Implementing his policy at the zone level was problematic due to the resistance in the aforementioned governance structures. 

His government and residents in the region faced serious security problems to the point that there were prison structures not known to his administration. 

It was Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed who named Getachew Reda as Interim President of the Tigray region on the basis of the 2022 Pretoria agreement that ended the devastating two-year war between the Federal government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). As many as one million people are believed to be killed in the Afar, Amhara and the Tigray regions due to the war. 


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  1. Borkena,
    You need to work on your English language reporting ( that is, if you mean to be taken seriously as journalists).
    1/ “the letter unspecified the reasons for their removal” should be corrected to “the letter did not specify the reasons for their removal.
    2/ “As many as one million people are believed to be killed in the Afar …” should read “As many as one million people are believed to have been killed in the Afar …”

  2. QUOTE:”As many as one million people are believed to be killed in the Afar, Amhara and the Tigray regions due to the war.” UNQUOTE

    Humble Opinion, 26 Oct 2023
    a) It goes without saying that the indigenous intellectuals and smart ‘Alex’ of the highest order, who manipulate the
    country, will never be at risk.
    b) The unfortunate ordinary MILLIONS of peoples will take the burden of the political consequences of the SMART
    ALEX individuals, named the UNTOUCHABLES.

    c) The local untouchables, are considered most valuable than the ordinary Human Beings.

    d) There is no need to say more other than the repetition of DIVISION of HUMANITIES among ourselves.

    e) YES, our Dear Black Africa is the the GREATEST SELF-DISCRIMINATOR around the Globe!!!!!!!??????


    g) OUR DEAR BLACK AFRICA cannot help itself when it comes to the subject affecting Black Africans.!!!!???????

    h) Bizarre as it may be, it seems to be OUR nature to hurt ourselves and, instead, glorify the COLONIAL MASTERS


    j) Last question: How is it possible that WE face OURSELVES [i.e. EDUCATED of the highest order and uneducated who
    followed the example of the local so-called educated brethren ]

    k) In the face of REALITY, WE Black Africans, in TOTALITY, are forced to accept the Master-ship of the Glorious White
    Race, whose AFFINITY to the Black African Continent (Not to the Black Human Beings, mind you) will NEVER DYE.

    l) It is inherently admitted that the Black African Continent is not — and will never be –for the Black African Race

    m) Please prove me — and any one else —- the fallacy of the above narration.

    ——————–THE END ————————

    • King of sarcasm and mockery Rezen,

      How come you haven’t told us a thing or two about your country of Tuscany Eritrea? The economy of your beloved Eritrea el Tuscany has been booming for more than 30 years. In fact Bloomberg News, Wall Street Journal and The Economist magazines have just reported that Tuscany Eritrea has just started exporting electric vehicles, smart phones, smart tv sets and tons of frozen lasagnas to Middle Eastern, Asian, European and African countries. We are not as smart as you are because we don’t have the genes/DNA you have. We are madly jealous of your accomplishment. Keep the mockery going, Roberto!

  3. the territories in Western and Southern Tigray historically belong to Tigray. The TPLF didn’t include them for the first time in 1991. They were part of Tigrai in the old maps before the Amhara regional state was formed…

  4. It is so obvious that the veteran leaders and their duplicates are obstinate commies of the third kind. They had tried to shed their guiding demonic scriptures to gain much needed financial and material from the generous West in 1991 but their working style has been nothing but. They are stubborn as mule once them made up their mind and that has been a source of frustration as many Western diplomats alluded to in the 1990’s until they were driven out of town(Nobody actually chased them out of Addis but they drove themselves out, we can say) in 2018. A few Western diplomats were said to be on the record saying ‘these leaders are very hard to work with and they don’t listen to reasons’.

    As any hard-line leftist or commie they will not flinch once they made up their mind. Just think what they did in 2020. There was no question that they had made up their mind to go to war and were making preparation for it. They were arming themselves to the teeth and huddled in their joint waiting for what they thought was the right moment. They hurled missiles in all directions just to terrorize civilians. Then they sent their totally hoodwinked fighters in every direction they thought would hasten their ‘Long March’ journey to the capital Addis/Finfine. What the heck, they even showed up at the border with Djibouti. I thought that Google Map was to blame for guiding them in the wrong direction. You know, I recently read a news article that tells how a couple using Google Map ended up in a pond. For our stubborn commies from TPLF, they were lucky that they did not end up in Bab el-Mandeb’s deep end. When all was said and done, more than half a million young people lost their Allah blessed lives and left the entire region in shambles.

    Who knows, these unrepentant obstinate deacons/darasaas of Marxism/Leninism/Maoism may still be longing for another day when they will be the new sheriffs in town for the 2nd time. Just look at them now. They don’t have an iota of decency to admit their fatal mistake. It is still them Eritreans. It is still them Amharas. It is still them Afars. It is still them boogeymen from Addis/Finfine!!! Now, this young man Getachew better watch over his shoulders. You never know what despotic commies may do when they become desperate.


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