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As Ethiopian gov’t continues war in Amhara region, European Union express “commitment to strengthen cooperation”

European Union _ Ethiopia
Jutta Urpilainen speaking after her meeting with Ahmed Shide (right) in Addis Ababa on October 3, 2023 (Photo : PD)


The European Union expressed its commitment to enhancing cooperation with the Ethiopian government during a visit by Jutta Urpilainen, the EU’s Commissioner for International Partnerships, to Ethiopia. Jutta met with Ethiopia’s Finance Minister, Ahmed Shide, and announced her upcoming meeting with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

During her visit, Urpilainen disclosed the EU’s readiness to launch the Multiannual Indicative Program (2024-2027) in support of the Ethiopian Government. This represents a positive step in strengthening relations between the European Union and the Ethiopian government.

The relationship between the European Union and the Ethiopian government faced challenges during the conflict between the Federal government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), mirroring the situation with the United States government.

The Ministry of Finance of Ethiopia confirmed that the bilateral discussion between Minister Ahmed Shide and Commissioner Jutta Urpilainen took place on the sidelines of the Ministerial Meeting of the Horn of Africa Initiative.

During their discussion, Minister Ahmed Shide briefed Commissioner Jutta Urpilainen on the political and socio-economic situations in the country and outlined the steps taken to consolidate peace and efforts toward reconstruction and recovery.

The Ethiopian government concluded war with the TPLF in November 2022, after European Union and the United States mobilized sanction regime as tool to, as many tend to believe, rescue the TPLF – a long time partner to both. At that time, TPLF forces were near collapse, and Ethiopian troops were advancing on Mekelle, where the TPLF forces were coordinating their war efforts. There are speculations that the U.S. government dictated the terms of the negotiation although the peace show was staged as one orchestrated by the African Union.

Ethiopia has been grappling with internal challenges, including a conflict in the Amhara region. The administration of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has been battling the Fano Movement in the Amhara region. The Fano movement aims to end discrimination and violence against ethnic Amhara.

This week, credible reports indicated that passengers from the Amhara region were denied entry to Addis Ababa and redirected to their places of origin due to an undisclosed government policy enforced by Oromia regional state special forces at the Sheno checkpoint, situated approximately 10 kilometers north of the capital.

As part of its efforts to put down resistance in the Amhara region where government forces are accused of massacring hundreds of innocent civilians, the Ethiopian government imposed a six-month-long state of emergency there.  Tens of thousands of ethnic Amharas were massacred in the Oromo region of Ethiopia , among other regions, after Abiy Ahmed came to power in 2018. 

Currently, neither the European Union nor the United States government has implemented sanctions to pressure the Ethiopian government into resolving the situation in the Amhara region.

Minister Ahmed Shide and Commissioner Jutta Urpilainen discussed various avenues of cooperation to further strengthen bilateral relations between Ethiopia and the EU, including the potential resumption of the Budget Support modality , as disclosed by the Ministry.


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  1. Subject: ” As Ethiopian gov’t continues war in Amhara region, European Union express “commitment to strengthen
    cooperation”, October 3, 2023

    a). Ethiopian gov’t continues war in Amhara region

    b). Taking the reality of the situation between Tigray and Ethiopia, Ethiopian’s frictions against Amhara would seem to be
    “logical” steps, in a country heading to oblivion. GOOD BYE ETHIOPIA!!!!!

    c). Who is next in the “smooth”(!!!!) transition.

    d) It seems that Ethiopia is set up to each the world a different style of existing

    e) It also teaches the people of Ethiopia that they can live in multitude groups and teach the world a different style of

    f) FAILURE seems to be a different definition in Ethiopian.

    g). In such an atmosphere, the Italiayan Old Classical saying comes to be helpful for Ethiopians
    “ARIVEDERCHE ADDIS ABEBA ” (correct me).
    ————— THE END ——————

    Post Script
    SERIOUSLY, it is my humble opinion that there is MYSTERIOUS disease going on in ETHIOPIA. Don’t laugh , please.
    Thank You

  2. It is obvious, the thought of BRICS is driving the ‘collective west’ “mad”, they are in panic mode… all what they can achieve from here on, “swimming against these tide” is needlessly bruising them selves…

    The “chameleons” nature of the “West” (US , UK, EU, AU, NZ, & wannabe Japan) is not a secret to anyone that paid attention to the Neo liberal global hegemonic drive and its extended hand of the “rules based order” which it self is a ‘chameleon’ that has no known & readable form, a self serving & ever changing, having no defined “guard-rails”, & with ever-shifting goal-post, only uttered to push their “exceptionalism” agenda; wasn’t the same idea what Hitler was pushing to accomplish?

    What we need to keep in mind is, every past and existing so-called “power” (degenerate entity that come and gone, that values its existence only by exerting violence & manipulation and justifying it ) therefore we know from their history and our own, we come to realize that we watch them all come and go and as usual we need to stand our ground as our forefathers always done, and outlasted these creatures-of-evil (they do not call them “Satan’s children” for nothing).

    These are sick people, and the sick always die-away, (that is nature’s way of thinning the herd) . We have existed as a self-governing civilization for thousands of years and have seen them come and go, the Roman Empire and all the other copy-cats that came after. The existing one is rotting from within before our eyes, as we calmly observe its self-exposure of its degeneration in full display, as shown in the Canadian parliament last week where a WWII Nazi SS getting a “Standing Ovation” to justify the collective west’s current support for the Nazi Azov battalion in Ukraine. This is not new, for those who follow history, the US Bankers (the likes of Prescott Bush, G. W. Bush’s grandfather) financed Hitler, the late queen of England as a young girl was pictured along with her father the king, giving the one hand salute to Hitler (without his presence before the war…)


    If I am not mistaken, this Eu Commissioner Jutta Urpilainen was video taped after the Niger coup in July saying ” we are passing/ have passed a crippling Sanction to starve the Niger population to force them reinstate the president…” ( I have seen the video, but could not locate it at this moment…)
    But there are videos showing EU sanctions in an attempt to force a reverse back to France’s control.



    The collective “West” reaction Re: Niger Coup…

    As stated in the article, it is not a secret that, the TPLF (proxy) war in Ethiopia has not succeed and the Spencer’s stepped in at the final hour to save TPLF using the cover of “AU-lead peace talks”, except everyone the world over knew it was US proposed & dominated push to save its Proxy-dogs… in hopes of preparation for future-rearming & regrouping; but they cannot full all of us, but the power-hungry among us.

    Furthermore, we have seen what has been happening in the global stage since the last BRICS summit in SA, and the G20 summit in India where the collective “West” has been in total panic-mode. The US sent Canada to indirectly attack India for strengthening its stance & commitment to BRICS union as well as its neutrality in regards to the Russian & Ukraine conflict.
    And the visits by US and EU officials to the newly minted BRICS + members such as Ethiopia where this lady is now, and Antony Blinking of the US was seen with Abiy. Saudi Arabia & UAE also experienced such visits from various US & EU officials, as everyone knows it’s all in an attempt to reverse or quash BRICS membership aspirations by these nations and to create a crack between the existing BRICS member states. Which we all know will not succeed.

    There is a larger body of Ethiopian diaspora population in the US that still thinks and sees the US as “force for good” or a benevolent player, though its activities that started prior to the overthrow of the monarchy in 1973/74 and ever since then, does not support that. There is only one better outcome for this problem at this stage, which is just like all the other old Empires/powers it will dissolve on its own as did the USSR that suddenly went out with the sunset.

    For those who follow history, and observed the systematic eradication of traditional values and ways of governance first in Europe later everywhere gradually dismantled and replaced by the modern day corporate-Banking-rulership that has gradually replaced it.
    The push to move every nations resources to the hands of the corporate-ownership has been underway for a long time, however, it has faced fierce resistance in both Russia and China and the push and demonization of these nations has accelerated in the recent decades, and now the formation of BRICS brings a further resistance to its hegemonic drive.

    Time seems to be running out for the gang, and its collapse is becoming inevitable at this stage, and whether they go out peacefully or with a bang is anyone’s guess.
    As for the BRICS groups (old and new) it is wise to get along without giving in to their provocation, and move in a steadfast manner and take concrete steps to move forward in strengthening the BRICS union and what it stands for.
    And Ethiopia’s place with the BRICS is a game changer not only for Ethiopia but for the rest of Africa.

    There is a rumor out there, that Russia is to open a LADA car manufacturing plant in Ethiopia perhaps BRICS associated development strategy. More such development moves could become a reality creating jobs for our young people.
    Expediting GERD power generation would give Ethiopia an advantage in attracting many manufacturing investments into the country. However, the government needs to take a page or two out of the “Chinese foreign investment development plan” that is based on “Local-partnership” where ownership is shared with the local partner(s) after a given period of time.

    It is also very important that Ethiopia learns from the Chinese experience in regards to “industrial-waste-management” (pollution issues) and be prepared in advance to minimize & mitigate environmental degradation.
    One solution Ethiopia might consider would be to explore the use of existing open-volcanic-pits as a source of burying/burning-industrial-waste-material naturally, without affecting populated areas. All that is needs to be done is building a rail-car-line to the volcanic site and connecting it to all industrial-zones so that waste can easily be moved cheaply and safely. Of course environmental study must be carried out to make sure there are no other issues.

    Quote of the day :

    “What happened yesterday, you cannot change.
    What is happening today, you can only experience.
    What is tomorrow, you have to Create.” SG.

    Be well.

  3. A Must watch: Economist Richard Warner… Creator of QE (Quantitative Easing)

    A must watch for all Bankers, financial professionals, and Central & all bankers & policy makers… and such…

    “Germany is not a Sovereign Nation… has no say in its internal matters… except the Americans since its 1945 occupation… & EU in general in the same predicament.. ” , paraphrasing

    Fascinating expose, of world finance and American arm-twisting to get its ways (particularly since the 1970’s removal of “Gold backed” status of the USD) to strengthening its economy after the fact as the USD took nose dive… US forced European central bankers to print more of their own currencies to slow down the tanking of USD… (black mail ) to transfer wealth from Europe to the US… at the expense of Europe and everyone else…

    Link : youtube.com/watch?v=8cHeLWxbvJY “”WE’RE HEADING FOR A TOTAL COLLAPSE!!” (70-80% CRASH, Followed By A New Monetary System!!!”

    US financial trickery and more…

    Be well.

  4. I understand that the situation in Ethiopia, particularly the conflict between the federal government and the Amhara region, is deeply concerning. It is distressing to hear about the loss of innocent lives in any conflict. The loss of human life is always tragic, and it is important to prioritize peace, dialogue, and finding a peaceful resolution to conflicts.

    It is crucial for all parties involved to engage in open and constructive dialogue to address the root causes of the conflict and work towards a peaceful resolution. The protection of human rights and the safety of civilians should be paramount, and efforts should be made to ensure that innocent lives are not further endangered.

    In times of conflict, it is important for the international community to support peaceful negotiations and encourage all parties to find common ground. It is my hope that the situation in Ethiopia can be resolved peacefully, allowing for stability, reconciliation, and the well-being of all Ethiopian citizens.

    DO NOT MAKE THE COUNTRY THE FIELD OF BLOOD IN EACH AND EVERY Reign ! Killing The soul is forbidden and sin in the great book Holy Bible .but who denies the word of God id cursed .
    Lets make negotiation around the bench to solve problem . God is righteous and will decide the right decise.

  6. The future of European Union itself is at danger, very visible right now but hey… they still compete against China, Russia and BRICS in our own playground. They do believe we are born stupid, well they might be right when you see some of our politicians… anyways they hold aid when it is needed but they push aid when there is a game. There will be a time that we cut off all their f**king aid just to do what we want to do in our country. The world still under colonization,
    Godddd please come soon or give Africa just ONE central BANK to show the huge resource you blessed Africa with, then we will defeat the colonizers in their own game.
    Africa will never win the colonizers due to their 400 years crime committed on earth and they still threatening us ….


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