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Oromia region security routed back travelers from Amhara region 

Passenger buses stopped by Oromia region security forces Photo : file


Travelers from the Amhara region of Ethiopia have encountered disturbing incidents involving Oromia security forces, resulting in their exclusion from entering the capital, Addis Ababa.

According to a report from Wazema radio, passengers on their way to Addis Ababa via Debre Berhan were abruptly rerouted back to Amhara region. 

The incident unfolded at the Sheno Checkpoint, located less than 10 kilometers from the capital. Eyewitness accounts provided by Wazema Radio reporter suggest that security personnel, dressed in Oromia region special forces uniforms, were rigorously scrutinizing the identification documents of travelers and discriminately denying entry to Addis Ababa to those of Amhara ethnicity.

This harrowing turn of events affected a wide spectrum of individuals, including those with critical medical appointments in the capital and university students eager to resume their studies after a two-month hiatus. It is worth noting that some of these stranded travelers lacked the necessary funds to cover their return journey to the Amhara region.

What’s deeply troubling is that many of these individuals were not suspected of any wrongdoing or criminal activity. Such incidents have been recurring along the routes between Addis Ababa and Mekelle, as well as Addis Ababa and Gojjam, targeting ethnic Amhara Ethiopians. 

As of now, the Ethiopian government did not remark on the development.

Critics have accused Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration, along with the Addis Ababa authorities, of tacitly endorsing these actions by insinuating that those traveling to the capital harbor motives to destabilize the government.

Abiy Ahmed’s administration has detained thousands of ethnic Amhara individuals in both Addis Ababa and the Oromia region. These arrests followed the government’s declaration of a state of emergency in August 2023, purportedly in response to an “invitation from the Amhara regional state.”

While the Federal government claimed that normalcy has been restored in most parts of the Amhara region, the war continues in most parts of the region, highlighting the complex and enduring nature of the challenges facing Ethiopia.


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  1. Subject: QUOTE: ” Oromia region security routed back travelers from Amhara region” UNQUOTE October 2, 2023

    Humble Opinion,
    1. Would it be an exaggeration to say it is solid beginning of the extinction of ETHIOPIA as an independent country in the

    2. And Ethiopians can’t blame, anything, anyone, but themselves >>> YES, each and ever one Ethiopian.

    3. Go ahead lament and cry at your heart’s content. You will not change your destiny.


    5. And to the countless Ethiopians who craftily left their dear country — for many reasons — have nothing to lose.

    6. In fact, as it may sound cruel, they may admire themselves for their far sighted wisdom to have abandoned they
    beloved birthplace. Wow, Wow, Wow …………………..but not for long

    7. The world is cruel.

    8. And here is cruel Imagination: In due course, those who abandoned their beloved country will regret their decision
    until facing their grave yard.

    9. Dear Ethiopians: You might as well mumble inherently these three words: “GOOD BYE ETHIOPIA ”

    10. Dear Reader: As you know, there is always : THE END.

  2. “The incident unfolded at the Sheno Checkpoint, located less than 10 kilometers from the capital.” Sheno is 75 or so kilometers away From Addis. Check some simple facts in your reporting. Even Sendaffa is 40 kilometers away from Addis. However Sheno is 15 kilometers away from Debre Birehan.


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