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Ethiopia : Fano forces battled Ethiopian Defense in Gondar 



The Ethiopian government has been claiming for several weeks now it has control over most of the cities in the Amhara region of Ethiopia. Fano combatant forces whom the Ethiopian government called “robbers” were “weakened” and the remaining work was securing pocket areas. The situation on the ground does not seem to be that way. 

There are reports that fighting is still underway in many parts of the Amhara region. DW Amharic on Sunday reported an intense fighting between Fano and government forces. Residents from the city have confirmed the development. 

Local news sources have confirmed that Fano Forces launched an attack on selected targets in the Gondar at 4 a.m. in the morning. An intense fighting went on for several hours, especially in the part of the city known as Shewa Dabo Bet. A police station and prison facilities were also targeted – apparently with the objective to set prisoners free – something that Fano forces have done before at least in two locations in the region. 

Government forces have used heavy artillery shelling in the city as the fighting became intense.  Government forces have been heavily relying on artillery shelling in the battles against Fano. The Defense plan was to complete the fight against Fano within a few weeks but it has turned out to be months now and there does not seem to be an end in sight. 

Residents of Gondar city have told DW Amharic that activities in the city were halted. The battle has caused serious human and material losses. 

Other local news sources have confirmed that the human and property loss was heavy. However, no specified figure is provided.  Bodies were seen littered in the city.  A senior police commander in the city is among the dead, according to Ethiopian News sources. 

The Ethiopian Defense Force on Sunday confirmed that there was an incident in Gondar. “The radical force that is making business in the name of Fano has been burned with the fire it started in Gondar,” said the statement from the Defense Force. 

The defense force added, “The group has committed unethical action in Kebele 18 of Gondar burning cooperatives where consumers buy sugar, cooking oil, and other consumption goods.” 

It also said that Fano’s claims of captives and killings of Ethiopian Defense Force members are incorrect and said that the Defense Force has killed members of Fano who came to attack Gondar.  

It further claimed that it had killed Kirubel Kindu, Melkamu Abebew and Eshete whom it called fano leaders. It did not specify the number and it said it is “under investigation.” It has also said several Fano members were wounded but again the number is unspecified. 

Most of the Amhara region has become completely ungovernable to the ruling Prosperity party. 

Many local news sources indicate a fighting is going on in the region including in the rest of Gondar zone. Several video footage showing captured  Ethiopian soldiers are circulating on social media platforms. 

In the Minjar area, Oromia region special forces with support from the Defense Force are said to have controlled Awura Godana town along the Ethio-Djibouti railway and road and already renamed it as “Qorke” to make it part of the Oromia region of Ethiopia. 

The Defense Force or the government has not remarked about the situation in Awura Godana. 


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