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Ethiopian opposition party confirms government forces massacred 29 innocent civilians in Majete

Enat Party report – which cited sources from the affected area – indicated that the massacre in Majete took place in a house to house operation.

Majete - Ethiopia _ massacre
Google map. Majete in indicated in a broken line in the middle.


Enat party, one of the opposition political parties in Ethiopia, on Tuesday confirmed that Ethiopian government soldiers massacred 29 innocent civilians in Majete, North Shoa zone of the Amhara regional state.  It is located along the Addis Ababa -Dessie road.

“We have learned that government soldiers killed 29 civilians in house to house operation in a horrifying manner. We have confirmed from our source that among those killed are children, women, youth, and elders,” Enat Party said in a statement it released.  The incident happened on September 3, 2023. 

Local Ethiopian News sources earlier this week reported that the massacre happened right after a battle between the Ethiopian Defense Force and Fano Forces in which the former reportedly suffered heavy losses. Enat party did not talk about the battle between Fano combatants and government soldiers deployed in the area. 

What reports from different local sources seem to confirm is that 29 civilians were massacred ruthlessly in a house-to-house action by the government forces. Some sources put the number to 31, as reported by borkena earlier this week. 

Recalling that it has issued a number of statements calling for the government to end the war  in the Amhara region and resort to the peaceful resolution of the problems, Enat party said “Despite it is falling on deaf ear, we will continue the work to ensure that the Ethiopian People know the truth and that the international community understands the reality [in Ethiopia] .”

The statement from the Enat party also talked about a massacre in East Gojjam zone Bibugne district where an Ethiopian government drone strike killed eleven innocent civilians. The attack happened on the same day – September 3. 

Still on the same day nine other civilians were killed in West Gojjam zone, Dega Damot district near Arefa Kebele, according to a statement from Enat Party. 

It is to be recalled that the Ethiopian Defense Force carried out recurring drone attacks on civilians and shelling of residential areas in urban centers in the Amhara region.  

In its statement, Enat party said it vehemently condemns the recurring massacre of innocent civilians. “From the vantage point of shocking massacre that government is conducting, Enat Party believes that   it is something that entails legal and historical accountability and has to stop immediately, ” the statement said. 

Last week, the United Nations Human Rights Body spokesperson released a statement saying that at least 183 civilians have been killed in the Amhara region of Ethiopia since July of this year. 

The massacre in Majete, East Gojjam and West Gojam came days after Ethiopian Defense Chief of Staff claimed the operation in the Amhara region has been a success to a point that Fano force will no longer pose a threat. 

On the other hand, activists and  politicians who are actively sharing their views on social media say ruthless massacre of civilians is a desperate action on the part of Abiy Ahmed’s administration to intimidate the support base of Fano. It is evident that the Fano Movement is enjoying popular support in the Amhara region and beyond.  

Thousands of Ethiopian government soldiers are reportedly captured in many parts of Amhara region. However, the Ethiopian government did not disclose about the number of casualties as was the case with the war against the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). 


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  1. Subject: Ethiopian opposition party confirms government forces massacred 29 innocent civilians in Majete,

    Humble Opinion, 5 Sept 2023
    1. Let us be honest, frank, and rightful judge
    2. What was the bases for using the word “innocent”
    3. Let us be honest: It is discriminatory term — a judgment without investigation.
    4. In the first place, who instigated the action taken by the soldiers?
    5. Let us keep in mind that soldiers have responsibility to protect the country and people, SACRIFICING their LIVES.
    6. Dear Reader: BE honest to YOURSELF: Would you sacrifice your LIFE to protect the next person?!?!?
    7. Soldiers too are human beings.
    8. They protect their own LIFE in order to protect the security of the entire PEOPLE of a Country.
    9. Dear Reader: Imagine YOURSELF in the situation of the the soldiers
    10. Can you find any thing parallel to that SACRIFICE.
    11. The term used to define the action of the soldiers is discriminatory
    12. Just imagine YOURSELF in the situation.
    FINALLY, LET ME ASK YOU [ for your own response to your self ]


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