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Government authority calls Defense Minister statement on Welkait “irresponsible” 

Colonel Demeke Zewdu – Authority in Wolkait zone (Photo : SM)


Days after Ethiopia’s Defense Minister, Abraham Belay, disclosed new government policy on Welkait as a best wish message seizing the occasion of Ashenda holiday in Tigray, authorities in Wolkait-Setie Humera zone are speaking out. 

Ashete Demelew, head of Wolkait and Setit Humera zone administration in North Gondar said the statement from the Defense Minister, who used to be a member of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), is “irresponsible,” “partial,” and one that drifted from the law. 

Ethio-News, a local news source, quoted him as saying that the Defense Minister’s statement has rejected the demands of Wolkait people. 

“People in Wolkait Tegede did not cause displacement. It is the TPLF group that carried out the extensive massacre in the region for over thirty years,” Ashete is quoted as saying. 

To support his claims of massacre, he made a reference to mass graves discovered in the region.

” It should be known that there will not be disarming and no administrative structure changes in Wolkait,” he said. 

The zonal authority is also rejecting the plan for a referendum – a reflection of people’s sentiment. He argued that the TPLF took Wolkait by force, not by referendum.

People in the Wolkait zone are reportedly outraged by the Defense Minister’s Statement. Two days ago, Colonel Demeke Zewdu, a prominent figure, told the news source that people in Wolkait are saddened and outraged by Belay Abraha’s statement. 

On Tuesday, Dr Abraham Belay said that the Ethiopian government will hand over “Western and Southern Tigray” – a reference to Wolkait and Raya areas that are currently under Amhara region administration –  to the Tigray regional state and that the Status quo ante before the war will be restored. 

He also said that People in Tigray will elect a new administration for Wolkait ( Western Tigray – as he calls it) and displaced people from the area will be returned. 

The Defense Minister cited the Pretoria Peace Agreement of November 2022 –which ended the two-year war between the Abiy Ahmed government and TPLF – as a basis on which Wolkait will be Tigray. 

Defending the ethnic identity of people in Wolkait, the Zone administration head, Ashete Demelew, said ” people in Wolkait and Setit Humera did not say that they want to become Amhara. It is saying I am Amhara. 

The Ethiopian government has not released an official statement regarding the fate of Wolkait. 

The Amhara region has become a war zone for several months now after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government made a decision to disarm Fano members. Extensive rights abuse,including attacking civilians with drones, have been reported by human rights organizations. 


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  1. Why are tplf and odp-pp so much bent on destrroying Amhara? Thar is the big question. And the second question – can they? without of course committning genocide on all Amharas all over the country. Now, is that possible? maybe noting is impossible in the land of pp thsta sees positivity even in genocide (such as Mai Kadra)

  2. Mahibrekidusan should be dismantled and its assets confiscated before making further financial aid to Fanno genociders. Mahibrekidusan should be dismantled and its assets confiscated before making further financial aid to Fanno genociders.

    Fannos took part in robbery and mass destruction, worked for foreign Shabiya mercenaries, and deceived their own hardworking people into buying arms from Shabyiya to destroy their own region. They are simply a disgrace to not only other ethnic nationalities in Ethiopia but also to the Amhara people, who lived for centuries in harmony with their fellow Ethiopians.

    Terrorists like Christian Tadele, Andargachew Tsege, Abebe Belew, Geletaw Zeleke,Shaleka Dawit W/Giorgis, Messay Mekonen, Dereje Habtewolde (Dere News), Habtamu Ayalew, and all those who share their genocidal views are genociders and should be brought to justice. The prosperity party leaders should take the initiative to dismantle the illegal, murderous administration that they have installed in Humera, Raya, Alamata, Welkayit, and all other towns and villages within the territory of Tigray. It should be disbanded in no time and handed over to former leaders who were appointed before the conflict.

    Fannos are killers, robbers, kidnappers, and brutal murderers of children, nuns, priests, and elderly people. Fannos set fire to churches and plundered sacred religious heritage.

    Mahibrekidusan should be dismantled and its assets confiscated before making further financial aid to Fanno genociders.

  3. I wish both sides scale down the inflammatory rhetoric and head to the dialogue table without delay. It is not too late. That gullible youth there has the right to life and safety. I believe the following steps if taken could be amicable to everyone:

    1) Repatriate all those citizens that were driven out of their decades old domiciles in Western Oromia. Provide them with desperately needed amenities to assist them in the rebuilding of their shattered lives.
    2) Repatriate all those citizens who were chased out of their homes where they lived for decades in the northern part of the country including Wolkait and Raya. They should receive assistance materially and financially. These disputed areas should be given temporary governance led by the country’s highest cabinet. All armed factions should be persuaded to lay down their arms and guaranteed that they will not be prosecuted.
    3) Community elders and religious leaders should be given a mission sanctioned by the parliament so they can bring groups together and to the dialogue table.

    I am putting out suggestions for sake of peace and stability that those noble people desperately need. Enough, enough and enough with stupid bloody and destructive conflicts!!!

    Peace y’all!!!

  4. Our daughters Amane and Goitom have graced us with gold and silver at World Athletics Chmapionship y’all!!! Our Eritrean sister was not too far behind either. Our gallant daughters and sons have won so many medals at the competition that they will need an 18 wheeler to haul all away to the airport. I’m good now! I’m good for a week now!!!!!!

  5. By the power vested in me by our gallant sons and daughters athletes I’m ordering every one of you to watch tomorrow’s men’s Marathon, 5,000m and 3,000m Steeplechase finals. If they any medals that will be a blow in the faces of these bigots among us and if they did not win any medals you bigots go in the corner and commit suicide. That would be good riddance cuz you have been stinking up the neighborhoods around you with your dragon breath.

  6. oh Good Ole Ittu there is no negotiation with those who have already lost. Negotiation only from a position of strength dear boy. Oromumma has failed nothing is left it is a facade buddy. The boys in 4 Kilo will leave either by force and answer for their crimes or fight like men and die for the cause they believe in. I do doubt they are brave given their heritage is from Gada cowards who cut private parts from men and boys and display it on their forehead.
    Fanos will speak to Oromumma FDRE in the language they understand.

    Let us wait and see how strategic Megabi Amsa Aleka Birhanu Jula is in battle… Wait we know already he sits somewhere in Bole supping and chewing chat. LMAO

    What’s that Isayas said… “the game is over”

    Enjoy pal
    Neftegna, Jawisa & Temkhetegna Fano


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