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Yohannes Buayalew – Amhara regional state parliamentarian arrested

Yohannes Buayalew
Yohannes Buayalew (Photo : SM)


The Ethiopian government on Tuesday has arrested Yohannes Buayalew, a member of the Amhara regional state council, under circumstances where his parliamentary immunity is not lifted. 

It is said that it is the Command Post that is in charge of running the State of Emergency arrested in Bahir Dar. 

Yohannes Buayalew, in a recent session at the Amhara regional council, condemned the way that the government is handling political grievances of Amharas.  Yohannes has served the ruling party both at the Federal and regional government levels. 

Last week, the Ethiopian government arrested Christian Tadele, Member of the Federal Parliament and Chair of the Parliamentary standing committee for audit, and Kassa Teshager who is a member of Addis Ababa City Council. They were both arrested when their parliamentary immunity was not lifted. 

The Command Post has confirmed their arrest and it has said that it is linked to the problem in the Amhara region of Ethiopia. How they are related to the movement is unspecified by the government.

In Addis Ababa and some cities in Oromia tens of thousands of arrests of ethnic Amhara are reported in connection with the state of emergency measures. 


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  1. abiy and oromuma are showing their true color – no respeect for the law (like their ancesrtal nomadic marauders). And they think they can pacify things in this way? even italians did not do it – try your luck dick

  2. አብሮ ሲሰርቅ ሲቀማ ሲያስረሽን የነበረ ሰው ታሰረ ብላቹ ዜና ከምትሰሩ ስለ ድሆች ሞት፥እንግልት ፥መፈናቀል፥ እርዛት ፥ወዘተ ደጋግሞቹ ብታሰሙ ድምፅ ብትሆኑ በተሻለ ነበር፥፥ ጦርነቱ እንዲቆም ፋኖም መግደል መዝረፍ መቀማቱን እንዲያቆም በሕዝቦች መካከል ለሥልጣን ጥቅማጥቅም ሲባል ጥላቻን የሚነዙ ቢያቆሙ ይመረጣል፥፥ አሸባሪው ሀብታሙ አያሌው ና መሠሎቹ ለፍርድ ይቅረቡ፤፤ወንጀል ፥ሕዝብ ማሸበር መግደል ማስገደል በድብቅ በጨለማ የሚሠራ ጠይጣናዊ ድርጊት መሆኑ ቀርቶ የአርበኝነት ሀገር ወዳድነት ለፓርቲ ፍቅርና ታማኝነት መግለጫ በአደባባይ ያለፍርሃት የሚነገር ሆኗል፤፤እነ አቶ አበበ በለው እና ሀብታሙ አያሌው በለው አንላቀቅም ካልመታኸው አንተ በሕይወት አትኖርም እርሱ እንደዚያ ያለሰው ከበላይህ ካለ አልቆልሃል ወዘተ እያሉ ባደባባይ እልቂት እየሰበኩ መሆናቸው ፀሐይ የሞቀው ሀቅ ሆኗል፤፤ታዲያ እነዚህ አማራ ታሰረ ተገደለ ይቁም የሚሉበት አንደበት እና ሞራል ከወዴት መጣ፤፤የሌባ አይነደረቅ፥፥

    People like this man, Gedu Andargachew, and Daniel Kiseret have to be locked up-What goes around, comes around!

    Google translation: This is an article describing the arrest of a person who was ordering the killings of innocent civilians and plundering Ethiopia with his accomplice, Abiy Ahmed. If you make the news, it would be better if you were a voice about the death, abuse, and displacement of all Ethiopians, regardless of their ethnic, religious, and political affiliation, etc. Let the people like him be brought to justice; crime, terrorism, and murder are questionable acts that are done secretly in the dark, and on the account of Amhar activists, killings have become expressions of love, patriotism, and loyalty to certain political parties, and people are now fearlessly and boldly making death threats in social media, organizing others, and passing deadly missions to their group members. Abebe Belw, Ethio 360 Studio D, DC, etc. are promoting the killings of ordinary citizens and politicians. This has to stop. Violence begets violence, etc.

    ———————–Stop Killing all non-Amhara civilians and captured ENDF members ——————————

  3. I’m not surprised by this and other similar arrests. Why do we think the regime declared a State of Emergency? What was that for? Think about all similar declarations in the past since 1974. Mengistu had declared several State of Emergencies in his time. He did that when he realized that he has lost to the opposition politically and diplomatically. He had declared such emergencies first in Eritrea when our Eritrean brothers and sisters kicked his sorry ass in the battle fields. His henchmen used the emergency to kill at random. They unleashed what was called the night of the piano wire in Asmara and other cities in which they strangled many innocent young people they crossed paths using piano wire. Later on when he realized that he was losing the capital and many towns in the country to the opposition politically, he then jailed, tortured and murdered everyone he thought was his enemy.

    By the time he quenched his thirst for human blood there were more than 500,000 of the cream puff of the crop of that country who disappeared without a trace. My young cousin in Western Hararghe was one of them. His successors used State of Emergencies when they realized their days in the palace were beginning to be numbered and went on jailing, torturing and in many instances making prisoners disappear. But these were led by well read intellectuals. Some times they would give a long knife or just make you disappear in thin air. Right after they entered the capital they made prisoners of war disappear when everyone else was distracted by the new arrangement. And now we have this spanking new State of Emergency. To the current rulers or their law enforcement folks this declaration overrides everything. I will be surprised if they tell us the State of Emergency overrides even The Holy Scriptures of the two major religions of that country. They will go like ‘Immunity of legislators? What about it? SOE nullifies that! So what is the problem?’.

    But according to the history of that country since 1974 State of Emergencies spelled the beginning of the undoing of the big wigs behind the wheels there. But I hope that is not the case now. When I look at the status of the opposition and to see it so vividly how fragmented it is, it gives me the sleep denying heebie-jeebies. I hope, I hope, the current crisis will be solved at the round table through the centuries old civilized ways of compromise and accommodation which that country has a rich tradition in it until the commies and their twisted philosophy came on the scene there beginning the 1960’s. It has been zero sum stubbornness giving indigestion to the movers and shakers there which is the game is played with the only anticipation is one side will declare all the gains with equal loss on the opposition. The rule of the game is ‘I always win and you always lose. That’s all to it!’ O! My Beloved Africa!

    Peace y’all!!!


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