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Continued clash between Fano, Ethiopian Defense forces

Fano _ Quara _ Amhara region
Fano supporters in Amhara region (Photo : SM)


The entire Quara district, in the Gondar area of Ethiopia, is reportedly under Fano forces after fierce fighting between militia and the Ethiopian Defense Force. 

In a news video published on Youtube, Anchor Media said it spoke to Fano representative from the area who confirmed news that government forces have lost control of the district. 

As many as 60 government soldiers are reportedly captured.  17 killed and 18 wounded, it was said. The figure is unverified from other sources. The number of casualties from the side of Fano is unspecified.  

Similarly, there was a reported clash in West Wollo, Degollo Jama. Again Fano forces are said to have the upper hand in the battle.  The Ethiopian government has not remarked on both areas. 

In fact, on Tuesday the Command Post, the government body that is in charge of implementing the state of emergency,  released statement-making claims that it has restored normalcy to most parts of Amhara region and that Fano forces are no longer in Bahir Dar, Gondar, Debre Birhan, Shewa Robit, and many other areas. 

Mass ethnic-based arrest targeting Amhara has reportedly continued in the capital Addis Ababa as the government is claiming victory over Fano – a force that it trivializes as “robbers.” 

Meanwhile, the African Union on Wednesday released a statement calling for a peaceful resolution to the problem in the region and pledged support for the peaceful process. 

Although the government communications Minister is yet to remark about it, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister Demeke Mekonen on Tuesday said – during a brief to the diplomatic community in Addis Ababa – that there is an effort to resolve the situation through peaceful means. 


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  1. The high ranking military officers of the Tigray force assess that the Oromo dominated government army is poorly trained and motivated in comparison with the Eritrean trained and armed Amhara rebels. Desertions and surrenders are happening in the army and it is forced to camp in and around cities and towns for symbolic government propaganda. Now there are only two powers in the horn of Africa. Tigray and Eritrea which support each side in the conflict. Tigray with the Oromo and Eritrea with Amhara. The Amhara forces have Oromia in sight and the defense of it is dependent on the intervention of Tigray forces. Oromia is tthe gift of Tigray to the Oromo peaple and its security has support in Tigray politics.

  2. robbers is a better term for oro-pp which stole the last election, stole many lands from Amhara and other tribes, steals from banks in the pretext of war, demands ransom money and kills people if not paid, is stealing state coffers unabasedly in billions and billions, is corrupt and inefficient, is a pastoralist nomadic cultist who knows only about how to rob, rob, rob….no ethics and moral in its history…Now when Fano is catching it in its action, it is crying wolf with its pant down..the 16th century butchering it started has yet to come to end soon…to be framed as robber by a robber is very funny……….

    • It’s time to move on from the past. Don’t generalize a whole new generation of people based on the actions of the past generations. At the end of the day Amhara colonized Ethiopia so you can argue that in the end the Amhara won. At this point many of us don’t care. We just want peace and stability. I guarantee you that regardless of the ethnicity of the ones in power Ethiopia would still be unstable; gurage, wolaiyta, sidama, etc, Ethiopia would still be a mess and full of corruption. We don’t talk enough of country men robbing other country men for their own gain.

  3. Stop killing captured soldiers and non-amhara prisoners
    Stop killing captured soldiers and non-amhara prisoners
    Stop killing captured soldiers and non-amhara prisoners


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