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AU Chairperson calls for ceasefire in Amhara region, peaceful solution

AU Fano statement
Moussa Faki Mahamat, AU Chairperson (Photo : AU)


The African Union on Wednesday released a statement on the situation in Ethiopia as continued fighting is reported in the Amhara region between the Ethiopian Defense Force and Fano Movement fighters. 

The statement said “The Chairperson of the African Union,Moussa Faki Mahamat, is following closely and with grave concern, the continued military confrontations in the Amhara region of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.” 

 Moussa Faki Mahamat, the Chairperson, cited as saying he “reaffirms the African Union’s firm attachment to the constitutional order, territorial integrity, unity and national sovereignty of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia to ensure stability in the country and in the Region.” 

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government has been intensifying its propaganda campaign to frame the movement in the Amhara region as the work of a handful of robbers and hooligans. The African Union does not seem to buy that. It is rather calling for a peaceful dialogue. 

The statement from the African Union said that the Chairperson “calls for the parties to immediately cease the fighting and ensure the protection of civilians. He further urges the parties to engage in dialogue to reach a peaceful solution.” 

Furthermore, the continental organization, in whose formation Ethiopia played a leading role well over half  a century ago,   expressed its readiness  “to support an inter-Ethiopian initiative in the pursuit of peace and stability.”

In early August this year, the Ethiopian government declared a state of emergency in the Amhara region under the pretext invitation for intervention from the regional administration. 

During the two years war against the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), Fano volunteers fought alongside the Ethiopian Defense Force to help reverse the TPLF advance to the capital Addis Ababa and the subsequent defeat of the radical ethnic Tigray nationalist organization which dominated power in Ethiopia for nearly three decades. 

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government even encouraged Fano fighters to own firearms they captured in the battle against the TPLF. 

What sparked the war between Fano and Abiy Ahmed’s government was the latter’s move to disarm the former in total breach of the pledges made during the war. 

Also, Fano Movement says that the Federal government did not disarm the TPLF or OLF Shane – a radical ethnic Oromo Nationalist group with clandestine links to the Federal and Oromia regional government which is linked to the massacre of tens of thousands of ethnic Amhara in Oromia region – and that they do not feel safe. 

The federal government has not officially announced interest to negotiate with Fano peacefully. However, Demeke Mekonen, Deputy Prime Minister, who on Tuesday briefed the diplomatic community in Addis Ababa as to why the state of emergency was needed,  said that “Efforts are underway to solve the conflict peacefully through dialogue.”

While The Fano Movement has expressed strong interest in the territorial integrity of Ethiopia, through numerous interviews with local news providers, it did not say if it has the intent to change the constitutional order in the country.  

What is clear is that the Movement has rejected the ruling prosperity party in the region and most part of the regional administration in the Amhara region were under its control over the past few weeks. 

Speaking in the Ethiopian Parliament on Monday during the parliamentary debate to approve the state of emergency, the former Minister for Foreign Affairs and president of the Amhara region, Gedu Andargachew, said the problem in the Amhara region is the result of failure on the part of the government and that it will not be solved through military campaign. Noting the support that people in the Amhara region gave to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, Gedu added that said the link between the ruling Prosperity Party and people in the Amhara region is broken in a way that it will not be repaired. 

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government has mounted an extensive ethnic based crackdown in the capital Addis Ababa and many  cities in the Oromia region. In Addis Ababa alone more than five thousand people are reportedly arrested because of their ethnic Amhara identity without establishing if they are linked to the Fano Movement. Reports indicate that they are detained at two highschools in the capital Addis Ababa. 


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  1. Thank you AU Chair Moussa Faki Mahamat!!!!!

    Mr Abiy Ahmed came to the political arena with a huge support from hundreds of millions of Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia living in the motherland and across the globe.

    For a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Abiy Ahmed, no doubt stands out as the most militant, combative and embittered head of state. Over the past five years, Abiy has been unmasked to show his true colors. Underneath the man who hoodwinked and charmed the world as a kind, humble and dedicated savant of the people, there was hiding a monstrosity with unquenchable lust for power, dominance and control over everyone.

    To the horror and shock of most Ethiopians, Abiy’s style of governance has been divulged and manifested as political intrigue, gross human violations, ethno-fanaticism, manipulative extortion and Machiavellianism. Abiy is a die hard ideologue, as evidenced by his five years of track record.

    His Oromumma doctrine sugarcoated as “Medemer” is a doctrine of forced assimilation and “Oromization” of all Ethiopians vis-a-vis, the defunct 500 years old Gedda culture of the Oromo tribe.

    The PM has not been able to govern with principles and a call of public duty. He has put his thumb on the scale of justice, denied due process to thousands and thousands, including to one of his fiercest and outspoken critics in the parliament, Member of Parliament (MP) Christian Tadelle.

    In summary, Ethiopia will not attain peace , democracy and justice on the watch of Abiy Ahmed. He is also a direct antithesis and enemy of Pan African and global cooperation. It is high time for the entire world to pay close attention to Abiy’s and his cohorts and be prepared to prevent further massacre and genocide of the defenseless poor, elderly, mothers, fathers and children.

  2. I second AU’s call for the ending of hostilities and stupid conflict in Amhara region including that is going on in Oromia. The precious life of the youth is being senselessly lost on a daily basis in those two regions. We should all become ambassadors of peace for that country. We should stay away from uttering any inflammatory remark that will make the work of those who are toiling to bring this bloodshed to a stop very hard. The issues that triggered this conflict will not be amicably and permanently solved thru military means. They will be addressed through sincere dialogue and give and take agreement. All sides should embrace principles of compromise. Again let’s try to avoid by all means saying anything that could fan the flames of war. Those of you here among our Diaspora who have been hatching fictitious news and exaggerating stories just for the sole purpose of lining your pockets, you must be ashamed of yourselves. Our old country has disowned you. You send your kids and grandchildren to schools and dance lesson classes here but you urge the youth of that country to rush into an awaiting inferno. I wish you were not even born. If there are no devils left in hell we know where they are. They are in you spreading poisonous hatred among our people.

  3. Joseph Goebbels [Nazi Propagandist]: Repeat a lie often enough & it becomes the truth.

    Journalism vs. Propaganda: Journalism is compiling & reporting Facts. Propaganda is Misinforming/Disinforming the Public to attain ones objectives/motives/goals/etc.

    Fannos vs. Domestic Terrorists: Fannos are the Army’s Backup Apolitical Volunteers. They are neither Ethnic Activists nor Ethnic Liberation Front Insurrectionists either!

    Abiy vs. Peace: Abiy exhausted all peace venues with the Amara Thugs in Fanno Hats [ATFH] despite their elected Amara officials’ assassination spree and armed insurrection.

    Qéros vs. ATFH: How would you like it if Qéros put on Oromo Activist Hats, pick up arms, and wreak havoc along side ኦነግ ሸኔ storming towns overpowering police officers?

    Transitional Government [TG] vs. Elected Government: TG is a scheme by the WSW* & Egypt to crown their Proxy Dogs as government. America set up a TG in Nairobi during TPLF’s Proxy War. They just have to add Eskinder/Zemene/etc. Mission Accomplished!

    WSW*: White Supremacist West

  4. ኢትዮጵያውያን ህዝብ ጀርባ ላይ እንደ መዥገርና ትኹዋን ተጠብቆ ለሃምሳ አመታት ሙሉ አንዴ ደርግ በህዋላ ኢህአድግ አሁን ደግሞ ኦሮሙማ ተብሎ ለከርሱ ፍርፋሪና አንደውሻ ከጌታው አጥንት እሲኪወረወርልት ድረስ የሚያላዝነውን የበሰበሰ የካድሬ ጉግ ማንጉግ እምዬ ኢትዮጵያ እና ኢትዮጵያዊያን ከአሁን ወዲያ ፈፅመው አይቀበሉትም: አይቀበሏትም!!!!! ይሄ ውዳቂ: አሳፋሪ: የታሪክ ነቀዝ መንግስት በተለዋወጠ ቁጥር: ለፍትህ: ለነፃነትና ለሰብዐዊ መብትና ዲሞክራሲ የሚታገለውን ስፊ ህዝብ ልክ እንደውሻ ጭራውን እያወዛወዘ ያጎበድዳል: ፍትህን ያጣምማል:: የሚገዛው ለህሊናው ለእውነትና ሃቅ ሳይሆን ለከርሱ ለሆዱ ለተራው ጥቅሙብቻ ስለሆነና ይህንንም በንፁህ ላቡ ወዙ ለፍቶ ለማግኘት ታታሪነት ስሌለው ችሎታ እውቀት ክህሎት ስለሌለው የህዝብ ጀርባ ላይ ተጣብቆ እንደ መዥገርና ትኹዋን የህዝብ ደም ይሄው አሁንም ይመጣል::

    It is encouraging that AU Chair, His Excellency Moussa Faki Mahamat has passed his advice to the neophyte in office, masquerading as the pm of all Ethiopians. Bias, nepotism, tribalism, obfuscation, out right shameless mendacity and barbarism are the defining characters of the impostor in office who has brought nothing but mayhem, the murder of hundreds of thousands, the displacement of tens of millions. His lack of moral compass has enabled embezzlements ,thefts, forgery and duplicity to be the defining defects of his five years of reign of terror, horror and strife in Ethiopia.

    • Haile-Selassie’s Feudal Monarchists [HSFM] should save us your crocodile tears for Ethiopia? You starved Ethiopians & made Ethiopia “The World’s Poster Child of Famine.” የአሥር ሳንቲም ዳቦ -ለተራቡት የነፈጋችሁ- አረመኔዎች – ለኢትዮጵያ ትጠቅማላችሁ?

      Abiy vs. HSFM: Under Abiy, ≥10 million school children get ≥2 free meals a day! So, ≥20 million parents have peace of mind knowing their children won’t go hungry at school. Also, Adanech’s 19 Community Centers in Addis give ≥2 free meals to ≥50,000 people.

      ‘Cadre’– እናንተ – ሐገር ሻጭ – ሆድ አደር – ባንዳዎች – ናችሁ! እናንተ [ኅሊና ቢስ ሆዳሞች] ናችሁ – በኃይለ ሥላሴ – ምፅዋት እና ፍርፋሪ- እስከ ዛሬ የምትተዳደሩት! ‘Transitional Government,’ እያላችሁ – ባቋራጭ ወደ ሥልጣን ልትመለሱ – ሕዝቡን ታጭበረብራላችሁ! እፍረተ ቢስ – ሌቦች!

      You are such a Petty Opportunist that you make yourself the yardstick for others. I stand for Abiy pro bono! Abiy owes me NOTHING! I OWE Abiy big time for refusing to sell Ethiopia to your Pay Masters [Egypt & WSW]. They would have made him a billionaire!

  5. TPLF should stop killing Tigrayans using starvation as weapon for commercial purpose.
    Gedu Andargachew is robber and genocioder . He , like any Amhara prosperity party members, took part in Genocide committed against Tigrayans , Oromos and all other ethinic memebers.
    Fannos must STOP killing non-Amhara ethiopians.
    Fannos must STOP killing non-Amhara ethiopians.

    Wealthy Tigrayans should stop starving their own people to death. Prosperity party should STOP killing innocent civilians using drone attacks

  6. Who wants Abiy gone? Those who can’t win in elections & seek power via ‘Transitional Government’: (1). Egypt/WSW* Proxies; (2). Former Regimes; (3). The Enemy Within

    1). Egypt/WSW Proxies: Abiy refused to sign Egypt & WSW’s Nile Deal. Signing the deal would have made Abiy a billionaire & the WSW’s Favorite Puppet! Abiy stood for Ethiopia & they launched their Anti-Ethiopia Warfare [Armed, Economic, Media, etc.].

    2). Former tyrant regimes – [They see almost NO chance of being elected to power]:

    i). Haile-Selassie’s Feudal Monarchy [HSFM]: Back then, 100 gram bread was 10¢. Yet, HSFM failed to airdrop 10¢-bread to starving Ethiopians & made Ethiopia “The World’s Poster Child of Famine.” Recall the song: “ዋይ! ዋይ! ዋይ!” ሲሉ – “የረሃብን ጉንፋን ሲስሉ”

    ii). The Derg/Meison/EPRP Era: They triggered an all Ethiopia-destabilizing anarchy. The Egypt-backed EPLF-TPLF seized the moment to bleed Ethiopia bone-dry. Famine struck again! “We are the World” became “The World’s National Anthem for Ethiopia.”

    iii). TPLF Era: Ethiopia is still not out of the woods from the WSW-backed 2-year TPLF Proxy War. The WSW also cancelled loan/aid/trade, drastically devalued Birr, etc.

    (3). The Enemy Within [Proxies of Egypt/WSW/Former Regimes]: Jawar-Eskinder, ኦነግ ሸኔ, Amara Thugs in Fanno Hats [Eskinder/Zemene/Mihret/Mesafint/etc.], etc.

    WSW*: White Supremacist West

  7. የበሰበሰ የካድሬ ጭንቃላቱን ይዞ ሰርቶ ኑሮዎን ማሸነፍ ስለማይችል: በዕውቀቱ: በክህሎት: በትምህርቱ ውጤት አምራች መሆን ስለማይችል ግዜና ወቅት ጠብቆ ስላጣን ላይ ለተፈናጠጠው ነፍፍሰ ገዳይ ሁሉ ያጎበድዳል:: ፍትህ አታጉዋድል: ፍርደ ገመድል አትሁን ተብሎ ጌታው ሲወቀስ: ሲተች : በማስረጃ ሲዳኝ : ሲጋለጥ ከጌታው እንደውሻ የተወረወረለት እጥንትና ፍርፋሪ የሚወሰድበት ስለሚመስለው ሁሉንም ልናከስ ልተንኩስ ያሰኘዋል:: ደም እንዳያ ውሻ ያልከፈክፈዋል:: ውዳቂ ስጋ እንዳየ ጥንብ አንሳ አላስቆም አላስቀመጥ ይለዋል:: እዚያው ለከርሱና ለጥቅሙ ብቻ ስለሆነ የሚያስበው አንድ ጣባ ክትፎውንና ሁለት ጠርሙስ ቢራውን ወዲያ አፍንጫው ላይ ህዝብ ወርውሮለት ዞር በል ከዚህ ቢባልስ??????

    “Abiy vs. HSFM: Under Abiy, ≥10 million school children get ≥2 free meals a day! So, ≥20 million parents have peace of mind knowing their children won’t go hungry at school. Also, Adanech’s 19 Community Centers in Addis give ≥2 free meals to ≥50,000 people.”

    Thank you for inadvertently telling us >> 20 million Ethiopian parents cannot even feed their children two times a days let alone three times a day. Who on earth will post this as a reason to celebrate????

    This two bit pp cadre talks ad nauseam about the Woll famine.

    1973-74 Wollo famine, affected population 100,000

    1984 Ethiopian famine: affected people and number of dead 1,000,000

    2023 number of Ethiopians affected by drought and with nothing to eat over 20,000,000

    For every 1 Ethiopian that starved in 1973 you have 200 more in 2023 on Abiy’s watch!!!!!!


    In 2018 before the impostor Abiy came :

    1) $1 US dollar = 21 birr bank rat, 24 birr parallel market
    2) 1 quintal teff = 2000 birr
    3) 1 bread= 1 birr 50 cents
    4) 1 kilo beef = 150 birr
    5) 1 egg= 1 birr 50 cents
    6) 1 liter fuel/ benzene was 21 birr

    In 2023 on the watch of the oromumma cult leader and thug
    1) $1 US dollar =54 birr bank rate, 107 birr parallel market. THIS IS NEGATIVE 150% DEVALUATION OF THE BIRR.
    2) 1 quintal teff = 12,000 birr. THIS IS A 600% PRICE HIKE!!!!!!
    3) 1 bread now 6 birr. THIS IS A 400% INCREASE!!!!
    4) 1 kilo beef= 750 birr. THIS IS A 500% INCREASE!!!!!
    5 1 egg now is 10 birr. THIS IS CLOSE TO 800% PRICE HIKE!!!!
    6) 1 liter fuel/ benzene is now almost 70 birr. THIS IS OVER 300% PRICE RISE!!!!!

    Question: are Ethiopians doing better today than 5 years ago?????


    Are Ethiopians safer today than they were five years ago??????

    On Abiy’s watch

    1) the number of IDPs, internally displaced people is over 10,000,000, at one point the highest in the entire world!!!!!

    2) number of people killed , massacred is over 1,000,000

    3) travel by car not safe.





    “‘Cadre’– እናንተ – ሐገር ሻጭ – ሆድ አደር – ባንዳዎች – ናችሁ! እናንተ [ኅሊና ቢስ ሆዳሞች] ናችሁ – በኃይለ ሥላሴ – ምፅዋት እና ፍርፋሪ- እስከ ዛሬ የምትተዳደሩት! ‘Transitional Government,’ እያላችሁ – ባቋራጭ ወደ ሥልጣን ልትመለሱ – ሕዝቡን ታጭበረብራላችሁ! እፍረተ ቢስ – ሌቦች!”

    አይ ድንቁርና!!!!! የአንተን በሙስና የበሰበሰ public service ምን እንደሆነ ጆሮውን ቢቆርጡት እንኳን ከማይገባው ስነ ምግባር ግብረገብነት ከማይገነዘበው: ሁሌ ታጥቦ ጭቃ!!!! ሁሌ አትርስ ቆዳ!!!! የካድሬ ምናምንቴ ጉግ ማንጉግ ጋር አይወርዱ ወርዶ የሚጋጋጥ ማንነው????? ያንተ ነገር ልክ እንደ ጌታህ ከእርካብና ከመንበር እኮ አያልፍም !!!! ድሮስ ከከሰረ ካድሬ ምን ሌላ ይጠበቃል??????


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