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Shewa Robit : reports of gunfire as grievance driven FANO continues resistance , six dead

Armed FANO members (photo : Social Media)


The security situation in Shewa Robit of Amhara region, which is about 220 kilometers North of the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, does not seem to be improving. 

On Friday, the Voice of America Amharic Service, reported that gunshots have been heard since Wednesday in the area and six people are killed. Residents from Shewa Robit were cited as a source. However, the number of deaths  was not verified from other sources. 

The identities of the people who are killed and who was behind the killing is unspecified too. 

FANO, organized youth volunteers who were instrumental in reversing TPLF advance to the capital Addis Ababa during the two years war between the TPLF and the Federal government, clashed with the defense forces deployed to the area – according to residents. 

Local news sources have been reporting clashes between FANO and Members of the defense force. At one point, the government structure in Shewa Robit was not functioning due to the security crisis. In early July, head of security in the town, Abdu Hussien, was assassinated by  “unidentified gunmen.”  Similar assassinations targeting government officials have happened in different parts of the region over the past several weeks. 

Driven by grievance of endless massacre and displacement of ethnic Amhara not only in Oromia and Benishangul Gumuz region but also in the Amhara region itself, and alarmed by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government inaction for over six years to end it, FANO group has taken up arms against the federal government.  Shewa Robit itself experienced recurring attacks from radical ethnic Oromo nationalists who are believed to have support from within the Federal and Oromia regional government structure. 

In fact there seems to be a widely held public opinion ,as expressed on social media platforms, that Abiy Ahmed is actually in the business of building ethnic Oromo hegemony including by taking lands from the Amhara region. 

Statements from the Amhara regional state over the past few weeks have been calling for peace and resorting to dialogue. The challenge is that the authorities in the Amhara region are increasingly seen as henchmen of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administrations. The regional authorities see the armed resistance to the Federal government as undesirable.

The apparent post-war alliance between the Tigray People’s Liberation Front  (TPLF) and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration and the rumor that Abiy Ahmed is determined to give away Wolkait and Raya to TPLF seem to be aggravating the tension. Getachew Reda, TPLF spokesperson whom Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed appointed as interim president of Tigray after the Pretoria agreement, was in the United States this week. He told his supporters that the Federal government is working to demolish structures in accordance with the “Pretoria agreement.” 

The  United States has been putting pressure on Abiy Ahmed’s government to change policy towards the TPLF and there seems to be an understanding that the new alliance between the two is partly the work of the United States government. The United States government has been calling for “the withdrawal of Amhara forces from Western Tigray” – a reference to Wolkait and Humera 

Reports from local sources indicate that FANO resistance to the Ethiopian Defense Force has become prevalent in the Amhara region. 


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  1. While it might be true that”The United States has been putting pressure on Abiy Ahmed’s government to change policy towards the TPLF,” Abiy Ahmed himself wanted to do these things, namely to oppress Amhara, humiliate Amhara and more.

    Abiy Ahmed never wanted to defeat TPLF completely, he always wanted them to be around to be a treat to the Amhara.

    The only thing is he wanted to make them to be no treat to his grip on power.

    So, he has been playing a game throughout, has been lying to the Amhara all along, and continue to lie to everyone.

    He is now arming the TPLF and also using the Defense force to give support to TPLF to attack Amhara.

    In other words, TPLF and Defense force are now combining force to attack Amhara.

    The Amhara in general, the FANO in particular have no choice, no choice at all, except to fight for their very survival.

    The mercenaries of the Amhara PP, the Oromo PP or ODP, the OLF, TPLF – are all united to oppress Amhara, against Amhara, to impoverish and mass murder Amhara, to humiliate Amhara.

    The Amhara need to fight back, fight with all their might, these enemies and in order to survive, they have no choice.

    They would be victories, FANO would be victories!!!

  2. The Amhara will be just fine. They have centuries of wisdom and an indomitable spirit. Because of their fierce individuality and unassailable self worth, and conviction and solid faith, they will always rise to the top and outmaneuver and outsmart their enemies.

    abiy the imbecile, on the other hand, has lost his marbles. he looks so exhausted and defeated…… all that swagger, all that hooting and trotting, creeping doubt is taking hold of himself. አለቅጥ ተወጣጥሮ የነበረው የጉራ ፊኛ አሁን ጧ ብሎ ተንፍሷል:: ገና ገና ምኑ ታይቶ: ከነግብርአብእሮቹ የፍትህን መራራ ሄምሎክ በአደባባይ ይጋታቷል::

    • Surely, you must be kidding about this: “አብይ:-የዘመኑ ድንቅ መሪ እና የዕውቀት ፋኖስ.” I think you are!!!

      I could not imagine if there has been a stupid leader, anywhere as stupid as Abiy Ahmed has been in any part of the world.

      He is as stupid as sick he is, the sickest man to ever grab power in Ethiopia, or elsewhere.

      He achieved nothing, destroyed much, and continued to do so, he is a curse on all Ethiopians including the Oromos.

      Anyway, I don’t have a disagreement with the rest of the comments.

  3. እንደናንተ ያሉ ባንዳዎች የወያኔ መሪዎች ደንገጡር የሆኑ መሣሪያቸውን ያስረከቡ እና ወደ ቀድሞ ተግባራቸው የተመለሱትን ታጋዮቻችን በቢላ እያረዱ እየዘረፉ ነው እናንተም ይህንኑ ታደርጉ ነበር ወያኔ ወደ ውጭ ስለላካቹ በዉጭ ሆናቹ እየሰረቃቹ ትኖራላቹ ኮንግራ ትግራዋይ ባንዳነት ምልክቱ ነው ሌባ ሁሉ፥፥ የወያኔ ሥርዓት ይገረሰሳል ይጠፋል ዛራ ሚዲያ የቤተክህነት ሌባ አይጥ ለማያውቁሽ ታጠኝ ይላሉ ፥፥ ልብሱን ቀይሮ የትግራይ ወዳጅ መስሎ ቀርቧል፥፥ ካማራ ጋር ሁነው ተጋሩን ሲያንገላቱ ሲዘርፉ ነበሩ እነርሱ ላይ ሲደርስባቸው ደሃው ትግራዋይ ስር ተደብቀው ለማምለጥ ይጥራሉ ፤፤ትናንት ቲግርኛ መናገር ሲያሳፍራቸው የነበሩ፤አማርኛ መናገር እርድና አሪፊነት ሥልጡንነት የሚመሥላቸው ትግሬዎች የገዛ ወገናቸውን ከድተው ካማራ ከኦሮሞ ጋር ሲሰሩ ሲቀጥፉ ሲዘርፉ የነበሩ ባንዳዎች ዛሬ ትግራዋይ ሀገር ወዳድ ነን ይላሉ፥፥ይህ ሁሉ ዳግመኛ ለዝርፊያ ራሳቸውን ለማመቻቸት ለመዝረፍ የትግራይ ህዝብን ለማራቆት ለመበዝበዝ ነው፤ገንዘብ በሕዝብ ስም እየለመኑ ለማሸሽ ያራስን ሃብት ለማደለብ ታስቦ የተደረገ የመሠሪዎች ሥራ ነው፤፤ለሕዝባቹ እንደማታስቡማ የሚያሳየው ትናንት ሕይወታቸውን ለሞት አሳልፈው ሰጥተው አካላቸውን የገበሩ አይናቸውን ያጡ መላ አካላቸውን መሥዋዕት ያደረጉ ለሃላፊዎቻቸው ሲሉ ራሳቸውን ለአደጋ የሰጡ ብሎም የተሰው የሠራዊቱ አባላትም ሆኑ ወገኖቻቸው ሲረዱ አይታይም፤፤ይልቁንም በተሰደደው እና በሠራዊቱ ስም እየለመኑ የግል አካውንት ማደለብ እና መዝረፍ የዘመኑ ምርጥ ስታይል እስከሚመሥል ድረስ ባንዳ ዘራፊ ተልካሻ ትግሬ ሲያጧጡፈው ይሰማል ይስተዋላል ፤ከብልፅግና ጋር ሁናቹ ከውጭ ሀገራት የገባ ሥንዴ ሌላም ሌላም እህል እየሰረቃቹ በመሸጥ በረሀብ እንዲያልቁ ያደረጋችሗቸው ህፃናት፤ሕመምተኞች አረጋውያን ቁጥር ቤቱ እና የተቀበለቻቸው መሬት ይቁጠሯቸው፥፥ይህ ሁሉ በረሀ ብ ያለቀው ወገናችን ልጆቹን፥አባቾቹን እህናቾቹን ናንተ የቅርብም ሆነ የሩቅ ዘመዶቹንል ለለእናንተ ሹሹማምንት የየህውሃት ባለሥልጣናት ህይወት ዋስትናለመሆን የናንተን ሀብ እ ንብረት ሥልልጣን ለመጠበቅ ለማስጠበቅ የሰዋ የተሰዋ የሰጠ ነው፥፥ከዳተኞች፤፤የጥቂት ባንዳ ህውሃት መሪዎች እና ባንዳ ደጋፊዎቻቸው የውድቀት ቀን ቀርቧል ያፍጥንልን፥፥ከነርሱ የበለጠ ባንዳ ከዳተኛ ዘራፊ ላሳር ነው፥የሌባ አይነደረቅ መልሶ ልብ ያደርቅ እንዲሉ ሌላው ባንዳ ሲሉ ቂት እንኳ ለከት ሀፍረት የለባቸው፤፤ዳግመኛ የትግራይ ህዝብ ለእናንተ አይሞትም ፤፤ሃገራችን ለቃቹ እንደ ሌሎቹ ጓዶቻቹ ዳን ሂዳቹ ለምኑ ዙምባቤ ይሻላችሗል ከመንጌ ጋር ተደደሩ፥፥ሁሉ ህውሃት መሪዎች ስልጣናቸውን ይልቀቁ ፥፥ድል ለሠፊው ሕዝብ፤፤
    Stop killing TDF members who are returning to their famillies!!! ፋኖ ይውደም !! Fanno out of all Tigrayan Territories, including Welkayot, Raya, Humera etc

  4. Abiy Ahmed rmust end the War after war Genocide after Genocide, calamity after calamity fascism rule in Ethiopia. He is responsible for millions of lives killed in his 4 years disastrous rule.


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