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Ethiopia lifted social media, internet restrictions following the appointment of episcopates 

Social media restriction was introduced after Ethiopian Church protested government intervention in internal affairs

Social media restriction Ethiopia


The Ethiopian government reportedly lifted restrictions on social media platforms and internet coverage across the country this week.  For over five months now, social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Telegram, and Youtube were not fully accessible in all parts of Ethiopia. 

When the telecom chief, Firehiowt Tamiru, appeared in the Ethiopian parliament, sometime last month, she admitted that there was indeed restriction on internet service coverage and that complaints from customers were legit. However, she indicated that the issue was beyond the capacity of EthioTelecom and the relevant government authority was contacted regarding the problem. 

She was not specific what government authority imposed the decision on Ethio Telecom but it was apparent that the restriction had something to do with the security situation in the country. 

It was introduced sometime in February soon after the Ethiopian Church introduced a range of resistance measures including peaceful demonstration to protest government intervention in the affairs of the Church. At the time, it appeared that a powerful anti-government protest was about to break out against the government. 

This week, the Ethiopian Church ordained about nine episcopates but the head of the administration in the church revealed that the appointment was not in line with the canonical rules of the church and that it was done despite devout religious scholars in the church traditions. It was also revealed that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s intervention and the agreement were completed, with him being the “peace broker”, was also a factor in the appointment of the nine episcopates who are mostly assigned in the Oromo region of Ethiopia. 

A report released last week indicated that Ethiopia has lost billions of birr due to restriction in internet. 


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  1. In regards to post independence Africa it is my conviction that it had missed the boat in the 1960’s. The main culprits were men of its own product. Majority of its leaders were those who were radicalized during the independence movement. They chose to turn to East for guidance and they became radical leftists. Socialism became their battle cry and that did Africa in. The East did not present a vast market for African products except its natural resources and in stead Africa turned itself into a bazaar for Soviet, Chinese and even for North Korean MiGs, AK-47s and T-model tanks. In most cases its leaders shunned the West completely. That was the gravest mistake those leaders made. They were competing among themselves to show who had the best brand of socialism. Who will forget about Ujamaa? But what were their contemporaries in Asia like South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia doing? Don’t try to tell me they were preferred. Many young men and women from those countries were given the chance to study in Western countries on scholarships. So were many from various African countries. So what did most those students brought back to Africa? It was not how to make gadgets but some of the most leftist radical philosophy around. Most of the most committed commies were the ones who went to school here in the West and their host countries had nothing to do with it. They brought copies of the devil’s scripture, Das Kapital in stead of technical manuals on how to make gadgets. In the mean time that Asian student who just returned from USA after finishing his/her education was busy tinkering how to make portable kitchen appliances and toys. US manufacturing companies like Admiral took notice of that and came to say hello to Taiwan. Then came Admiral Overseas Corporation in the late 1960’s churning color televisions destined for USA. It is now a wholly Taiwanese owned AOC International. Since I started working for manufacturing companies I had watched those Asian countries transform themselves from cities of brothels into factories humming 24-7. They made a habit of investing heavily in research and developments(R&D’s) instead of procuring military hardware. South Korean companies started making small gas powered motors for our portable construction and plumbing items. Now they are major manufacturers of automobiles. When is the last time you did not see a Kia or Hyundai cruising by? Samsung, LG, hello!!! How about iPhone, iPad, iPod? Any African factory product? All I see is a repacked and rebranded espresso at Starbucks and coffee and tea section at our grocery stores. Africa, on its own accord, has missed the boat in the 1960’s and 70’s. It’s intellectuals were busy showing off their communistic prowess and chicken scratching some notes on imperialism in stead of writing technical manuals in how to make industrial gadgets. The gullible youth was flooded with communist literature that opened the door for endless ethnic and religious bloody conflicts. Those commies and their protégés are now some of the most barbaric bigots. It is ironic to see these bigots are using gadgets made by those Asian countries in planning their demonic schemes. But I am not still not giving up on Africa. I get encouragement when I read masterpieces by few scholars like Brother Dr. Suleiman.

  2. Not so fast . One just wonders how long it would last or how is reliable. Rest assured, there is always inexplicable issues because when the state absoletly controls and monitors businesses and things like internet they are neither efficient nor reliable services

  3. RE: Ittu Aba Farda:

    MY Dear Ittu Aba Farda (notice, I called you ‘MY’ dear) without even knowing who you are (you could be woman, man, group of people, African, European, Asian, or others, or mix race or even ‘AI’) – whatever/whoever you are, I really don’t care about it BUT I cared about what you have been posting for a long time on ‘’ about the current/past affairs about a country called ‘Ethiopia’ with simple, attractive, readable, not boring, comical and well crafted and understood English language skill (if I may say so). Today, I decided to say something about you/your postings. In fact, I don’t need to know who you are but I can say this with confidence, I have always, here & there, enjoyed your seasoned, systematic as well as educational comments about Ethiopia. Your optimistic approach to the enormous challenges Ethiopia faces is very commendable, life giving and it’s not naive or foolish but it is experience based and most importantly practical.
    In my opinion, Ethiopia would be the most beautiful and livable place if Ethiopians figure out, learn from history and must identify, magnify and celebrate the vast common identities (backgrounds) exists among over 80 tribes while recognize, respect and celebrate their little differences.
    Please continue your wonderful insights despite discouraging events. I am sure there are lots of people like me read your comments day after day.
    I like ‘’ website for so many reasons about the current affairs of Ethiopia.

    With lots of respect!!!!

    • My Dear Adam Back At You!

      Thank you for taking the time to read my comments. I am not a politician by training but a retired engineer who spent his adult life navigating the factory and corporate jungle of America. During those years I was concentrated on my profession and raising my two wonderful children with the love of my life. I started turning my attention to the affairs of that gem of the colored at the time close to my retirement. Even though my priorities were my family and profession I was still keeping in touch with my countrymen/women of various ethnic background here and Europe. I decided to share my opinions with my dear countrymen/women on various websites for more than a decade now. I want to lay all out there for everyone to read it. Like our glorious countrymen/women I am fiercely independent in my convictions in that I don’t belong to any groupings. I jot down what I feel is good for those glorious people hoping that I will garner some agreement with my readers. If they like it, that is doubly satisfying for me and if they don’t like it that is also their Allah bestowed inalienable rights, no offense at all. But I wish they keep their utterances civil. In one way I am not surprised by their faux militancy behavior. That is the residual planted and left behind by the destructive and insolent behavior of those commies of the 1960’s and 70’s. The working relationship protocol was/is either you are a friend or an enemy. If your opinion was/is not to their taste/preference you are an enemy and a friend of a regime/group they were/are on war footing with. Regardless, I am deeply indebted by the good folks, very dear editors of this esteemed website for letting my comments ride on their platform for years now. I hope and wish that they will keep their website going for years to come.

      I am now on the last stretch of my blessed life on this good earth. My crowd has been thinning at a faster rate lately. So time is of the essence for me. I will let it all out there until my fingers and thought process betray me. And I don’t have the time to respond to ill-bred individuals who use pejoratives to denigrate me for what I wrote. Life has thought me that no one is perfect. I am not. That is why I appreciate those who remain civil to deal with matters about the old country with me.

      Please rest assured that I am a red-blooded male, product of that gem of the colored called Ethiopia born and spent my formative years in Western Hararghe. I am not unknown to some of these bigots since the 1970’s who still dream of carving out a territory to make it their personal fiefdom after calling it a ‘republic’.
      Thank you again for your kind words and encouragement. Keep plugging away brother!!!

  4. It was introduced sometime in February soon after the Ethiopian Church introduced a range of resistance measures including peaceful demonstration to protest government intervention in the affairs of the Church.

    Fano bishoips badly seeking government intervention in the affairs of the Church. They are like chameleons-nature of a fauna elements named fanos-tiny insects.


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