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Ethiopia deported a radical ethnic Tigray nationalist clergy  

Aba Sereqebirhan is seen with Ethiopian security officers at the airport (Photo : Social Media)


Ethiopia reportedly deported a radical ethnic Tigray nationalist clergy of episcopal rank. Aba Sereqebirhan Weldesamuel, who lives in Australia, was detained this week upon arrival at Bole International Airport.

He was in the country to take part in what the Ethiopian church called an illegal ordination of the episcopate – which is expected to happen in Axum this Sunday.

Reports from local sources indicate that Aba Sereqebirhan was one of the episcopates  to be appointed. He was meant to be sent to Australia as Bishop for the new Patriarchate that Tigray region is establishing in the Tigray region – breaking away from the Ethiopian Church-, a process many tend to see as the harbinger of the secession of Tigray. 

Aba Sereqebirhan  was detained for three days at Bole International after he reportedly refused to return to where he came from. He insisted that he should be allowed to travel to Mekelle, the seat of the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

Tigray T.V. on Saturday confirmed that Aba Sereqebirhan  was deported  on Friday night.  However, the flight is to India instead of Australia. It is unclear if he is connecting to Australia or he was just sent to India. 

Furthermore, the source added that he was boarded on ET 686 – Delhi bound Ethiopian Airlines Flight that took off from Addis Ababa on Saturday. Ethiopian authorities have not yet confirmed it, and no statement was released regarding the incident. 

Aba Sereqebirhan was prominent for releasing radical and hateful viral video messages urging ethnic Tigreans to cut ties ( in all its forms) with Ethiopia.

This Sunday four Archbishops in the Tigray region are ordaining episcopates despite the Ethiopian church condemning the action as something that violates the canons of the Ethiopian church. The Holy Synod has called on the Ethiopian government to enforce law in the region by not allowing the Archbishops carry out the ordination. 

Public opinion in Ethiopia, as expressed on social media, indicates that the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) is behind the decision of the Archbishops, who are justifying their actions with what they think is silence of the Ethiopian Church during the two years war between the TPLF and the Federal government of Ethiopia. 


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  1. borkena is a radical satanic website that spreads untruths and encourages further bloodshed.

    The amhara members of the terrorist airport employees mistreated the faithful church father

  2. Abba Petros is a radical mass murderer.

    Why does the church permit abba Petros, an Amhara bishop, to lead the so-called Holy Synod since he had already sworn to bear arms when he obtained US citizenship? Could a bishop carry a rifle and a cross at the same time? Is it a blessing for a warmonger to lead the church? Could a war criminal have the power to excommunicate or even accuse the Holy Fathers in Tigray or Oromiya ?

    Quote”” Bearing arms on behalf of the United States if required by law [INA 337(a)(5)(A)]; and

    Performing noncombatant service in the U.S. armed forces when required by law [INA 337(a)(5)(B)] “” unquote

    Why did he hide in the Amhara orthodox patriarchate rather than shoulder his obligations as a citizen of the United States?

    Why can’t he perform his responsibility and show loyalty to his own words other than supporting genocide in his own country of provenance, & country of origin against his own people and against his church members?

    Murderrer bishops have no authority to excommunicate anyone . All genocidal bishops must resign and spent in hideout and pray for themselves and ask forgiviness. A murderer can’t perform holy communion and can’t be identifued as a priest and bishop!!

    Mahibrekidusan(full of killers) must be dismantled! The Inter-Religious Council of Ethiopia and amhara synod are dominated by amhara& overwhelmed by one ethnic syndrom. They must be sterilized to get out of this contagious viral ailment.

  3. I can only say karma is cruel and sweet. I have every empthay for anyone who is deported from his birth country unless he is involved serious crime nor am I endorsing other undemocratic aspects and incompetence o the current regime, but at the same, it couldn’t have happen better guy given the countless deportations, harassment, disarmament and other egregious and massive human rights violations perpetualted by the TPLF ethnic cliques over 30 years against many innocent people who they felt or perceived simply as having political and an ideological disagreements. Even as far as going to cross illegally the international borders and abduct suspected dissidents illegally. That was the most outrageous polcy acts, plain criminaly and an outlaw political culture ever involved any ethiopian government in the past history,

  4. He is a proud Tigraian. stands for independent Tigray and speaks against the genocide planned against his beloved people.
    Free Oromia is the gift of Tigray to the Oromo people.

  5. This is for the dear editors of this esteemed website. A friend just shot me an email to tell me that there is a conference by our Diaspora here in the USA scheduled for this coming Friday July 21, 2023 in San Diego. I have attached the copy of the announcement for you below. The US Special Envoy to the Horn of Africa H.E. Mike Hammers is one of the two speakers at the conference along with Congresswoman Sara Jacobs, Ranking Member of the Africa Subcommittee. Have you heard about this conference? How come the organizers did not post the announcement on your and other website? Will that be streamed live online so we can all watch the conference?
    Here is the link of the announcement:

  6. This is a golden opportunity for the always angry, highly ethnicized, politicized Archbishop to visit the Taj Mahal on his way to Australia. Maybe a good time to reflect and reconsider one’s journey in life. Thanks Ethiopian Airlines for the once in a life time opportunity, if indeed the trip to India occurred.

    EAL, Taj Mahal in hours
    Curing diehard haters


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