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Updated : Temesgen Desalegn released

Temesgen Desalegne (file/SM)

Updated on June 29, 2023 at 12: 35 A.M. Toronto Time

The government crackdown on journalists and activists continues unabated.  Temesgen Desalege, managing editor of Feteh Magazine, is reportedly arrested again.

DW Amharic cited Tariku Desalegne (sibling) to report that Federal Police officers and plain cloth security officials took Temesgen Desalegne from his residence (in Jomo area) this morning, local time. 

Tariku Desalege indicated that police did not indicate his whereabouts and that they were unable to locate him in various police divisions across the city.

Temesgen has been in jail several times. He was sued in connection with his publication regarding the Defense Force but court set him free. 

A few weeks ago, he was made to appear at the crime investigation division of the Federal police for an “interrogation.” 

Update :

Local news sources on Wednesday reported that Temesgen was released on the same day he was arrested.

It was said that police arrested him after Prosecutor appealed to the court in connection with charges from which Temesgen was cleared.

Government prosecutor alleged that Temesgen published information that endangers the Defense Force which he denied.


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  1. Leave this man alone! There has never been corroborating evidence the regime made public that this journalist is involved in violent armed insurrection. All we heard is ‘He said this and wrote that’. That is his legally licensed job! If he said or wrote something the officials think misrepresented, then counter that in kind. Leave this man alone!!!

    • Ittu Aba Farda , ya amara fano ye shint cherk , after being neglected by pp

      • Hi there Af-mishar, Pants-On-Fire, Know-It-All rolled into one!!! Abiy’s regime is very generous to you, ain’t he? Can you ask your boss how is he doing with the hoodlums in wreaking havoc and murdering innocent poor peasants in Wallagaa just because they are not Oromos? I don’t usually respond to loose lips but this time I decided to do so because you seem to have the list of names of the 100,000 Fano robbers your bosom body has captured. I can tell you this with all confidence and you can take it to the bank. You and your rogue murderers rambling around and getting lost in Western Oromia now will never, ever be able to yank away a single square mile to call it your dreamed up separate republic. That will never happen. You should rest assured about that!!!

  2. Subject: “Temesgen Desalegn arrested again”, borkena, June 27, 2023

    ha) Arresting will NEVER change the mood of the people
    hu) In fact, it gives inherent force to their characteristic and determination.
    hee) It is political NAIVETY to stand against determined people.
    ha) The WORLD may remember past history of ETHIOPIAN BLACK AFRICAN revolution in all its forms
    hie) It is wise to remember the history of our world in its totality
    hi) AFRICAN History is a witness that ETHIOPIA maintained its dignity and characteristic as a proud FREE BLACK
    AFRICAN NATION, for seemingly time immemorial.
    ho) That image will NEVER be destroyed. BUT LET US HAVE PEACEFUL WORLD FOR THE BENEFIT OF ALL.

  3. I had said leave this man alone! H.E. PM Abiy, leave this journalist alone!!! Why are becoming so ‘gun shy’ of reports by journalists lately? Mind you that a country without a free press is as good as dead country in this day and age. You have to rein your boys who are having fits every time they read and hear they don’t like. Many of these thugs that penetrated the institutions in your regime are those bigots who are in a la-la land just day dreaming to mold a carved out a one-ethnic republic which will never, ever happen. Leave this and other journalists alone.


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