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Ethiopia police deny Priest not stoned to death 

Kesis Abay Melese _ priest
The late Kesis Abay Melese (Photo : SM)


The Ethiopian government has reacted to the news of an Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church priest who was stoned to death earlier this week as he was heading home from church service. 

Addis Ababa Police released a statement on Friday saying that the story circulating “on different social media” is work. 

“Addis Ababa Police announced to the public that the information circulating on different social media depicting the crime as if it happened near Haile Garment in a way for the story to get a political meaning is incorrect,” said the statement from the police, which is shared on its social media page. 

Police statement makes claims that he was killed due to violence near his residence in Artu Mojo. However, the statement is unspecific about how and why the violence started and how he got involved.

It also said that he died in Tirunesh Beijing Hospital after getting medical attention.  

Police also seem to admit that Kesis Abay Melese was serving at the mass service in Horsisa St. Mary Church, on the day he was killed.

From the statement, police implied that it is treating the killing as a crime. It did not specify the identity or identities of the killer/killers and what caused the “violence” that led to the death of kesis Abay Melese.

However, Addis Ababa police cited Deputy Commander Daniel Hailemariam, Furi Subcity (of the newly established Sheger city) criminal investigation deputy head, saying that the body of the priest is in Abet Hospital for further investigation. 

The Ethiopian government is facing a public trust crisis. Information relating to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church is not an exception.  

After security forces fired tear gas within the St. George Church and suffocated one person to death and sent dozens of others to the hospital, the Ethiopian government, through the communication services ministry, said that the government was not at fault. It claimed that forces ( it did not specify them) with an objective to exploit the event (commemoration of Adwa Victory) to create instability and overthrow the government were behind the incident. 

Abune Henok, Archbishop of the Addis Ababa Dioceses, gave a statement on the next day rejecting the government’s mischaracterization of the religious ceremony at the St. George Church. 

Regarding the death of Kesis Abay Meles, His Eminence Abune Makos confirmed, during the funeral ceremony of Abune Basileos and Abune Aregawi, that the priest was stoned to death.  

It was Mahibere Kidusan Television, a credible source of the Ethiopian Church, that reported on the tragic death of the priest earlier this week. 


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  1. እውነትና ንጋት እያደር ይታያል says the Amharic maxim. In a nut shell, it means with time the truth and dawn will be visible to all. When Borkena reported this news, apologists of the regime like Ittu Aba Farda, were the first to pile on. They said Borkena is unreliable, not credible blah, blah, blah.

    Some even denied that the news was even real. The reader needs to pay attention to two key facts as reported by Mahebre Kidusan: that a priest was killed and that he did participate in a mass service t the church.

    Now the oromia police 2 to 3 days after the crime, have finally admitted a priest was murdered, that he did participate in a mass service, and that this was perpetrated by individuals.

    Nobody, let alone a priest, should be subjected to any harassment, bodily harm, intimidation, let alone murder!!!!!

    abiy and his thugs like shameless, Adam echo and the like are not getting the mentality of the average Ethiopian. Nobody is going to fear or cower before you for killing innocent priests, mothers, children, women or the elderly. The more you direct and order your lawless, barbaric thugs and vagabonds to commit such crimes, the more people understand that you are terrified and have lost control. First of all, these are all crimes against humanity that must be and will be well documented and presented at the global stage including the UN. The statistical odds of these poorly organized state terror financed and orchestrated by the regime will be divulged. Now this regime is losing its grips everywhere. abiy goes to Guraghe zone and gets ignored by the people. This neophyte and incompetent buffoon then has the nerve to call these people “donkeys on whom everyone puts a load”. What kind of moron at the level of a prime minister calls entire people “donkey”. The only donkey here is the neophyte who gets mad and angry whenever he does not get a yes to every whim and crazy blabber he utters at will. Learn to be respectable for yourself first. አንድን ማህበረሰብ ልቅ አፉን ያልተገራ አንደበቱንና የድንቁርና አእምሮውን ውዳቂ ደረጃ ሳይለካ ሳይገምት አህያ ብሎ የሚጠራ ለዚያውም መሪ ተብዬ ምን ተብሎ ሊጠራ ይችላል??? እህያስ ክቡር የሆነ ሌትተቀን የሚለፋ የእግዚአብሄር ፍጡር ነው:: በህዝብ ትከሻ ላይ ተንጠልጥሎ የአገር መሪ ሁን ተብሎ በትረ ስልጣን ሲሰጠው ከበታቸኝነት መንፈስ አረንቆ ውስጥ የሚፈራገጥ: በወሬ ትርክት በተራ ዲስኩር ራሱ ደንቁሮ ሰው የሚያደነቁር: ሁል ግዜ ታጥቦ ጭቃ ሁሉ ብርቁ ሁሉን እዩልኝ ለሁሉ አጨብጭቡልኝ የሚል ከእንስስነት ባህርይ ወደ ሰውነት ባህሪ ደግ የማይችለውን ብኩን ፍጥረት ምን ወይስ ማን ተብሎ ይሰየም: ይጠራ???????

  2. Funny typos from auto correct:

    “Shameless” should read shimeles but ironically autocorrect aptly dubbed him as shameless. So true.

    “Adam echo” should read as adanech. An echo of pp??? Colossus: The Forbin Project ? As in the 1970 movie, ah even AI is against abiy’s oromumma 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. The people who murdered this priest, our father , should be brought to justice. Regardless of his ethnic background and where he was born, every religious father of Orthodox Tewahedo Church is the father of all Orthodox Tewahedo church followers with the exception of all politicallly motivated people like Aba Petros(exc secretary of synod), Abune Fanule(living in USA) , Aba Mekarios(who prefered satanic ruling ) (formery known as bishops)Abba Histan, etc those who support the genocide in Tigray and Oromia!!!
    ld ??
    Church fathters of sister churches of Oriental Orthodox churches are also our fathers with the exception of those who involve in sinfully involve in politics and murder!!
    Mahibrekidusan , fano and EZEMA are terrorists
    Mahibrekidusan , fano and EZEMA are terrorists
    Mahibrekidusan , fano and EZEMA are terrorists

  4. Stop attacking any of the bishops. You don’t like them because they say the bitter truth. እየመረረህም ቢሆን የእውነትን :የፍትህን: ሄምሎክ ትጋታታለህ:: Ironically, all those you label as terrorists are those that are obstacles to your embezzlement, harassment, mistreatment and inhumanity.


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