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Ethiopian Citizens For Social Justice Party leaders meeting 

Ethiopian Citizens For Social Justice Executive 2nd Congress (Photo : EZEMA)


The Ethiopian Citizens For Social Justice Party on Saturday announced that the second regular congress of the executive is underway. 

It said the party will evaluate the sixth month’s performance. 

Discussing the current political situation in the country is another agenda item for the executive’s meeting and it is expected to pass a decision – the party has said. 

The party has been recently issuing statements on a range of issues. The latest example was the statement on government interference and attack on the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church. 

It has also been voicing concern over the apparent Oromization of Addis Ababa city – a multicultural city that is also the seat of the African Union and other international organizations.

The party has been criticizing the ethnic-based politics in the country – citing the evidently mounting ethnic-based violence, especially in the Oromo region of Ethiopia.

Criticism is mounting against Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed due to moves in the direction of narrowing the political space in the country and attacks on the freedom of expression. 

Dr. Berhanu Nega is the leader of the party. He is also currently running the federal education ministry portfolio while maintaining his position as leader of EZEMA. He has introduced some measures in line with improving the quality of education in the country. 

Among other things, he introduced a tougher high school leaving examination administration which evidently made cheating difficult. It came as a shock for the country as only 3.3 percent of students who wrote the grade 12 examination last year got passing grades to join institutions of higher learning in the country. 


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  1. I wish the opposition now in disarray with so many in its counts would find its mojo and come out as a 2nd strongest party in that country. There are just too many groups registered as opposition political parties to challenge the governing party peacefully in national and local elections to win significant number of seats. I have no qualms if a political party wins a majority seat in a democratic society. Those of you who are old enough to remember several West European countries had one party winning majority seat election after election between 1945 thru the early 1970’s. If you were listening to radio world news you would have heard the name Adenauer whenever Western Germany was mentioned during the broadcast. How about Liberal Democratic Party of Japan? Does the name Eisaku Satō rings bell? But these political parties and leaders are in stark difference with ours who have been ruling the old country since 1974. Adenauer and his CDU party were able to pull Western Germany out of total destruction into one of the top three wealthiest countries in the world. Eisaku and Liberal Democratic Party successfully had Japan recovered from the abyss of nuclear incineration to become among the top largest economies of the world. Those two were clever enough and still introducing and nourishing democratic rule to change their youth from ruthless murderers of humans into tireless productive workaholics. Japan had recovered enough in less than 2 decades that it was able to showcase its miracle to the world as a host to the 1964 Olympiad. West Germany did the same. In our case, the old country has been panhandling since 1974. With the way things are still going I don’t think it will wean itself from its addiction as a beggar state. Its leaders always have one common excuse: Them foreign and domestic hostile elements!!!

  2. Ethiopian(Amhara genociders hiding name of ethiopia) Citizens For Social Justice Party is planning how they can finance fanos and wage war on Prosperity party .
    Ittu aba farda is sponsoring fano and PP in their mass killing
    Obbo Ittu Aba Farda is a quarter prosperity party , a quarter Amhara neftegna amn from northern Gonder, a quarter Sidama Nation and a quarter firfir stock from North Weliso. Please don’t tell other bigots what he just told you about his heritage. He was just passing as Sidama until you messed it up. You’re supposed to bear his ugly stinky secrets!!
    eritrean fuzzy Azbete Damesachew , and Dear beloved obbo Ato Ittu aba farda are dancing to one another’s music and flattering eachother to feel good

      • What is zeke ? it is only Obbo Ittu Aba Farda knows what its significance ?
        Please ask this genius man from Sidama. Prosperity party don’t need engineers but those who are good at demolishing houses and cause displacement. Engineers like Obbo Ittu Aba Farda are ignored .
        Ittu Aba Farda is working with FBI and busy chasing his oppenents. People are searching for him and he is at stake . he must stay at home this week.
        down down Prosperity cliques like bigot Obbo Ittu Aba Farda, terrorist.Any one who support Abiy and prosperity party like prof Al mariam is a terrorist.

  3. To ‘Oromize Addis Ababa [AA],’ one has to ‘import’ ≥3 million Oromos. Good luck with that! So, I have two questions for eZema and Gojjam & Gonder’s [G&G] Amara Supremacists in Rights Activist Hats:

    1). Why doesn’t anybody call it “Amarization of AA” when G&G Amaras flock to AA?
    2). Is there any Oromo who lives anywhere in G& G? Would you mention the location?

    3). Let’s dig the facts and set the record straight on the ‘Oromization of AA’ hullabaloo:

    i). AA was Shewa’s capital. Shewa is the land of Shewa Amaras [SA] & Shewa Oromos [SO]. The SO make a large belt around AA. Most SA live North of this ‘Oromo Belt.’

    (ii). AA is home to ≈ 6 million and ≥3 million are Amaras. The SA only make ≤10%. So, ≥90% of the Amaras in AA are from G&G. Mind you, G&G are ≥500 km from AA.

    (iii). AA Government Work Force: 60% of government workers in AA are also Amaras. Could you imagine the Amaras’ uproar had the 60% been Oromo or any other ethnic?

    .iv). In Pre-1991 AA, the only Oromos in AA were few educated government employees or post-secondary students. So, back then, Oromos made ≤1% of AA’s population.

    v). After TPLF annexed AA’s suburb towns and peripheral SO farmland, AA’s Oromo population grew but not beyond 2% [sparsely populated farms & town-resident Amaras].


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