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Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed filling three cabinet positions 

Ethiopian Ministerial Positions _ Abiy

Last updated on January 22, 2023 at 3:12 P.M. Toronto Time

Barely a week after announcing a farewell to three cabinet ministers, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Friday proposed to the Ethiopian Parliament three new appointments.

There was no instance in the past five or so years when the Ethiopian Parliament declined to confirm proposals from the Prime Minister. 

Alemu Sime is a senior Prosperity Party official and now he is named as Minister for Transport. He is taking over from Dagmawit Moges who is said to have offered a position as African Union Peace Fund Secretariat.

Habtamu Tegene’s is named as Minister for Mining. He will take over from Takele Uma whose next role is still unspecified. He used to be a mayor of Addis Ababa and a member of the central committee in the ruling party.

Girma Amente is taking over as Minister for Agriculture. Omar Hussien held the position for a few years until he was terminated last month. He is given an Ambassadorial position although no specific information is released at this writing.

The parliament is expected to approve Abiy Ahmed’s new cabinet members in its next session. 

There had been rumors that Abiy Ahmed was offering some positions to the TPLF leaders but it did not happen this time as seen from the appointments this week. 

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has also given five other appointments this week. 

He replaced National Bank governor Yinager Dessie with Mamo Mihretu. Alemtsehay Paulos is named as Head of the PM office and Cabinet Affairs Head in the rank of Minister.

 Daniel Kibret is appointed as advisor for social affairs to the Prime Minister. It is a ministerial position.

Former Ethiopian Ambassador to the United Nations, Taye Aske Selassie, is appointed as Foreign Policy Advisor.  Based on social media conservations among Ethiopians, his service at the UN is praised as productive and excellent. 

Meles Alemu, a senior Prosperity Party official whose most recent role was rather within Addis Ababa administration is named as sectoral coordinator for Building Democratic System. A ministerial role. 

Last week, earlier this week the parliament approved the appointment of president and vice-president of the supreme court after both resigned for “personal reasons.”  The vice president, Solomon Areda, is given a position within the United Nations ( and it was announced months before his resignation was announced). The former president, Meaza Ashenafi, is said to be taking a role within the United Nations but not specified at this point.  However, she is included in the newly appointed Ambassadors. 

The new presidents and vice presidents of the Federal Supreme Court are Tewodrso Mihret and Abeba Embiale respectively. 


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