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Ethiopian PM  sends delegation to Mekelle, TPLF hailed the move 

Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed’s rapprochement policy toward the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) deepening.

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Tagese Chafo, right standing, shakes hands with TPLF leader, Debretsion Gebremichal (in the middle) – Photo : Tigray TV


On Sunday Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed announced that the implementation of the peace agreement signed in Pretoria South Africa is promising. 

Today, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Tagesse Chaffo,  led a delegation to Mekelle. Ethiopian Airlines CEO, Telecom Ethiopia CEO, and president of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia were included in the delegation – perhaps an indication that the delegates will hold a discussion regarding the restoration of services in Mekelle. 

Other senior-level government officials including the Minister for Justice (Gedion Timoteos) and Minister for Transport (Dagmawit Moges) were in the delegation too. 

It is for the first time in more than two years that senior Federal government officials and TPLF leaders met in person in Ethiopia without the presence of a third party. Of course, representatives of the Ethiopian Government and the TPLF met in Pretoria for the Peace Talk. 

Much of the implementation of the peace agreement, including disarming TPLF combatants, was to be completed within a month after the agreement. 

But nothing happened for nearly two months and all of a sudden Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed emphasized rhetoric about peace during domestic working visits in the past two days, and today Ethiopians heard the news about the speaker of the Ethiopian Parliament being in Mekelle with dozens of Federal government officials. 

The Ethiopian Parliament has not yet officially lifted TPLF’s designation as a terrorist organization. 

Last week, the military commanders from Ethiopian Defense Force and TPLF leaders met in Nairobi for a second time to further discuss the implementation of the agreement.

TPLF remarks about the meeting 

It was just a few days ago that the TPLF accused the Ethiopian government of not implementing the peace deal fully. It was Debretsion Gebremichael himself who made the claims when he was reporting to the “Tigray Regional Council” [ it is like a regional parliament]. 

His remark today, when he was holding a meeting with Federal government officials, sounds entirely different.  In video footage released by state media and the regional government, he was seen hailing Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed for coordinating and leading the peace effort. He said the PM deserves appreciation. He also expressed gratitude to the Federal government officials for the continuity of work on peace. 

He has asked the delegates for the resumption of banking and telephone service and the continuation of humanitarian aid in all areas of the region. 

Regarding what the TPLF is doing in terms of implementing the peace agreement, he said the combatants are being withdrawn from the combat zones and gathering weaponry to a single arsenal. Whether the Ethiopian government is to receive them all and if so when it is happening is unclear. 

The TPLF leader also targeted Eritrea.  He asked about the withdrawal of Eritrean forces. TPLF’s leader now advances the view that no third party is needed.

The U.S. has been pushing for the withdrawal of Eritrean forces. A little over a week ago, Ethiopian PM Abiy was in the U.S. to attend the U.S. – African Leaders Summit and met with Joe Biden and Anthony Blinken. 

Ethiopian Diaspora organizations based in the United States have released a statement warning PM Abiy not to make a mistake on the issue of Wolkait. 

All the omens in the news coverage and Prime Minister Abiy’s rhetoric in the past few weeks point to the direction that he is speeding up rapprochement with the TPLF. On the other hand, he threw reckless remarks toward groups critical of his administration in the Amhara region of Ethiopia. 

Abiy’s rapprochement with TPLF came at a time when his administration is further losing public trust. 

What Ethiopians feeling about the new development with TPLF

Ethiopians have been clear in terms of supporting the peace agreement. However, there has been skepticism after the TPLF made a statement right after the agreement was signed saying that it did not send delegates to South Africa. 

Its hesitancy to implement the agreement has created a great deal of skepticism if TPLF was rather using the peace agreement as a military strategy to buy time. 

There were in fact reports, based on EMS news coverage, that TPLF had been making preparations for war in the Alamata area. 

From social media conversations, it is noticeable that the majority of Ethiopians do seem to question why Abiy Ahmed is rushing to restore normally with TPLF. 

The opposition parties in Ethiopia are yet to share their assessment of the new development. 

Eritrea and the peace agreement 

The state of Abiy Ahmed’s relationship with Eritrea is unclear at this point. However, there are speculations that Abiy Ahmed seems to have reached a new deal with the U.S. whereby he is no longer facing threats of sanctions (economic or otherwise) and that he stays away from Eritrea. 

The United States has been hostile towards Eritrea for decades because of the latter’s fierce defense of its sovereignty.   Eritrea seems to be the target of the new TPLF-Abiy-led alliance that seems to be unfolding. 

Eritrea was drawn into the war in Ethiopia out of security concerns after the TPLF shelled Asmara with rockets soon after the TPLF attacked the Ethiopian Defense Force in November 2020. 

The United States has been fully supporting the TPLF during the war even in times when it suffered blowing defeats. Its goal was to make the TPLF a relevant political actor in the region and it seems the United States has achieved its goal. 


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  1. Sell out Tyrant Orommuma OLF Abiy Ahmed Ali has agreed to sell Wolkait and Raya Amhara land to get Money from his master Colonial Europe and US that justifies the coldness and quietness when Amhara Genocide is a daily Orommuma task.

    Abiy labeling the Noble Amharas who fight for their rights and freedom as the notorious barbaric Oromo OLF Shene red flags his sinister intention against Amharas in Wolkait, Raya.

  2. White Europe and the West Colonials are selectively and secretly talking and plotting only with OLF and TPLF, both secessionist and enemy of Ethiopia by excluding Amhara, Gurage, Wolayta, Gambella and so on. Amhara show your mighty Power right now and putdown the coward OLF and TPLF that is will never stop to come to massacre you and your families and race.

    Time is of of the essences for Amharas to group, support and fight against your enemies who are preparing to massacre you while Europe and the West are going to cover their eyes and ears. Defend yourselves, your families and your God given rights. OLF Abiy Ahmed Ali lies, secrets and attempt to blind side Amharas stems from fear of Amhara Power!

    When Amhara is excluded , ignored while targeted for Genocide both by OLF and TPLF affirm the plot for more more danger and Genocide all over Ethiopia until Amhara population is no more a threat and will continue down to other ethnic Ethiopians who are not Oromo OLF and Tigrea TPLF .

    All the chaos, mass arresting all Amhara journalist, student and teacher Protestors in Addis Ababa, and Genocide in Oromia by OLF/Oromo Special Forces explains well that he is fulfilling the order he received from his Colonial masters

  3. What an exhilarating photo that shows two brothers at ease and peace again. Nothing tops that. I had said this before and am gonna say it now. When the list of candidates comes for the next Nobel Peace Prize, if the names of Envoy Mike Hammer, Brother Uhuru, AU Chairperson Moussa Faki Mahamat, former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo and former South African Deputy President Dr. Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka are not on the list it will be dead on arrival with me. The peace deal will save the lives of millions because the war just by itself already killed a million citizens. With peace and ensuing stability millions more will be saved from starvation and disease. These individuals deserve the honors the world can bestow upon them. As far as I am concerned they have already gained my honor and admiration.

  4. In another story USGS has reported a moderate earthquake on Monday and it registered 5.5. It was located less than 40 miles from Adigrat close to border with Eritrea. 5.5 can bring destruction. I hope it did not do any major damage to whatever is left from the senseless war. Lets pray for those upright people.

  5. Allow TPLF to survive as a viable political force and you will have, forget Shene, you will have emboldened the most latent radical Oromo extremists with in OFC the likes of Bekele Gerba, of course Jawar M and the like, whose minimum requirement to acknowledge the very idea of Ethiopia is becoming part of Oromia, etc, etc…
    No actually we cannot even began to comprehend how that reshape the whole configuration of the political equation that we all might as well just kiss Ethiopia goodbye!

  6. Allow TPLF to survive as a viable political force and you will have, forget Shene, you will have emboldened the most latent radical Oromo extremists with in OFC the likes of Bekele Gerba, of course Jawar M and the like, whose minimum requirement to acknowledge the very idea of Ethiopia is AA becoming part of Oromia, etc, etc…
    No actually we cannot even began to comprehend how that reshape the whole configuration of the political equation that we all might as well just kiss Ethiopia goodbye!

  7. All the war drumbeat, after letting million of Afars, Amhara and Tigres are killed the drama, the rhetoric’s,, limitless lies fake brave talks Abiy had been spewing is now shut by the stick and carrot and big orders from Westerners. Now Dictatory Abiy is spewing another lie by falsely labeling Amharas and daring to call noble and civilized Amhara’s name as the most disgusting savagely Shene. It is to go after and massacre more Amharas who are aware of his evil intentions and that knew Dictator and Murderer Abiy will not stop at nothing to kill Amharas and fulfill his white masters order./interest. So Abiy the Terrible is left with giving big hugs, kisses and ear to ear smiles to TPLF.

    Abiy has been quit and hiding from telling the truth to Ethiopians about OLF/PP, TPLF sinister agreement repeating in 2022 without including the very victims of the 1991 TPLF and OLF/PP agreement that resulted in Amhara Genocide that killed millions of Amhara since 1991 to 2022.

  8. EPRDF, TPLF and OLF/PP are enemy of Amhara and Ethiopia and they have proved it for 30 gruesome years. Both are expansionist and greedy for money and power. For 31 EPRDF years there is never been peace and normal life for Ethiopians.

    They both are Genociders, land grabbers, corrupt thieves, that must be held accountable for the massive crimes, death and destructions they caused against Ethiopians, the Federal Army, and every ethnic groups.

    Ethiopians are sick and fed up and never want to see EPRDF ever again except behind bars. They should never be allowed to sit and talk as normal human beings after massacring, looting, raping, torturing, forcing child soldiering, creating war and destruction against the National Army, Afar, Amhara and Tigrea people.

  9. kiss your ass goodbye. As long as the Amhara exist, Ethiopia will exist. OLA, OLF, tplf, shane…they’ll all be reduced to ashes – read the bible, you ugly pagan.

  10. The Tigray government should have arrested these Abiy officials who are wanted for genocide in Tigray. The TPLF leaders have now sold themselves to reclaim their building and properties in Finfine. The loss of over a million Tigrayan lives has been in vain and the handshake and warm welcome they gave to the genocide officials are betrayals. Next they will receive Isaias Afewerki and allow him to take part of Tigray.


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