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Ethiopian gov’t, Tigray rebels agree to designate joint committee

Committee could travel to the Tigray region of Ethiopia as early as next week. IGAD will part of the monitoring team  

TPLF _ Tigray _ Jula and Worede
Tadesse Worede (Left) and Berhanu Jula (right) during the first meeting of military commanders in November 2022. (Photo : AP via VOA )


The Ethiopian government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) senior military commanders met, for the second time, in Nairobi this week. 

Proceedings of the meeting were not open for the public and reporters. However, the mediating team released information, on Friday, on the conclusion of the follow up meeting. 

It is said that the commanders agreed to designate a joint committee to oversee the implementation of the agreement. 

Former Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta said the African Union medicating team will be traveling to Mekelle to inspect the implementation of the peace agreement. 

It is said that all parties have agreed for the African Union monitoring and inspecting team to access all areas to verify the implementation of the agreements . 

In this state of the meeting, IGAD was involved and will be part of the investigation team. 

According to Uhuru Kenyatta, the monitoring team could travel to the Tigray region as early as next week. 

The body that the two military commanders agreed to form jointly will be drawn from the Ethiopian government, the rebel forces, African Union mediators and IGAD. 

Early this month, a committee of military experts, from both sides, met in Shire to discuss details and work plans on how to go about disarming the TPLF forces.

Key issues of agreement at Pretoria, among other things, were disarming the TPLF troops, take over of Mekelle by Ethiopian Defense Forces and the TPLF to relinquish claim as “government of Tigray.”

All those actions were to happen within a month after the negotiation was signed in South Africa. However, none of these agreements were fully implemented on the part of the government.

The TPLF on its part accuses the Ethiopian government  of not fully implementing the agreement – in connection with the withdrawal of “non-Ethiopian Defense Forces” including Eritrean forces. 

The Ethiopian government, on the other hand, has been claiming that it has been implementing the terms of the agreement. 

The parts of Tigray region that are under the Ethiopian Defense Force have seen a partial restoration of electric power and banking services in addition to the delivery of humanitarian aid.

A dinning and winning image of the military commanders and their entourage – which was widely circulated in social media has triggered anger. 

Some call it a PR disaster. Others call it evil. 

Given the report that up to a million people were killed in the two years devastating war, which the TPLF triggered when it attacked the Northern Command of the Ethiopian Defense Force, releasing a picture of the military leaders having a good time as if nothing happened and as if all the issues are settled does indeed seem to be total disregard to Ethiopians. 

Meanwhile, there are concerns in the Alamata area that the TPLF is engaged in activities that look like preparation for war. EMS reported about it earlier this week citing sources from the area. 

Preparation of battle trenches and arming combatants are some of the activities that the TPLF is said to be engaged in. 


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  1. 1). Complete disarmament deadline has come and gone! So, NO ‘Peace Deal’.
    2). TPLF’s Patron White Supremacist West –WSW- is supplying TPLF 24/7.
    3). Embargo/sanctions imposed on Ethiopia by the WSW stay in place till Ethiopia complies with TPLF/Egypt/WSW’s demands.
    4). Amara Extremists are ramping up their multi-pronged anti-Oromo attacks under the guise of opposing Abiy’s Regime baptising it ኦነግ ሸኔ despite Abiy being the very first TPLF-ኦነግ ሸኔ assassination target plus this:

    So, TPLF is buying time to launch an Egypt/WSW-backed surprise attack all over again! A protracted war coupled with the WSW’s embargo/sanctions will bleed Ethiopia bone-dry and accelerate TPLF’s handing Ethiopia over to Egypt and WSW.

    Bottom Line: TPLF is a Petty Career Criminal with over 50 years of Crime Spree rap sheet. TPLF & Co. belong in a Max Security Jail like Guantanamo Bay!

    Each day the TPLF evades justice is an injustice and a travesty of justice to the millions it killed and used as cannon fodder. Enough!

  2. I have said this already and am gonna say it again and again. There will be no going back to war and destruction. What those upright people of Tigray, Amhara and Afar regions need is peace and stability. They have lost close to a million of their loved ones already with millions others left homeless. Enough, enough, enough!!!

    Hey PM Abiy! How about doing something about the continued killings of innocent poor peasants in some parts of your backyard? Talk is cheap! Do something about the savage killings where both innocent Amharas and Oromos have been victimized. There are also from other ethnic groups who have been murdered in the cruelest ways. Do something about it.

    • Obbo Ittu Aba Farda

      Why are you pulling our leg here time and again. A person like you supporting Abiy , genocider, couldn’t stand up for the oppressed . While Abiy is massacring oromos and all those who remain resistant to his genocidal ideology , you were relentlessly showing yourself as an ardent fan of shabiya and PP.

      It is time for you to get the reward, land and large some of money in Beshasha .What a loyal partisan you are !!!!

      • ‘Pulling our leg’? Where did you see me dragging people by their legs?
        Hey Ittu! He is not telling you that you are pulling people by their legs literally. He is saying you are kidding people.
        Aha! I know why he is so riled up. He is jealous that I was able to organize a million man rally in Washington in support of Abiy which took place yesterday.
        I know I saw it yesterday. Good job Ittu!
        I had Bugs Bunny, Roger Rabbit and Ms. Piggy as honorary speakers.
        Yes I saw Ms. Piggy’s rousing speech. Why was she very upset at one point?
        Because some one yelled at her saying ‘you are pulling our leg’. You know Ms. Piggy. She does not like to be interrupted especially by a wino. She gave him a bolo punch right on the kisser. There were also thousands of drug addicts and winos still clutching bottles of hard khamrs in their hands with half already gone. Then suddenly somebody showed up and it was PM Abiy himself. He came to present me with a million US dollars award for always supporting him. The award also includes another million in monthly salary for the next 12 months.
        Anyway Ittu, he is not saying you are pulling his leg literally.
        O! I get it. Then he needs serious English language tutorials. I will ask all our websites to have a section to help people with serious deficit in basic English language like him.
        Good idea! Congratulations for the monetary award you received from PM Abiy!!!!
        Pulling our leg?
        Okay, okay, Ittu! Let’s move on!!!


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