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Amhara movement demands Ethiopian gov’t stop genocide in Wollega

NaMA says Oromia regional state does not have the will to end massacre against Amhara in the region and that the Federal government should “intervene” 

Amhara Genocide Wollega _ Oromia
Elderly man cries helplessly in Wollega where there has been non-stop massacre against civilians. Oromia special forces are said to have been openly involved in the latest massacre (Photo Source : Social Media )


National Movement of Amhara on Saturday issued a statement in response to what many Ethiopians describe, as seen on social media, as genocide in the Oromo region of Ethiopia.

“The ethnic-based attack on Amhara in the Oromia region in different areas of Wollega is worsening and widening,” it said. 

And the party blamed it on Oromia’s regional state.  

NAMA claimed that it had been repeatedly observed that the Oromia regional state does not have the will or capacity to end the ongoing massacre, displacement, kidnapping and looting of the property of Amhara. 

For NaMA, as is the case with the majority of Ethiopians who are expressing anger on social media platforms, a considerable part of Oromia region’s government structure has become a participant in the massacre and provided cover (for the armed militant group). 

Furthermore, it pointed out the massacre is worsening from time to time and has reached a dangerous stage this week. 

The party is demanding the Federal government immediately “intervene” to stop the ethnic-based massacre and take measures against those who are at fault. It said the Ethiopian Defense Force should be immediately deployed to the area. 

Hundreds of innocent civilians are reportedly killed in the latest string of massacre in Angur Guten town, Wollega areas. 

Based on residents’ testimonials ( those who spoke to EMS media service), what is different about the massacre this time is that Oromia region special forces openly coordinated with the radical militant Oromo nationalist group – Oromo Liberation Army – to undertake the massacre of civilians. 

The Federal government or Oromia regional state has not yet remarked on the situation. 

On the other hand, shocking images that purportedly show bodies of the massacred civilians have stirred anger about the failure on the part of the government to consistently fail to protect the security of innocent citizens.

Many are even pointing fingers at Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration.  

Tens of thousands of ethnic Amhara civilians have been massacred in the Oromia region since Abiy Ahmed became Prime Minister in 2018.

Human Rights Organizations have been warning the Federal government to deploy an adequate number of security forces in the region to no avail. 

There had been similar massacres against ethnic Amhara in the Benishangul Gumuz region of Ethiopia. 


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  1. Eritrean soldiers and fanos out of Oromia

    Stop killing innocent civilians irrespective of their ethnic and religious background, be it an Oromo, Gurage, Amhara ,afar etc

  2. 250 and more Amhara a day are being slaughtered in Oromia Zone by Shimeles Abdissa administration disguised as Shene Terrorists.

    In Addis Ababa disguised Shenes as government body are violating and disturbing Addis Ababa schools, students, teachers and every resident by demanding Oromo flag to replace Ethiopian flag that did not go well and brought so much angry protestors to go out on the streets. Protestors demanded and chanted Ethiopia flag to be respected and throw out the hostile flag. That proved to public that for the “government” is siding with Shene barbaric killers and demanded rule of law to be respected and Abiy to stop being deaf to Amhara Genocide his government. .

    Mixed messages for no-action with throwing threats keeps flowing out of Abiy which looks like he is threatened by the angry and aware of Ethiopians that knew his hidden “only Oromuma can live” intention. His claim and justification is like planting trees on savagely massacred Amhara graves, the reason for his cold blooded no-action is to save Amhara and Addis Ababans lives from Oromo murderes/Shene who are marching to Addis Ababa from every corner to massacre Addis Ababans.

    The hidden message is Abiy is waiting for Oromos to come and massacre Addis Ababa residents and government will not protect them because Shene is the government.

  3. In the midst of the slaughtering of Amhara in order to keep focus away from the Amhara Genocide, Abiy Ahmed and Shimeles Abdissa have sent drones of Keyboard Facebook and other medias Orommuma fighters to distract attentions from the ongoing Amhara Genocide. Instead they are saying the actual Genocide victims are Oromos in Oromia Zone by Shene where Shene is taking picture with Oromia Police, driving Oromia Police vehicles, hugging and kissing with Oromia Police and Federal troops.

    Amharas are trapped and not allowed to leave from Oromia zone because the Orommua agenda is not to leave single Amhara to survive in Oromia and Ethiopia.

    The government and Shene are two side of the same coin that work together by appearing as a government who is exaggerating the strength and ruthlessness of bogymen coward Shene who kill pregnant women, elders, infants, children, unarmed peaceful Amharas in order to create psychological fear and stop anyone from challenging and stopping Coward Shene criminals. In other words since he knows who Shene is he is trying to protect them by giving them false image when all they have is his support and cowardness.

  4. I doubt NAMA’s sincerity. The OLF/OLA operates on the same frequency as TPLF & Co. TPLF & Co. are fully-backed by Egypt and Egypt’s White Supremacist West [WSW] spearheaded by America. Both TPLF & OLA kill(ed) Amaras!

    Is it any coincidence that 10 (12?) American Embassy personnel flew to Bahir-Dar for NAMA’s launch. NAMA can’t be friends with both America & Amara. Isn’t it America that flipped the Amara Genocide to ‘Tigray Genocide’?


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