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Ethiopia: Police searching for five gov’t officials over alleged corruption

Ethiopia _ Addis Ababa  _ Corruption
Habiba Omar, one of the suspects (Photo : public domain)


Addis Ababa Police on Sunday said it is searching for five city government officials who are said to be suspects in connection with corruption. 

The alleged officials are said to have been involved in land administration and/or land management corruption scandals. 

The government claims that the individuals for whom a search warrant is issued exploited their administrative authority by way of preparing fraudulent documents to allow government land to be misappropriated. 

Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) listed the five suspects as follows : 

1) Habiba Omar  ( head of Lemi Kura sub-city land administration office head)

2) Tesfaye Girma ( Lemi Kura Sub-city land administration officer)

3) Bekalu Tsedeke – (Lemi Kura sub-city land administration officer) 

4) Chimdessa Fullea ( Lemi Kura sub-city land administration officer)

5) Leul Terefe ( Lemi Kura Sub city Woreda 4 administration executive) 

Police asking for anyone with knowledge of the whereabouts of the above-mentioned individuals to report them via the phone numbers 991, 0111110111 or 0111568311. 

It appears that the suspects are no longer in their residences as police would have made the arrest. 

The news about the five suspects came a week after Addis Ababa Policy announced that it had arrested 12 individuals from Lemi Kura sub-city administration. A total of 37 suspects were announced at the time. 

All of the arrests from Lemi Kura were related to the land administration office. 

In his latest appearance at the Ethiopian Parliament, Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed admitted, again, that his government is struggling with corruption. He used the word “thieves.” 

A week or so after his appearance, he released a long statement announcing that he has formed a five members committee of the anti-corruption committee

Addis Ababa City is one of the most corrupt entities in the country. In most cases, the corruption has something to do with land and housing issues including the distribution of condo units. 


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  1. Who knows some of these individuals could be heading to the neighboring countries, ‘liberation front’ rabbit holes and to Minnesota, DC, LA, Oslo, Down Under and other destinations. It seems they were prepared for it. That is why they managed to elude the dragnet before police showed. I will not be surprised if we hear them talking about the search warrant as politically motivated. But overall this is encouraging news that the government is doing at least something about this stubborn pandemic called corruption that has been bleeding that country of its billions for decades now. That country is now in need of billions to fix up all the infrastructures that have been damaged and destroyed by the stupid conflict started by stupid individuals. Millions of its citizens need to be fed, clothed and rehabilitated. Malfeasance and pilfering the nation’s coffers in this time of hardship is nothing but treason. The scope of such badly needed effort by the administration should go far and wide. Kudos law enforcement folks!!!

  2. Just pity the banana republic run by the Oromumma Chief wanna be premier, Pastor Ayalkebet, aka Abiy Kibew. Imagine, this buffoon displayed the arrest of General Kinfe, from Metec, claiming his “new government” would fight corruption, and in 4 years installs one of the most corrupt, murderous thugs and thieves all lining behind the curtain of PP and hiding their oromumma-olf t-shirts with their fake Ethiopian capes.

    Pity the fool, Abiy Kibew, is this guy even normal????????

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    Take a break and enjoy the games!!!

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