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TPLF supporters oppose peace agreement, a Seattle Highway was blocked 

Majority of Ethiopians, including in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, are celebrating the peace agreement for ending two years bloody war. TPLF supporters in North America seem to be interested in the continuity of conflict situation rather

TPLF supporters - Seattle _
Police engaging TPLF supporters who blocked a busy highway in Seattle this past Friday. (Photo : screenshot from Fox 13 video)


As Ethiopian and TPLF military leaders are scheduled to meet in Nairobi this Monday to discuss details regarding ways the latter is disarming its rebel forces, supporters of the rebel group in North America are staging protests “to mark two years since fighting began in Ethiopia’s Tigray region.” 

But their protests were impacting Americans in an undesirable way rather than meaningfully contributing to ways of ending the two years bloody war in Africa’s second most populous country.  In Seattle, the protestors on Friday late afternoon closed Northbound Interstate 5 – a busy highway. 

Seattle Times staff  reported, “The protest had at one point caused a 4-mile backup, according to the Washington State Department of Transportation.” 

Fox 13 Seattle reported that the “protest” caused a major gridlock and happened on a major expressway. It was blocked for an hour until a police force was deployed to reopen it. 

Ethiopian activists say the protest in Seattle was not about remembering the start of the war. It was not to draw the attention of the international community to the war either.  It appears to be a tacit call for its continuity. 

The protesters are said to be opposing the peace agreement that was reached last week in Pretoria, South Africa between the Ethiopian government and the TPLF. 

The United States, the European Union and the United Nations were highly involved in the Ethiopian conflict at times in the form of advocacy for the distribution of humanitarian aid in the Tigray region. At other times as champions of human rights advocacy by fanning claims about the “Tigray genocide” – something that was proved to be a false claim. 

The United States and its allies had been also advocating for, usually at times when the TPLF forces suffer a military defeat, cessation of hostility claiming that “there is no military solution to the conflict.” 

In fact, the United States itself was even part of the African Union-led peace talk in an “observer” capacity.  

Agreement for cessation of hostility came as a great relief for Ethiopians – including in the Tigray region as it ended the two years long bloody war. 

It seems that the TPLF – a party that triggered the bloody two years war – is increasingly under pressure from its supporters based in the diaspora. 

These are the same group of TPLF support base who had been making claims of “Tigray genocide.” They seem to oppose that the TPLF should have agreed to a single defense force in the country and disarm its rebel forces. 


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  1. Ethiopian gov through its consulates and Ethiopian activists should be capitalizing on Tigrayans and their foreign supporters desire to carry on using child soldiers in a war Tplf started on the night of November 3, 2020.

  2. Come, come dear countrymen/women! What you are doing, blocking major highway and denying people going to or returning from work is uncalled for and illegal. What do you want? Bloodshed and destruction over peace and reconstruction? If you have your senses, you would not choose to tell the youth of Tigray to march to its death from your safe and comfy homes here among us. You must be ashamed of that.

  3. One would think they are out of touch of reality and live in fantasy land . Why argue for nihilistic and fratricide war and oppose dividend peace for all and nstead wish the poor kids and peasant for death march while living in their confor zone in Seattle? Selfish mentality.

  4. I expect most of the participants in this illegal blockage of a major highway to be part of the generation born after or in a few years leading up to 1991. It shows they are still under the spell of the diehard bigoted commie older generation. Just like their comrades back in the old country they are content to send the gullible youth out in the streets and battlefields from they comfy homes. I bet you those diehard commies were at home watching how their scheme unfolds right on TV. They got the money they pilfered during their 27 year rule. Law enforcement folks need to take a note of this. Who knows one of those cars seen emblazoned with some flag during the blockage could be seen speeding towards a crowd of innocent people or government building. How dare they do this? In this blockage they are attacking innocent American working people. How dare they attack a country that gave them all the shelter and everything they need? How dare they? This must be investigated and those who organized this serious criminal must face the full weight of the law. How dare they?

    These stubborn and irredeemable bigots are incensed that a peace deal has been signed in which the TPLF will and should be disarmed to the last light gun. The AU has endorsed and demanded the disarmament and disbanding the entire riff raff. These bigots are incensed because they are still gripped with this arrogance that they were the ones that single handedly overthrew the demonic Mengistu. They really believe in such crockpot. The fact is if not for Tamrat Layne and Aba Dula’s support they would have been still wandering through the forsaken escarpments of Tigray. They had no clues which way was up in Amhara and Oromia regions. They found the most servile beasts of burden that opened the door for them and carried them on their backs all the way to Addis/Finfine. They called that EPRDF. My foot!!! These young people should wake up to these connivers. Again the good folks in the law enforcement should look into this criminal incidence and take those responsible to court. With the peace agreement signed it will be safe for those who are here on temporary permit to go back. That is why they do not want to hear about any peace deal(cessation of hostilities). Out of my sight before they bring their terrorism here.


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