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Militant Oromo rebels entered Nekemte city in West Ethiopia 

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A radical ethnic Oromo Nationalist group called, calls itself “Oromo Liberation Army”,  reportedly entered Nekemte City in West Ethiopia. 

In May 2021, the Ethiopian parliament has designated the group as a terrorist organization. It is known to have links and even military cooperation agreements with the Tigray People’s Liberation Front. 

Nekemte City is only 330 kilometers west of the capital Addis Ababa. 

A resident of Nekemte City told BBC Amharic service, on condition of anonymity, that the rebels entered the city in the early morning of Sunday and an exchange of fire followed. 

They opened fire on Ethiopian government soldiers. 

Another resident of the city, who also spoke on condition of anonymity, confirmed, based on a BBC Amharic report, the entry of the rebel group and its military engagement with government forces.

The group targeted a military base. However, the informants said they are not sure if there was a loss of life. 

Regional or zone-level government authorities did not remark on the situation in the city and it is unclear if the group withdrew its force or it continues to occupy it.  However, there are rumors that the groups abducted zone-level authorities whose identity is yet to be released to the public. 

This is the second security incident in the area in less than a week. 

Last week, gunmen entered Gerbe Guracaha and killed a deacon who was in service at the Midre Genet St. Mariam Church.  The group also kidnapped 11 other individuals, mostly deacons who were in overnight church service.

The whereabouts of the kidnapped are yet unknown.  

The radical wing of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) extensively operates in the Oromo region of Ethiopia  – especially in the western part- where it massacred tens of thousands of innocent civilians mostly from ethnic Amhara communities. 

There were reports that the government carried out drone strikes in selected areas in the region targeting rebel groups.  

Oromo Federalist Congress – one of the largest ethnic Oromo political parties – criticized the government over the drone strikes. It even made claims that the strikes are also targeting civilians. 

The party has called on the Federal government to negotiate with the designated terrorist group operating in the region. 


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  1. This is one of the manifestations of the demonic parable of the commies: ‘Political power comes only out the barrels of the gun’

  2. negotiation was good but only with a group which has legal and historical basis – this is just a disgrunteled group with complex inferiority feeling and unlimited hatred for the Amhara – what is there to negotiate?

  3. The deliberate Ethnic Apartheid Ethiopian regime lead by Abiy Ahmed plot is while people are looking away letting the Oromo Liberation Army to advance, loot, Massacre more Amharas, and go wild, savage and barbaric.

    The Ethnic Apartheid Abiy government evil plot is out of the bottle and Amharas are not as looking at him as a government that takes its responsivity as good government. Every Amhara now is aware and have no option but to defend themselves.

    How the cowardly and barbaric Oromo Terrorist aka OLA Shene or what ever they call them getting away with Massacre and gruesome crimes is because this is what the Ethnic Apartheid Abiy Government wants.

    This rag tag OLA/Shene Terrorist Barbaric Oromo Liberation Army aka Shene could never reach to this level had it not been by the support of the treacherous Oromo Prosperity Party . They are the Dirty hands of the Ethnic Apartheid Abiy Government.

    The obvious plot greed for power and wealth. The Ethnic Apartheid Abiy government wish is while massacring and pushing Amharas away from their land, (Shewa, Gojjam and Wello) to follow the foot step of Amhara and take over in order to expand more territory for Oromia zone as if they are not holding more land than what they deserve.


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