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Gebre Guracha Ethiopia: Gunmen killed a deacon while in Service

Gebre Guracha  _ Ethiopia
Google map shows Gebre Guracha town (Blue script)


Gunmen reportedly killed a deacon in Gebre Guracha town. The Deacon, whose name is not disclosed, was in an overnight church service when the gunmen entered and killed him. 

Gebre Guracha is only about 162 kilometers north of the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, and is in the Oromo region of Ethiopia. 

The incident happened last Saturday at Midre Genet St. Mariam Church. 

According to a report by Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church Media, eleven others who were on the service were kidnapped. 

The source unspecified the identity of the gunmen and the motivation behind their actions. 

However, it said that there had been recurring similar incidents in the region – something that is said to be reported to government authorities. The problems are not addressed.

The laity is expressing concern over recurring security incidents. 

The Oromo region of Ethiopia has been the most dangerous one from the point of view of security in the past four or five years. Thousands of innocent civilians have been killed in the region – something government authorities have been linking to describe as “Shane.”

The group is said to be the military wing of the radical ethnic Oromo Nationalist Organization – Oromo Liberation Front (OLF).

 But the  armed group is calling itself the “Oromo Liberation Army.” The Oromo Liberation Front denies that it has links with the group. 

The Ethiopian Orthodox Church has been one of the targets of radical ethnic nationalists operating in the region. 

There were instances where churches were set on fire.  

Ethiopian government arthritis are yet to remark on Gebre Guracha incident –  seemingly the latest security incident


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  1. beware this is a continuation of the tplf next war using shane and other terrorists the solution is to fight back aggressively


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