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Reasons why TPLF retreated from Kobo, in the words of Getachew 

TPLF spokesperson insinuated that the operation in the northwestern part of the Tigray region of Ethiopia is a priority for his organization – which the Ethiopian parliament designated as terrorist organization. Mr. Getachew blamed Eritrea for it. 

Getachew Reda during an interview with Tigray TV the video of which was released on October 3, 2022 (Photo : screenshot from the video)


A day after the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) fighters were forced, based on reports from locals, out of the Kobo area in North Wollo, its spokesperson Getachew Reda attempted  to make it acceptable to its support base.

In the video footage from the interview with Tigray TV Getachew is at times seen struggling to stay awake and appears as if he is falling asleep.

Yet, ti took less than three minutes out of a twenty minutes long interview with Tigray TV to explain the retreat from Kobo. Incidentally, he admitted that the TPLF started the third round of the military invasion. 

“Our forces did not have the intention to stay there [North Wollo area of Amhara region] indefinitely,” Getachew stated as one of the reasons why TPLF “retreated.”

However, he also said that the area could be taken again “whenever there is a military need to do so.”  

The second reason he cited is that  the “Theater of operation shifted to Adiabo.”   Adiabo is in the North West of the Tigray region of Ethiopia.  With that, the spokesperson hinted that Eritrea was the reason behind it. He went to the extent of blaming Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration for “accepting orders from Asmara.” 

Last week, The TPLF claimed that Eritrean Airforce carried out an airstrike in the residential area Adi-Daero in the same part of the region but the Ethiopian government said that it had carried out the attack in the same region and that it was directed at a military target, not on residential areas as TPLF claimed. The Ethiopian government was indirectly testifying that it is the Ethiopian Air Force that carried out the attack, not the Eritrean forces.  

Getachew Reda also said that the motive behind launching the third round of that attack (and control of the Kobo area) was  “to force the Ethiopian government to a negotiating table, on TPLF terms.” 

Mike Hammer, U.S. special envoy to the Horn of Africa who stayed in the region, mostly Ethiopia, for nearly two weeks said during an online briefing that TPLF was ready to start the war if the blockade, in his words, was not lifted.  

Based on Getachew’s explanation, the strategy to hold Kobo hostage in pursuit of forcing Ethiopia for a peace talk did not work.  But it remains a question whether there was a need to take military action to force the Ethiopian government to a negotiation table in view of the fact that the Ethiopian government was working towards the peace talk and announcing readiness for unconditional peace talk when the TPLF launched the war again on August 24. 

Another indication that the “withdrawal” from Kobo may not be a TPLF initiative is that there had been reports of intense fighting in the area for more than ten days. 

What is clear now, however, is that TPLF is no longer in Kobo. Residents from the area told DW Amharic that about 90 percent of North Wollo is now free from TPLF forces. 


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  1. Every time I see the latest image of this man, it boils my blood. It makes my blood boil not because due to personal reasons but because how well fed he looks in the region majority of the citizens there are seen emaciated with gaunt face due to scarce food. Does he look like someone that missed even the snacks between his daily 3 meals? It is beyond pale.
    I can see the problem Envoy Mike Hammer is facing in his mission. We Ethiopians regardless of our ethnicity there is one behavior common to us all. When we are in Ethiopia we are very apprehensive of foreigners. We never trusted mualims from Al-Qahirah, Riyadh, or missionaries from Europe and the Prairies either. When they are around we sleep with one eye wide open even though they were there just to preach or build schools. But Envoy Mike has the chance to succeed if he keeps himself guarded in his utterances. He should avoid any phrases in his statement that can be misconstrued by either party in the conflict. I pray for his success so this stupid and destructive conflicted started by stupid individuals will come to an end. Those beleaguered people need peace the most so the assistance they desperately need will be available to them soon.

  2. According to eye witness accounts from the fighting areas, the TPLF forces have suffered immense losses. The outdated trench and human wave tactics of the TPLF are costing tens of thousands Tigray lives in the conflict.

  3. Subject: QUOTE: Reasons why TPLF retreated from Kobo, in the words of Getachew” UNQUOTE
    borkena.com, October 3, 2022

    Humble Commentary, 4 Oct 2022
    a) Call me a fool, stupid, moron, ignorant ……………..

    b) Why do intelligent-looking people go to the extreme to deceive and hurt themselves. I honestly don’t

    c) If one asks me a historical question “why did Emperor Yohannes of Tigray” gave his LIFE for
    ETHIOPIA, I would only stand and stare at the questionnaire, without a word.

    d). Now, similarly, if one asks me why certain Tigrayan INDIVIDUAL put seven million Tigrayan at risk to
    loose their LIFE, I would stare at the questionnaire, without a word.

    e). What is next? Please be patient with my stupidity. What if a Tigrayan [for example from Agame Sector]
    wish to separate from Tigray ……………….NO! NO! NO ! I change my mind and stay away from
    such stupidity and unheard of dynamite idea.

    f) OH Lord have mercy upon me — as I am one of your humble, naive creatures. Dear Lord, help me
    to keep my sanity. and my naturally-allowed LIFE time, with dignity. Dear Lord, what else is there for
    me to say!?!?!? I am under YOUR MERCY.

    Post Script
    And to those who are determined to DISINTEGRATE one of the few OLDEST INDEPENDENT NATION on ERATH — ETHIOPIA — I wish them what they deserve in the name of reality, natural goodness and INHERENT JUSTICE of PLANET EARTH, that never fails.


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