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U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe in Ethiopia for 2nd time since war with TPLF broke out 

United States’ Senator Jim Inhofe led a delegation of Senators in his trip to Ethiopia, met with speaker of the Ethiopian parliament 

Inhofe _ Ethiopia _ 2
Senator Inhofe and members of the delegation he led meeting with Tagesse Chafo, speaker of the Ethiopian Parliament (Photo : Public Domain)


Jim Inhofe, United States senator from Oklahoma, is on a visit to Ethiopia.  Many Ethiopians, especially those in the United States, perceive the senator as a champion of Ethiopia’s cause and one that understood the true nature of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front. 

This is his second time visiting Ethiopia since the TPLF attacked the Northern command of the Ethiopian Defense Force – an incident that triggered the war in November 2020. 

The purpose of his trip is not explicitly disclosed.  He already met with Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and other senior government officials. 

Abiy Ahmed made the information public when he tweeted “Welcome to #Ethiopia once again Senator @JimInhofe ” along with a picture of him and his colleagues welcoming the U.S. Senator 

Inhofe _ United States _ Ethiopia
Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed shakes hands with Senator Inhofe in Addis Ababa on October 2,2022

The Senators met with the speaker of Ethiopia’s House of People’s Representative, Tagesse Chafo.  

Senator Marion Michael is in the delegation too. He is a member of the Senate Armed Services and four other committees. 

Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC) reported that Tagesse “briefed” the delegation about “current affairs in Ethiopia.” 

Given the information that the U.S. has on Ethiopia, the U.S. senators perhaps do have a lot more information about the “current affairs” in Ethiopia, including the war with TPLF – ostensibly a client to the U.S. government.  

However, Mr. James thanked the speaker of the house. He reportedly said that he  got an “adequate understanding of Ethiopia’s current affairs.” 

The relationship between the two countries was among the items that were discussed between Tagese and the visiting U.S. senators. 

It is reported that the two parties have expressed interest in cooperation and parliamentary relations. 

The majority of Ethiopians, as demonstrated on multiple social media platforms, do seem to have mistrust towards the United States in connection with the war with the TPLF, among other things. 

Many believe that the United States puts more pressure on Ethiopia whenever the TPLF side starts to lose militarily .

The third round of the war started when the TPLF ended, on August 24 this year,  a humanitarian truce that was declared in March 2022. 


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    • Imhope is a CIA double agent, well known. his support for PM Abiy was a very strategic, that it calm3ed all the Which he knows is a natinoal security risk.

  1. This fact finding trip to the old country by a congress delegation like this one is the right thing to and should always be welcome and encouraged. I hope the result of this trip will put more oomph to the effort to bring this senseless and destructive war to a binding peace. Hundreds of thousands have already lost their Allah intricately created lives, millions displaced in their own country and the economy in the conflict zones in ruins. It is gonna take tens of billions to clean up the destruction and rehabilitate the displaced. All this was done for some silly and stupid reasons.

    Your Excellency Senator Jim Inhofe and members of the delegation! Thank you for your rightful concern and taking the time from your busy schedule to go to the source. I hope and pray that other members of congress will try to do the same. There has been an overwhelming number of news coming out of that country with many of well doctored sensationalized news. There is no better way to separate the true from the false than being on the spot to see it all first hand. It is the tax payers’ money well spent. Kudos!

  2. It would be very timely advise if he had told Cannibal Abiy Ahmed (the Sew Belaw) to STEP DOWN.
    It would be difficult to believe if the Excellency Senator Jim Inhofe does not know the unGodly mendacious Abiy Ahmed who has no problem of murdering and lying at the same time.

    Abiy Ahmed is not fit to lead a country of God fearing religious population. He thrives on blood letting, Genocide and conflicts against the people of Amhara. This cruel nature who plays game with religion and politics to advance his evil agenda.

    Millions of Ethiopians are dying of famine and starvation. In middle of war Ukraine for the second time has sent ship load of Wheat donation to feed the starved people of Ethiopia while the “sew belaw” Oromuma regime is lying and cheating. It is possible the “sew belaw” Abiy tyrannical radical regime is exporting the donated Wheat to Kenya or other countries while starving its own people.


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