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Jim Inhofe U.S. Senator for Oklahoma on a visit to Ethiopia

Mr Inhofe is briefed by the speaker of Ethiopia’s House of Representative, Tagese Chafo

Inhofe _ Ehtiopia
Mr. Inhofe holding talks with Tagesse Chafo (photo : EBC)


James Mountain Inhofe, the 86 years old United States’ senator for Oklahoma, is on a visit to Ethiopia.  He arrived in the country on Monday to a warm welcome. 

Mr. Inhofe’s visit to Ethiopia came about a week after he spoke on the U.S. senate opposing proposed sanction and restriction against Ethiopian and Eritrean officials , “for not ending the conflict in the Tigray region of Ethiopia.”  

Many Ethiopians hailed him as a friend of Ethiopia.   

“I welcome Senator Jim Inhofe @JimInhofe , a friend to Ethiopians, to his second home #Ethiopia,” said Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in a Twitter message on Monday. 

Abiy held a discussion with the visiting senator but not much was disclosed about it. 

On Tuesday, Mr. Inhofe met with the speaker of Ethiopian House of People’s Representatives. Tagesse Chafo. 

According to a report by state media, EBC, Mr. Inhofe was briefed about the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), law enforcement operations and humanitarian assistance in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, and the border dispute with Sudan.  

The source added he was informed that Ethiopia is poised to undertake the second filing of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) during the upcoming Ethiopian rainy seasons. 

Mr. Chafo told the Oklahoma senator that Ethiopia will undertake it in a way not to affect the interest of lower riparian countries. 

Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) cited Mr. Inhofe as saying the brief he got helped him understand the activities that Ethiopia is making in different areas. 

He also said, as reported by EBC, that he is “determined to support Ethiopia activities” in the areas mentioned above. 

Mr. Inhofe seems to be an advocate of the presence of the U.S. military in Africa to “compete with Russia and China,” as he put it in his remark about a nominee for the Assistant Department of Defense position. On May 27, he  tweeted : ” Chris Maier, nominated to be Assistant Secretary of the @DeptofDefense,understands the value of a limited but meaningful presence of U.S. military personnel on the African continent to compete with China and Russia and push back on terrorist organizations.” 

In 2020, the United States attempted to broker peace between Ethiopia and lower riparian countries (Egypt and Sudan) but Ethiopia withdraw from it as Mr. Trump’s administration put pressure on with the aim to help Egypt get a deal that will compromise Ethiopia’s sovereignty. 

This week, Egypt and Sudan undertook ground and air military drills in Sudan. 

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  1. I pray PM Abiy Ahmed will not fall for senator Inhofe’s set forth trap by a wicked Joe Biden administration. If anything Joe Biden, senator Inhofe, Donald Trump and all these fake democrats, republicans, leftwing, rightwing, conservatives, liberals are winking at each other displaying a Holywood-like act of performance in the face of global communities, trying to convince the world for what they are not. I will not trust anything the Americans bring to the table as a form of negotiations, discussion, whatever the case may be, be it senator Inhofe or anyone else, America has never been a concerned partner in the history of the two countries over one hundred years of diplomacy, and will never be one, and therefore ETHIOPIA and AFRICA should simply drop like a hot potato, its friendship statues with ungrateful America, England, and the western Europeans.



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