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TPLF designates Tsadkan for peace talk ahead of UN Security council meeting

The TPLF announced that it is ready to start peace talks ahead of the upcoming United Nations Security Council meeting on Monday regarding the situation in Ethiopia 

Tsadkan Gebretebsae _ TPLF _ negotiation
Tsadkan Gebretensae on September 11 is designated as “Tigray negotiator” (photo : screenshot from Tigray TV video)


In the weeks before the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) started its third round of military attack against Ethiopia in late August, the Ethiopian government and international actors were working on an African Union-led peace talk which was expected to happen in Kenya. 

TPLF leaders published an article on “The African Report” just two days before they started the new offensive saying that the AU-led peace talk will not succeed. 

Today, after three weeks of intense fighting on four fronts  and an estimated loss of hundreds of thousands of lives, the TPLF issued a statement announcing its readiness for African Union-led peace talks “without delay.”   

As always, the TPLF wrote the statement presenting itself as the government of Tigray.  It is a reminder that the war is between the federal government of Ethiopia and a well-armed group that considers itself the government of Tigray despite that the Ethiopian parliament designated the latter as a terrorist group. 

“…It is the Government of Tigray’s solemn desire to see Ethiopian’s in general and the people of Tigray in particular to no longer hear the sound of gunfire, the blockade of essential services and humanitarian aid and the associated pain and suffering…

To that end the Government of Tigray is prepared to participate in a robust peace process under the auspices of the African Union (AU)…,”  it said.

The statement also said that it has set up a negotiating team but announced only two names: General Tsadkan Gebretensae and Getachew Reda. 

TPLF letter

General Tsadkan was a retired military general and was at one point the commander-in-chief of the Ethiopian Defense Force at the time when the TPLF was the dominant political force. Later, there were reports that he fell out with the TPLF, and was presenting himself as a neutral and non-partisan politician acting as a broker between TPLF and the Federal government after the former lost dominant power in the Federal government in 2018. 

Later, when the TPLF started the war in November 2020 by attacking the Ethiopian Defense Force, Tsadkan apparently had a part in the plot and emerged as the commander of what TPLF calls Tigray Defense Force. 

Getachew Reda had served as Minister in the Federal government before he retreated to Mekelle along with the TPLF leaders. Since the war, he has been mostly acting as a member of “Tigray Command Post” and spokesperson of the party. 

The rest of the  TPLF negotiation team members are yet to be disclosed.  Earlier this week, the TPLF made accusations that Ethiopian and Eritrean forces are attacking Tigrayan positions including a claim to the shelling of Adigrat. 

A purportedly intercepted radio communication between TPLF force commanders this week revealed that the rebel forces are in disarray to the point that some military commanders think that the military mission has failed. 

Since the reported TPLF military loss, the United States renewed pressure on the Ethiopian government demanding an end to the military conflict and the start of peace talks. U.S. special envoy to the Horn of Africa, Mike Hammer, was in Ethiopia this week and there is no indication if he has returned to the United States. 

The Ethiopian government has not responded to the latest TPLF statement. 

TPLF new position 

The TPLF rush to renew the military conflict is apparently counterproductive on its part. 

There is credible information from local sources that the TPLF has lost fortified positions in Adarkai, Maytebri and Telemet in the west and much of its strategically significant military positions in the Waghumra are lost. 

Announcement of TPLF readiness to start AU-led negotiation is a new position. Because three weeks ago, as indicated above, the designated terrorist group declared that the negotiation would be a failure and ventured to military operation right away. 

Another change in position is that TPLF announced preconditions that were set for the peace talk about a few months ago, including the question of who is to mediate, are no longer there. 

In fact, it is saying that it wants agreed upon additional international mediators – not its own choice. Two months ago, it was saying it wants the United States and the European Union to be part of the negotiation. 

Call for disarming TPLF 

Ethiopian activists and politicians, including some members of the ruling party, are calling for the TPLF to totally disarm before any peace talks.

Taye Dendea is a top ruling party (Prosperity Party) official. 

In a twitter message on Sunday, he wrote “I hear that TPLF is ready for peace talks led by the AU. Nice development. But there should be no mistakes. In a nation there is only one defense force. It is an international principle. We can’t bypass it! The so called TDF must be disarmed before peace talks start. Clear stand!” 

Mesenbet Assefa, attorney and law professor at AAU, warns about the negation. He said: “The TPLF has announced that they will accept the AU-led negotiation. But we must be cautious, the only way forward from now is to disarm TPLF and accept a peaceful political process in Ethiopia. They have done enough damage. #EthiopiaPrevails ” 

Ethiopian activists have been campaigning, on social media platforms, pushing for disarming the designated terrorist group – TPLF. #DisarmTPLF has been trending on Twitter for many months now.

However, the United States and its allies have been tacit, but persistent in supporting the TPLF forces including under the guise of the humanitarian operation in Tigray and human rights protection. 

Politically and diplomatically these powers have been putting pressure on Ethiopia including by exploiting UN platforms. They even introduced action regimes soon after the TPLF started to lose militarily.  Russia and China repeatedly vetoed moves to introduce further sanctions against Ethiopia.

After TPLF’s disastrous failure to recapture power in the central government, many Ethiopians tend to see U.S. government support for the TPLF with the move to support the emergence of a U.S. vassal state in North Ethiopia. 


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  1. I am positively wishful but not all the way hopeful that any negotiation will be successful until Debre’s alleged ‘army is disarmed to a level of law enforcement forces. The federal government should also stop beating the drums of war and rehabilitate those citizens from Tigray who were driven out of their homes where they have lived in other regions for generations. The federal government should make sure those who chased and murdered innocent citizens are punished to the full scale of the law. Leaders of major religions should be organized to begin the process of reconciliation between all warring factions and the people traumatized by the bloody and destructive conflict. I have more faith on the power of both major religions to achieve a lasting burying of the hatchet.

  2. The so called general Tsadkan, is a tinpot ethnocentric dictator, and a moron of ignominious magnitude. He is a war criminalthat has violated the fundamental human rights of children, forcing the conscription and assignment of minors in war fronts. It is unconscionable, immoral, unethical and inhumane to allow this trash as a negotiator and advocate of peace at the UN. This act itself devalues and denigrates the standard and acceptability of the UN as an impartial organization that values and respects the fundamental human rights of all, inalienable and unassailable, in particular, the rights of defenseless and innocent Tigrean children who are the sons and daughters of their mother, Ethiopia.

    As far as Getachaw Reda is concerned, his name says it all. The upshot is garbage in garbage out. No sane and logical person should expect anything of value and significance out of tweedledee and tweedledum.

    Alas, the empty suit and incessant talker in chief and buffoon masquerading as premier of the Ethiopian people has nothing blood soaked hands, and nothing but the murders and killings of hundreds of thousands and the displacement of tens of millions of Ethiopians, hitherto unseen in Ethiopia’s thousands years of history. The grim reaper has unearthed the forces of evils, Oromumma millitancy, Oromumma subhumanity and barbarism, ethnic and religious sectarianism of unseen depravity and magnitude since his cursed ascension to power four years ago. By now, most sane and reasonable people are disabused of the notion that the masquerading and duplicitous premier is anything but just that. Doubting Thomases are reprimanded and reminded to look at the four years of baggage and trajectory of the liar in chief. His legacies are the marginalization, displacement and murders of hundreds of thousands in Tigrai, Amhara and Afar, the looting, usurpation and monopolizing of public resources, national assets by Oromumma militants and PP cadres and Abiy cultists, the deterioration and failure of the civil service sectors in nearly all branches of the economy, the insatiable gluttony and greed of the Oromumma goons, and the lack of accountability and the absence of supremacy of law and justice on the watch of the imposter since 2018. Doubting Thomases are encouraged to think independently and ask why the preposterous and loquacious premier always puts his thumb on the scale of justice, what and who would benefit from an astronomical inflation of 45% and further north and devaluation of real currency by 300% plus and further sliding. Doubting Thomases must have the intellectual honesty why 1.5 GPA is a passing grade in Adama Institute of Technology while it is 2.0 in Addis. Who will benefit by the bastardization and deterioration of minimum educational standards????? Certainly not Ethiopia!!!!!

  3. The TPLF can never be trusted as e genuine negotiator for peace since its main motive is survival and more wars and destruction. The TPLF is facing defeats in the battle fields but trying to maneuver to regroup and fight back. The involvement of the US/EU is in its best interest and badly needed backing as it has won some sympathy in the west. It is necessary to avoid or minimize their involvement and influence. They will use the TPLF as a card or weapon in their ego-political rivalry with China and Russia as many believe. It has openly stated its goals of destroying Ethiopia and formation of independent Tigray on the grave of Ethiopia. lasting peace and stability in Ethiopia and the region as a whole is conditional on the demise of the TPLF as a force. Now the ball is in the hands of the Tigray people who have been suffering the most as a result of the TPLF instigated wars. At the same time the demise of the TPLF is in the best interest of the Afar and Amhara regions which have been experiencing the invasion and the brutality of the TPLF forces. Permanent removal or neutralization of the the threat from the TPLF should be the main guiding issue in the peace talks with the TPLF.

  4. Buffoon masquerading as PM of Ethiopia!!!!! Stop AMHARA GENOCIDE NOW!!!! Your hands are soaked with innocent Blood.

    FREE 80 Years OLD RESPECTED HISTORIAN Mr. Tadios Tantu,

    FREE the 80 Years Old Historian TADIOS TANTU in Ethiopia NOW!!!!
    Mr. Tadios is a Historian not a Criminal. He spoke the truth, documented history. History is not what you invent today. It has already been invented thousands or hundred year ago.

    STOP Terrorizing and Abusing Amhara People, Amhara Journalists, Amhara Fannos,

    TPLF and OLF village ethnocentric ignorant dictators and morons now fighting with each other over power and money. Descended the country into, deaths, poverty, war, corruption and human misery.

    No Ethiopian should support of fight for them. Amhara and Afar people should not die to protect the Orommua Dictator riffraff Abiy Ahmed that will come back and bite those who helped him.

    Afar and Amhara people are left only with misery and death after helping Dictator Snake Abiy that will never change to a human being.

    Let TPLF riffraff meet OLF riffraff in Addis Ababa and Oromia.

    Enough with ethnocentric murderous buffoon masquerading as a PM Ethiopian people!!!

  5. Specially Addis Ababa diaspora cabals and የጦርነት ጥቅመኝች are on standby and prepared their luggage to flee from the country.

    I salute and take my hat off to you TPLF!!!

  6. This is it and should be it! Both sides should drag their behind to the bargaining table and come up with a workable plan for a lasting peace. Both sides have been reported to have committed gross violations of human rights. They better come to accord this time and soon. If that does not happen and they go back to wage another bloody conflict resulting in the deaths and maiming of the gullible youth and innocent citizens all those major players in the conflict should be arraigned at The Hague and severely sanctioned in person. Enough is enough with this foolishness and stupidity. That country is losing its priceless possession of young people by tens of thousands and possibly million since this stupid conflict started and it is about time those who sent the gullible youth to its demise from their comfy homes should be made to be aware that this time around they will not get away with it. Enough is enough! Enough, enough and enough!!!!

    Now those you here among us in the Diaspora wherever you are located, this is for you. I am talking about those who have been beating the drums of war from your comfy and safe home. You must be ashamed of you. Some of you advocate the complete shuttering all venues/doors of peaceful solution to the conflict by calling on PM Abiy to send his troops all the way to Mekele and sniff the lives of Debre and his cabals as if it is going to be just a cake walk all the way and those gullible youth who have been bamboozled by Debre and his predecessors will just lay down their guns to welcome the ENDF. It is easy for you to say that living far away from the place of death and destruction. I have nothing but contempt for you for saying that. Also those of you again who are here among us wherever you reside and get high by fomenting anger and hate, I wish you were not even born. Those of you who denigrate a group of noble people by using terms like ‘Oromumma, Fano, Neftegna, Oromo or Amhara extremists as pejoratives, you must be ashamed of yourself. I have nothing but utter disdain for you. Many of you do such despicable act just to make chum change in nickel and dimes or to spruce up your asylum application. You have sold your souls to the devil and I am telling you with all assertive words that you will burn in hell for that. You look healthy physically but all the indication is you are walking around and living with a very sick mind.

  7. never ever trust an evil group like tplf – their past history says it all. They simply want to buy time for the next round. we know these evil carcasses who have no respect for human life as long as they get loots and rapes. and how come disasters like fat tsadkan and buffon getachew are going to talk any sense – they have no sense except revenge, killing, maiming, raping….

  8. Tplf is deception from start to end. 1. There has not been “Gov of Tigray” as such. 2. The “peace” Tplf is after never existed. 3. History stands against Tplf’s murderous path against Tigrayans. 4. Tplf continues to ally itself with foreign forces against Ethiopia. In other words, Abiy Administration should take a decisive measure to dislodge Tplf by making arrests and bringing Tsadkan, Debretsion, etc to trial. Remember these were designated “terrorists” by the parliament and anything less than arrests and publuc trials would be contradicting the rule of law.

  9. Subject: “TPLF designates Tsadkan for peace talk ahead of UN Security council meeting” September 11, 2022

    If I am not mistaken, the honorable dignified gentleman was top most military commander of Ethiopian Military Force. I can’t help remembering him because he, at one time, also claimed that part of Assab belongs to Tigray. It didn’t materialize to anything, as far as I known.

    I wish him success with his present TPLF task for peace talk. Any “talk” requires honest give and take and above all, without any doubt, RESPECT for the opponent. In any case, good wish on his way for peaceful settlement with the Ethiopia that he knows and served for almost his Life time — Ethiopia a country that was also served by the famous gallant Atse Yohannes of Tigray. Let History be A WITNESS to tell the TRUTH and only the TRUTH.
    Why is it that Tigray is having a WAR against Ethiopia?
    Who initiated the war? And for what purpose?
    Who benefits out of it?
    And what would be the outcome of the benefit?

    Let us be honest and frank. It is the LIFE of ordinary Tigrayans and Ethiopians in TOTALITY, that will be affected while the initiators are free, tranquil, and healthy in their private Life, while obedient ordinary citizens are sacrificing their dear LIVES.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In the Ethiopian wisdom, such a scheme is "HATYAT" — a CURSE.

  10. Well Taye Dendea,
    The Orommuma may call a nation but Ethiopia is not a nation or that respects the Rule Of Law for All Amharas and majority of Ethiopians.

    Abiy Ahmed main job is Terrorizing and cracking down on Amhara Journalists, Slaughtering Amhara People, Looting Bail Money from Amhara Prisoners, Transporting and Torturing freed on Bond Amhara prisoners to Oromia Zone and many more.

    Orommuma is spelling innocent people blood. The first Demon was Mengistu Hailemariam who introduced spelling blood and murdering anyone out of inferiority complex and suspecting them of disliking him for any reason. He slaughtered and tortured millions of innocents People until he was forcefully evicted out of Ethiopia.

    The Orommuma now is spelling innocent unarmed AND defenseless Amhara families blood in Wellga, the BLOOD BATH OF AMHARA PEOPLE..

    The Orommuma doesn’t believe in rule of law and respect for citizens and human rights. It’s way of understanding is believing that first was TPLF Tigreas and now is Orommuma ethnic turn to control Ethiopian government and controlling government means using lethal force against innocent civilians, slaughtering, abusing, looting, repressing, imprisoning and do away with every crime at their disposal.

    What has replaced brutal TPLF is the worse Human rights violator, the Orommuma the worse repressor and murderous gang of Oromo Criminals that must be taken to ICC.


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