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TPLF shelling killed 10 same family members in Sekota, North Ethiopia  

TPLF attack civilian area
TPLF attack in Galicoma, Afar region of Ethiopia, in 2021 (Photo : File)


Ten family members were reportedly killed in Waghuma zone of the Amhara regional state. It happened in the Sekota district Woleh Mariam locality.

Kefyalew Debesh, Head of the communication office, has confirmed it – according to a report by VOA Amharic that was published on Tuesday.

What is known is, based on the report, that they were killed when TPLF shelling hit a residence in the locality. 

Among the dead is a newly wedded bride, Mr Kefyalew Debash is cited as saying.

Two other civilians were killed in the attack. They were both young men. 

TPLF has been claiming that its military operation does not target civilians. It is yet to react to the incident. 

It is established by Human rights organizations that the TPLF targeted civilians in the Afar and Amhara region of Ethiopia during its second military  operation. 

Earlier this week, authorities in the region claimed that they made arrests of 50 TPLF operatives who infiltrated the Sekota area. You can find the report here

Meanwhile, other sources, like Ethiopian Media Service – a U.S.-based broadcaster with apparent access to government officials –  has been reporting that the TPLF forces have suffered a serious defeat in the Waghumra area of Ethiopia. 

There were also reports that joint Ethiopian forces are making advances from the Western Front  and that TPLF has suffered blowing defeats in the Maytebri and Adarkai area. 

However, the Ethiopian government did not make any announcements regarding gains or losses in the operation against the TPLF.

The third round of war started on August 24 when the TPLF launched a war in the Kobo area (TPLF calls it South Tigray).  


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