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Ethiopian gov’t authorities say over 50 TPLF infiltrators captured in Waghumera 

Waghumera _ TPLF _ arrests
Google map of Waghumera


Reported arrests of TPLF operatives in the Waghumra zone of the Amhara region of Ethiopia. It is one of the Amhara regions that is sharing administrative boundary with the Tigray region of Ethiopia 

As many as  50 alleged TPLF infiltrators are reportedly arrested. 

EBC, Ethiopian state media, on Sunday cited Sebuh Gebeyaw who is head of the zone administration as saying that  “over 50 terrorist TPLF infiltrators are arrested in the Sekora town and the area.” 

The zone administration says the arrest was made after security forces captured the infiltrators while engaged in terrorist activity. However, the nature of the activity is unspecified. 

EBC also reported that the head of the zone administration has called for people in the Waghumra zone to continue multifaceted support in the struggle to reverse what he called the TPLF invasion. 

On August 24, just after allegedly “stealing” fuel from World Food Programme premises in Mekelle, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) started a third invasion into the Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia.

It took control of Kobo within a few days but then it was reportedly pushed back. There are reports of continuous fighting in the Kobo area. 

However, the Ethiopian government has not yet given an official update about the state of the war, military gains or losses after it announced withdrawal of forces from Kobo due to “Human wave strategy” from TPLF.  

 It has however confirmed that there is war with TPLF in multiple fronts including in the Humera/Wolkait – an area the TPLF has been attempting to control along the route to Sudan. 


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  1. human wave strategy is very old it will only decimate the already poor population in the north. These tplf generals have no new ideas??


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