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Russia’s top diplomat Sergey Lavrov in Addis Ababa 

Mr. Lavrov will hold talk with senior government officials on ways of strengthening the relation with Russia 

Russia _ Foreign Minister _ Lavrov _ Ethiopia
Russian Foreign Affairs Minister Sergey Lavrov is greeted by Ethiopia’s Deputy Prime Minister, Demeke Mekonene, up on arrival at Bole International Airport on July 26, 2022. (Photo : MFAE)


Russian Foreign Affairs Minister, Sergey Lavrov,  has on Tuesday arrived in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, for a working visit. 

It is Ethiopia’s Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister, Demeke Mekonen, who received Russia’s top diplomat ( he has been serving as foreign minister since 2004) upon arrival at Bole International Airport. 

A news update from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia said that Mr. Lavrov will be holding consultations with high-level Ethiopian government officials on ways of strengthening the relations between Ethiopia and Russia. 

Before his arrival in Ethiopia on Tuesday, Mr Lavrov visited Egypt, Uganda and the Republic of the Congo. Moscow is hosting Africa Youth Forum between July 26 and 28 – an event that brings together student activists and young leaders from across 29 African countries. 

This is the second time Mr. Lavrov visited Ethiopia  four years ago. In March 2018, he visited Ethiopia – with whom his country has well over a century of diplomatic ties – amid a worsening security crisis. An agreement was signed between Ethiopia and Russia to further strengthen their relationship. 

Back then his visit came at a time when his U.S. counterpart was visiting Ethiopia too. 

Last year, Ethiopian Foreign Affairs Minister, Demeke Mekonnen, visited Moscow on ways of strengthening bilateral ties amid increasing pressure on Ethiopia from western counties on alleged grounds of “blockade of humanitarian access to the Tigray region,” and due to the pressure in connection with the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). 

In the same year, Ethiopia and Russia signed a military technical cooperation agreement which was signed in Addis Ababa. 

Russia, like China, supported an African Union-led negotiation over the GERD. 

At the Security Council, Russia and China argued against sanction regimes against Ethiopia due to the war with the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). 

Many Ethiopians tend to consider, based on conversations on social media, Russia as a true friend of Ethiopia.  

There were even reports that thousands of Ethiopians have expressed interest in fighting on the side of Russia in the war with Ukraine. The Russian Embassy denied that Ethiopians were enlisted to fight alongside Russia. 


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  1. Russia needs the non-western world because the US led west is imposing punishing sanctions on and isolating it. The post Ukraine war will likely lead to two competing world centers of power. The US led west and the China led east that will include Russia too. The war on Ukraine is becoming more costly to Europe and the coming winter is expected to be a season of energy crisis.

  2. This member of a gang of baby killers, Lavrov, should have landed in the bushes close to Tole instead of at Addis/Finfine. It shows he and his bully friend at the top are desperate. The savage war they unleashed has not gone well as they expected. It is now more than 5 months since they unleashed on a sovereign and democratic country and still going. Putin, Lavrov and the gang are not only killing innocent civilians including toddlers, the sick and elders they have caused famine in countries dependent on Ukraine wheat after they blocked the loading ports. But present Africans are the same as their predecessors of the 1960’s and 80’s. Most of them have learned their lessons from what they experienced then. Life sustaining/saving wheat has been blocking from reaching them by the soldiers of Putin and Lavrov. Gas prices are not affordable any more in many African countries because these two bullies have disrupted the sensitive supply chain.


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